Countdown to my first craft for the day?

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Re: Countdown to my first craft for the day?

Post by Vaeagen »

Hi all,
I promised I would posted how everything went at the craft fair so here I am with my results. I thought it would be good for me also so I could gather my thoughts and figure out the good points, bads points and any surprises. So here goes. Luckily, my sewing things are light so transporting my items inside and setting up is not hard. That is definately a plus. I don't need wagons or carts to get my stuff from my car into the venue. I was glad I had change and since all my items were like $5 or less (only 3 items were $20) worrying about credit cards was not a problem. I found that most people don't have as much imagination as I do and need more "help" thinking of ways they might use some of my things such as a slouchy bag (put binder clips or your desk, cotton balls, pens, candles for gift giving (not for burning), basically for holding things together....people needed help imagining....same with a fabric 'box" I made....people needed help imagining what you would "do" with it.....will have to "stage" some of these items more next time. Of course, things you thought would sell more did not (I did not sell one mini Christmas stocking or hand warmer holder)...but that I kinda expected. You can never tell what will sell. Overall I will call it a success. I did not expect to make much money but I made over $100 above the table cost and even have a couple of special order that I have yet to make. The one big thing that I did learn is that it does take quite a lot of time to make my "inventory" so I have to keep on making things if I were to do a lot more of these....but if I were retired I would have to REALLY treat my sewing as a job and do it at least 20-25 hours a week to make inventory....but that is not a big problem since I like doing it.

Over all the indoor show had another plus as it was well....indoors and weather, wind, cold, rain, etc was not a was not that lack or limit of a bathroom. So that was another plus. Oh and a surprize was I had no idea how many people were watching my escapades on facebook. One of my friends came and I was surprized that she even knew about it....she said well of course I knew about it I have been watching you make all your stuff for weeks now I had to see how everything turned out! So the power of social media!

The bottom line...over $100 for an afternoon and some fun evening sewing I think is a prety successful outting! I think I will keep my hand in this.


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Re: Countdown to my first craft for the day?

Post by Jackielou »

Glad that you did well overall. Thanks for updating us on how everything turned out.

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Re: Countdown to my first craft for the day?

Post by MackerelCat »

Valerie, it sounds like everything went really well, and you learned a lot. This is going to be a fun, profitable hobby when you retire.

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Re: Countdown to my first craft for the day?

Post by dlrcpa »

Good, glad to know you came out ahead. One of the things DH prodded me to do at the yard sale was "sell" the baby quilts. So when people were looking at one I would go over and talk about the name of the block pattern and the history of quilting if they seemed willing.

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Re: Countdown to my first craft for the day?

Post by alliesmama4 »

Val congrats on your first craft show. I have always wanted to do something like that but never had the courage to do so.. Keep up the good work. Janet Alliesmama
Janet Alliesmama

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Re: Countdown to my first craft for the day?

Post by ohjodi »

Make sure you have business cards. You can often get them for free or very cheap at, or make your own.

The business cards should also have a short but good description of what you make, so when someone looks at it later, they can remember you from the craft show.

I like taking business cards from crafters and some of them have an store listed on the card, and I've bought from them that way.

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