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Re: Book Page Craft Ideas

Post by RecoveringDreamer » Sat Feb 27, 2016 1:47 pm

It's going slowly. I'm mainly focusing on decluttering a lot right now. I got some old books from a friend of a friend to use, but haven't had the chance to play with crafts yet since I started a new job (in addition to my regular). Also, we've got a bit of a delay in needing the room, so it isn't as high a priority within the next year.

I did get a really fun lamp at a thrift store for $8. It is a monkey holding a stack of books. It's a rich brown color, so I'm thinking of a brown and blue color scheme (blue is her favorite color). DH got a lovely 70s typewriter for her room. It's beautiful and will be a great focal point in the decor.
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