Daily check in July 11, 2020

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Re: Daily check in July 11, 2020

Post by Jackielou »

Good morning fellow frugalites,

Up, after a very rough sleep. I think stresses are building up again, add in the fact that while staycations are nice, they are not so nice when they are forced by circumstances on you. You begin to feel fenced in. I really wish we still had our camper for times like this.

We did get rain last night. Not a great deal, but enough that you get the smell of damp earth as one stands at the window. Supposedly more is coming our way later today and tomorrow.

I have a few things to do before I head to the church for an all morning meeting. Socially distanced of course and we will be served individual packages for our lunch. I am still struggling with things (not so much my faith as those that say they are good faith filled people and then don't in fact practice said faith). After 20 some years as a member of the council I think it could/should be time for me to step back and not know all the inner workings of the church.

This afternoon will be when I take my long walk as this morning will be a busy one. I have added a few more blocks (approximately 6) by back tracking and such when taking it. I would really enjoy walking out in the country, but refuse to drive to a location suitable.

I will check out the rhubarb later this evening and see if there is any suitable for harvest. If there is I need to pick and freeze this batch.

Frugally speaking things will be used up in the house. I may take a break from mitt knitting and sew up the strips of denim for the lap quilt I want to make one of the DS's for his birthday. The reason being, I pulled out a leftover ball of green yarn, started knitting, got one mitt finished and noticed not enough yarn for the second mitt. I plan on pulling the mitt back and making a smaller size, but need a bit of a break before doing so. Things were going wonderfully well up to this point.

Supper tonight will be something from the freezer that I made ahead. I just know I will not want to cook anything after sitting all morning.

Joy today is in knowing that our garden is coming along nicely.

Everybody have a great day. Take care.

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Re: Daily check in July 11, 2020

Post by clemencia2us »

Good morning

Did my early morning walk. I did sleep well last night. I was in bed before 9! There was still daylight but i was sleepy.

I woke up at midnight to use the facilities. I had been sleeping like a log.

Going to be a warm day and will only get warmer as the week goes on. Horrid.

Has been a busy morning due to the pups. Even had to give one a quick trim. I think he overheats and starts whining. I bathed him two days ago. Gave him his frontline yesterday, but it is a bad flea season and he might have a few. The hair trimming did help and he has settled down. He is old and needs to be comfy. A pekingnese.

And then my knee has been hurting. Is this the start of knee issues???? Getting old is rough. :shock:

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Re: Daily check in July 11, 2020

Post by MackerelCat »

Good morning, frugal ones. I am lounging on the big sofa with little dogs and my leg propped up. I have a bad office chair and my right hip and knee have been bothering me this week. Eventually I will get something worked out with a footrest and things will improve.

Today I must do some house cleaning and buy groceries. Yesterday when I got home, I did my laundry and cut my hair, so that feels like an accomplishment. :-D

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Re: Daily check in July 11, 2020

Post by itspennyc »

I am still waking up earlier than I need to. But at least today it was almost 6 am.

I made a small ice box cake. I divided up the vanilla pudding in half 2 servings each. I checked and the can use one of my Corning Petit pans to make it. I placed 4 half graham crackers on the bottom. I broke up the rest of them to layer it with. I haven’t made this in years. But I miss a lot of family size meals that I make. Main dishes I can make and freeze. But deserts are more difficult. If I make it again I will use one of the deeper ones.

I need to figure out a spot to keep my greeting cards. I had been using a file folder for the few I kept on hand. But not going out and not being able to go to the store makes a huge difference.

After making the pudding ice box cake I realized that the chicken would need to be done tomorrow morning. I am still learning to pace my self. As my limits change. I have meals in the freezer to have as dinner this noon.


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Re: Daily check in July 11, 2020

Post by chocolite »

Good morning all and Happy Cheer Up the Lonely Day --

I hauled myself out of the house yesterday evening to get a mani/pedi. I know......but I was in low spirits. The salon I went to only had one other customer besides me and there were plastic sheets up between each of the pedi chairs and on each mani desk between customer and worker. I was most impressed by their protocols. They were spraying Lysol cleaner and wiping down every possible surface anyone could touch. Then when the other lady left, after wiping everything down they mopped the floor under where she was sitting. The two nail techs wore masks and face shield and gloves. Hand sanitizer was available at each station and at the front. I was really impressed. Anyway, it gave me a lift to get out and to get my feet done especially, since I don't really see well enough to polish them.

I'm making a roast with veggies for dinner tonight. It's one of DH's favorites, and since the fiasco (not really, but mehhhh) of the pizza stuffed peppers, I owe him a good meal. :-) The stuffed pepper recipe looked like it would be so good, but it just wasn't. I'm usually better at eyeballing a recipe and gauging how it will taste. I thought they were awful and DH, bless him, said "they're ok." He's never once told me he didn't like something I made, but if I press him and he said it's ok I know it's not a keeper.

DH got out early and did my watering for me. We will water the container flowers again late today if they need it. I don't think rain is forecasted until maybe tonight. I'm going to do a load of throw rugs and try my best to vacuum the kitchen/dining/den until my back gives out.

I'm still boycotting the nightly news. Just reading the headlines is enough to rile me up these days. I saw where the President pardoned Roger Stone and literally had to catch my breath. Ommmmmmmmmmm.

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Re: Daily check in July 11, 2020

Post by jckitty »

hello all,

Jackie, I agree so much....as a bona-fide homebody. I never thought I would see the day that I would say I am itching to go "somewhere". I have the camper at DD's campground but it is so hot and humid that I can't stand being outside for very long.
I have been rereading alot of books about the Great Depression and life in the so called good old days and I can't believe how people made it back then....even with the stories my grandma told. I must be a wimp.

I have been trying to more things into the storage shed from the garage, slow going in the heat.

I have got to start dads car more often, it had a run down battery this AM, charged it and drove to town for a few...
My area has seemingly loosened the mask restrictions or maybe people are just being dumb but fewer and fewer are wearing them. This whole thing just increases my sadness.
I am pretty sure I saw on the news that Illinois has had a spike in cases again....I worry about our members and really everyone else.

Patti, I hope your procedure for pain relief comes soon.

Not really doing alot of cooking or eating, too hot and no appetite.
Off to hang rugs on the lines.

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