Gambling - a RANT!

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Re: Gambling - a RANT!

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There are a great many people who do want to work, but just as before the pandemic, they face a huge barrier to employment because they had previously been convicted of a crime. These aren't just violent felonies, sex offenders, or people who have been to prison or jail, but people who have been convicted of ANY crime. Shoplifting when you're 20 can prevent you from making pizzas when you're 40.

Also, I think that the outcry over people not working is overlooking the fact that many people are still not vaccinated, and refuse to do so. We're still in a pandemic. Customers are rude and violent to employees. They refuse to wear masks. Vaccinated employees can still carry the virus home to their vulnerable family members. Too many potential employees are also still not vaccinated, and many employers may not require it. And we all seem to forget that vaccinated people can STILL GET COVID.


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Re: Gambling - a RANT!

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One thing the little single mother I was helping faced repeatedly is that even the lowest level labor jobs require a high school diploma or a GED and she had neither. For years she did not have a driver's license or a car, and the classes meet at night when the buses aren't running. For the short time she did have a car, she didn't have money for childcare so she could take the classes.

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Re: Gambling - a RANT!

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HappyDaze wrote:
Wed May 12, 2021 7:53 pm
Trees, did they at least ever take your Mother to dinner?

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Re: Gambling - a RANT!

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Yea. If I was getting a temporary no expense gift I'd be saving money and buying groceries for mom and maybe take her out on rare occasions. Mainly I'd be saving money or buying needs for when I was not living there. Holy cow.

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