Daily Check in May5

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Daily Check in May5

Post by mbrudnic »

Good Morning,
I am dawdling this morning. I got a phone call a little after 5 form the 3rd shift crew. They saw something on the borderline of suspicious and wanted another set of eyes on it. I don't think it is an issue, but I had them call the on call again since it was a little later.

I ventured to the hardware store yesterday evening. My toilet seat is loose and the plastic nut is missing. So I got replacement bolt set. I have yet to install.

I got a little more sewing done. I'll get there. I agreed to work Sunday evening, second shift and will get Friday off, Monday would be nicer, but then there would be no 1st shift coverage.

Have a great day,

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Re: Daily Check in May5

Post by MackerelCat »

Happy Cinco de Mayo! It's chilly, overcast and wet here today. We're supposed to have more rain today. I don't think we had any really bad weather yesterday, unlike middle Tennessee with the tornado outbreak. That was just terrible.

Today I am Secondhand Rose from head to toe: shirt, cardigan, slacks, fisherman sandals, and even the earrings, which I bought in an antique mall for $2 about 20 years ago. Frugal fashion for the win! :-)

Not much else to report so far this morning. I have some office chores that I've assigned myself because they would have been done by building staff more than a year ago if we had any staff, but we don't. It's a nice alternative to sitting here looking at a computer screen and drinking too much tea.

Hope you all have a peaceful day and stay snug.

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Re: Daily Check in May5

Post by Jackielou »

Good morning fellow frugalites,

As I mentioned late yesterday our youngest got his shot at a drive through clinic and 2 1/2 hours wait. Still he says it is well worth it to be on the way to perhaps a bit more normalcy. If the vaccines keep coming, and distribution continues as well as it has been, second doses will be starting at the end of this month and should be finished quite quickly.

Our provincial government has come out with a three stage plan according to vaccinations. Some people (anti-vaxxers/anti-maskers/freedom fighters cough cough) are a bit peeved about it because if we do not become 70% vaccinated in various age groupings we will not have restrictions loosened. This is going to be fun. Each side has very vocal contributors so I can just imagine the yelling this is causing.

We may have sold the rims we have had sitting in the front for a bit. I will believe it t when he guy actually shows up, tries them, pays for then and leaves. We don't have great luck selling on the garage sale sites.

The Terrain goes in for its winter/all season tire today and we will get a wheel alignment at the same time. Next week I would love to get it in for an oil change before we head back up to the capital at the end of the month.

Other than that my day will be much the same as always. The usual frugal past times, helping Hubby plant potatoes, working on the temperature blanket, and really not doing much at all. I think that this pandemic has brought out the hermit in Hubby and I. Neither of us really wants to do much at this point in time, but I am sure that will change if restrictions are lifted a touch.

Supper tonight is going to be the leftover spaghetti made into baked spaghetti. I will have to make a touch more pasta however. I will make a tossed salad as well.

Today I am grateful for another day of sunshine.

Everybody have a great day. Take care.

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Re: Daily Check in May5

Post by floridacatlover »

Good morning friends.

It has been overcast this morning but the sun is trying to come out.

In a few minutes I’ll head to the other side of town in hopes that the Better World Books drop box is not full. That part of our area has seen less development (I think) and looks more like “old Florida,” which I like.

I have found another large stack of papers to declutter. Yesterday I filed the annual pension info (in a quest to file right away instead of stacking in a pile). The folder is very full of old reports and letters from my company plus I have a bunch of old SS reports (the ones they used to send once a year). I did a quick declutter but will go through the folder thoroughly today. I thought I broke my shredder yesterday but was able to get it working thanks to a pair of tweezers to pull out the jammed strips of paper.

Last night I watched part 7 of Atlantic Crossing (thanks JGomez) so only one more episode to go. After each episode I look up the “real” history around the events. Most of it is pretty accurate. I’ve really enjoyed it.

Have a good day.

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Re: Daily Check in May5

Post by MackerelCat »

Jackie, it was like that around here for the beginning of giving vaccines. People would recommend using the bathroom beforehand, not drinking a lot, and taking a book along for the wait in the car.

Thanks also to JGomez for her recommendation of the novel "Z is for Zachariah." I actually think I read that decades ago -- the Look Inside feature on Amazon sparked the memory, but need to do so again, considering the current times.

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Re: Daily Check in May5

Post by jckitty »

Good morning all,
I have been up and puttering around, have my hair in the cap doing highlights....I thought I wanted my natural dark blonde color but turns out I feel like I "need" the highlights. Not all over color, sunstreaks.

I also put an insta cart order in last night, so that will be showing up before noon.
This afternoon is youngest grands first pee-wee softball game...of course we are going! I will dress in layers and take my blanket and cloak. It is sunny but only supposed to be low 60's and there is some wind. I will be wearing a sock hat .
I had to do a load of rugs this AM, will hang out when done and then it is just regular house chores. I need to do some weed eating but it is way too wet and muddy.

Even though it is sunny I just feel kind of blah today...

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