Daily Check-in November 22, 2020

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Re: Daily Check-in November 22, 2020

Post by clemencia2us »

Good morning all

Kind of overcast but not cold. Hope the sun comes out. I've showered and dressed for the day

Slept okay, but can see a nap this afternoon.

Speaking of going for a ride, the COD still hasn't finalized his vehicle situation. So he is driving my car today. And it feels weird not to have transportation readily available. :shock:

The car he was going to buy has issues so it went back. He doesn't buy new. What a pain. Shall see how long it takes him this time to decide what to do now. I just want my car to take my daily drive.

Anyway - today is the anniversary of President Kennedy's assassination in Dallas. Hadn't heard anything on the news but for some reason when I saw the date here - it reminded me.

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Re: Daily Check-in November 22, 2020

Post by jckitty »

Hello all,

I have been up, watched my Sunday morning shows drank a pot of coffee, laundry done, robo vac has done it's thing, stove going and I have chicken quarters cooking in the crockpot! :lol:
Hitting the vitamin C hard as I was a little stuffy last night and felt like I might be getting a sore throat...sinus I am sure as it is that time of year for me :(

Jackie, sorry to read that your DS has the virus...I hope it is a very mild case .Like others have said, it is everywhere.
Everyone here that has been touched by the crisis, I pray for all and hope it goes away soon.

I have brought in extra wood, woke up to snow.... :roll: I am so not ready for all of this.

No clue what I will do today,


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Re: Daily Check-in November 22, 2020

Post by ChristmasTrees »

Logics, after 12 days at home DH and I are going for a ride this afternoon....:). Not stopping anywhere...just getting out for a bit. We did test negative..but following the rules and still quarantining for the full 14 days.

So..for Thanksgiving, DDIL and I will both cook. We will gather together outdoors under their patio heater..all bundled up....socially distanced. Hey...the pilgrims ate outdoors.

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Re: Daily Check-in November 22, 2020

Post by Happychoice »

S. Ontario is experiencing the first snowfall of autumn and it's coming down pretty good. I hear about 7 to 10 cm depending upon which weather man I listen to before the last flake falls. So Logics, definitely not a good day for a drive.

Today is the 57th anniversary of JFK's assassination. Coincidentally I'm reading a book by James Patterson along with Cynthia Fagen entitled "The House of Kennedy". I just started reading it this afternoon but didn't get too far before I dozed off for a half hour. I think the coziness of my home along with the softly falling snow made me sleepy almost immediately after I started to read.

I don't feel like doing anything this p.m. but I'll find the energy to make mac & cheese and meatballs for dinner tonite and tomorrow. I'm a big fan of cook once and eat twice. And a bit of salad will finish off the meal.

Keep well everyone!
Happiness is a choice!

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Re: Daily Check-in November 22, 2020

Post by floridacatlover »

Hello again.

I, too, thought of President Kennedy’s assassination as soon as I saw the date.

I’m home from mom’s house and showered and I’m now dismantling the Glacier puzzle. Doubtful that I’ll ever do it again with the print so small but I’m separating it into three plastic bags - edge pieces, Waterton Park including the U.S.-Canada border (top part of the puzzle) and then the rest of the puzzle.

I had a creepy experience just after I got home. A few days ago I got two texts from DHL delivery alerting me to a delivery of a photo book. I thought the company might have been something else I ordered. I clicked on the link (perhaps a bad idea) and it said it was from Malaysia. I blocked the texts not knowing if this was really DHL. Well today DHL showed up at my door with a slim package (definitely not a puzzle) saying it was a photobook. I refused it. I’m not sure what else to do but my credit cards all look OK. I have no idea if the book had my photos hacked from somewhere or just random photos. I looked up the company to see if it is a scam and it is unclear but someone did say the shipping was outrageous. Hope that I dont somehow get a bill.

I’ve been ordering a lot online and have bought from a few small puzzle businesses and mask companies. On a few purchases my credit card came up automatically through a business called ShopPay (similar to Apple Pay I think). I never recall opting into this service. I must admit it was convenient but I’ve now opted out of Shop Pay and it says all my information will be deleted. Probably not related to the DHL delivery but you never know.

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Re: Daily Check-in November 22, 2020

Post by chocolite »

Happy Sunday, everyone. Today is my birthday. It was my 4th birthday when Kennedy was assassinated.

I finished putting out our Christmas decor and DH put up our Christmas tree today. But we are done for the day; I'll trim the tree tomorrow.

Today is a no spend, no drive day. We are putting donation stuff in the back end of my vehicle, and I'll drop it off one day this week.

I'm watching a Rick Steves program and he's in Egypt on the Nile River. It's gorgeous. I want to ride a felucca down that river!

I think dinner tonight will be a frozen pizza. We ordered in last night. I had a delicious green salad with jicama, strawberries and walnuts, yummy.

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