Upcycling Project

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Upcycling Project

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I LOVE this upcycle!

This is not my project but one that DD and her SO did yesterday. He came in from the garage and asked me if I was saving the 2 old cabinet doors out there for anything and if he could have one - I said sure, have at it. (The doors are ones I removed from my laundry area cabinets years ago to create open shelving).

Turns out, they took a large wooden crate they already had and attached that cabinet door to it with the existing hinges. Then they asked if I had any leftover paint - sure did! They sanded and painted the whole thing and DD made a cushion for the top.

They now have a really nice looking storage box/seating with no money spent. They had been storing random items in the crate anyway but needed a way to "puppy proof" the contents. The door is just ever so slightly larger than the crate - you can't really tell with the cushion on top.

When they first moved in they used a piece of old butcher block (here when I moved in, there is evidence that all the kitchen counters were once butcher block) to create their kitchenette counter - also using some perfectly good cement blocks that were wasting away in the garage. It looks amazing.

I love that they are so into upccycling and using up some things that were just laying around.
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