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FREEBIE alert app

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Just found this freebie alert app which gathers all the freebies in your area and posts it. It comes from Nextdoor, FB Marketplace,etc. So I don't have FB and didn't have NextDoor either so I don;t like that you have to sign up for these things to actually get something you want. So I did sign up for NextDoor (people feel safer if they know you are a neighbor or something I think) and trying it out. Although, I do not like that they alert us to stuff like someone just got pulled over on the freeway by someone hitting her backend of her car and robbed her of everything she had in the car and stole her keys leaving her stranded on the edge of the freeway! Well, I am not sure I want to have those daily reminders of those stuff happening in my area (I already get enough alerts on this as it is!). So I will see how it goes.

So the app is called Freebie Alerts. Let me know if you have it in your area or not.

While I am at it, a BARGAIN ALERT! Macy's has comforters on clearance for around 25.00! These are normally 80.-100.00 plus comforter sets and selling for 25.00(some even a bit less). I have a lot of comforters because we stack them up during the winter and we use only a sheet during the hot summers. But with everything going up in price, I bought for the future. Mine is a red toile looking one and I like it. Hmmm...good for a Christmas gift or new home gift as well.

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