Daily Check in April 21, 2021

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Re: Daily Check in April 21, 2021

Post by clemencia2us »

Good morning all

Woke up to a mini cold front. Kind of windy and cold. Sun is still out though.

Slept well last night and really wanted to sleep longer but these pups have to go out,, so got up and had some coffee.

Not sure what will be on the schedule today. This chilly weather just makes me want to stay in my flannel pjs! Languishing!

But I am already thinking about lunch. I'm hungry.

Hope all of us have a great day

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Re: Daily Check in April 21, 2021

Post by mbrudnic »

Hi everyone,
I am finally caught up with work and with everyone back from PTO, I can take a lunch away form my desk. How nice.

I woke up to about 2 inches of snow also, but it is melting fast. In my office/back bedroom, the water flowing down the drain pipe is quite loud.

I can't say there is too much going on right now. Lots of little, clean-up tasks to do for work.

Have a great day,

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Re: Daily Check in April 21, 2021

Post by floridacatlover »

Hello friends.

I’m home from the doctor. My doctor is Indian and her parents still live in India. She says that Covid is very bad there right now, similar to New York in the early days of the virus. Her parents have both had their first vaccine shot. (I gave her a copy of my vaccine card for my records.) She says India does not have enough medicine or oxygen for those hospitalized. I know that Boris Johnson cancelled a trip to India in the last few days. At my last appointment, my doctor prescribed a statin for me to take every other day and my cholesterol has come down dramatically.

I’ll clean up my entry area this afternoon. There is mulch scattered everywhere from so much rain. No snow here!

I’ve been so busy decluttering and organizing paperwork that I haven’t done any puzzles. I’ve had my laptop on the dining table to update paperwork but I’m done at least for now and I’ve put it away. So I think I’ll treat myself to doing a puzzle this afternoon.

Have a good day.

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Re: Daily Check in April 21, 2021

Post by MackerelCat »

Clem, that article about languishing sparked some good discussions with DH, who admitted to also feeling that way.

I have wondered if Britain's citizens had problems with mental illness after the long years of having their lives turned upside by World War II, but it doesn't seem to have been studied much. I did some reading and came across a mention that if they did, they avoided the doctor and simply went to bed and stayed there until they could get back up again. There's also a theory that the many positive PR campaigns about everyone working together for the war effort helped prevent feelings of depression among the civilian population.

Some of the comments to the article about languishing say we're spoiled softies if we're experiencing this, but the nation has had such an awful time of it in recent months, with mass shootings, police violence, the attack on the capitol, the horrors of the Covid pandemic. It's made the national news relentless and difficult to bear.

So we're seeing the light and staggering along the last mile or so of the long, dark tunnel, but I think it's okay to admit that the emotions have been flat burned out of us. At this point, it's may be expected to feel weary, empty, and to want to stay in bed until you feel like getting up.

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Re: Daily Check in April 21, 2021

Post by clemencia2us »

well it is getting weirder and weirder out here

Today our county judge declared us to be in a state of disaster

Seems that there seems to be so many people going through here from across the border

lots of human smuggling, they drive through the ranches out here and drive through fences and gates.

the people out there are scared. :shock:

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Re: Daily Check in April 21, 2021

Post by jckitty »


Got my to-do list done and am happy with the paint job in guest room. No touch up needed and it is completely scrubbed and put back together. Too bad I won't be having any guests any time soon.

I finally decided on my front deck/porch color scheme....I could not figure out what I wanted until I looked at the stained glass window that I have hanging in the front door...duh, it has been right in front of me the whole time. Doors in black, trim and deck floor in a very deep eggplant and the rails are in 2 shades of green...sort of a sage and a darker sage.
I have a flowering crab apple right beside the deck and a redbud so the eggplant will hopefully look good, plus the angel wing begonias are the green and a deep purple-y pink flowers.

I too a nap this afternoon and it was great.

Clem, I think a lot of us are languishing.... there are many days I have to force myself to do stuff and posting here helps me...it I write it here I try my best to get it done. Otherwise I feel like I just flounder all day long and then have sleep issues at night.
Plus I am a worry wart, I read or hear about something and most of the time I will worry about it at some point.

Hot soak in the tub for me and then maybe some mindless TV.

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