Found on premises

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Re: Found on premises

Post by Leslie »

We have such bedlam at work after quarantine, people confuse where whose mug is. Some of them managed to quit their jobs for quarantine and find a new job, but did not take their personal belongings. We now have a lot of "trophy" dishes :lol:

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Re: Found on premises

Post by MackerelCat »

I cleaned up my old office (yet again) this week and FOP'd some more items. These included a number of bars of soap, which are in plastic wrap, not paper wrappers, so they could not be given out to conference attendees and would sit there forever, three empty plastic shoe boxes leftover from when the Covid isolation program was run out of that office, a polyspun tote bag, bags of disposable and cloth masks, and a half dozen rolls of paper-wrapped toilet paper.

The items that could be used at my other office I took there and the others I found other homes for. I claimed the tote bag because the tote bags I bought myself to use with the Covid isolation program finally wore out, so that one replaces the ones I bought.

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