Are Your Meals More Simple or More Complex?

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Re: Are Your Meals More Simple or More Complex?

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Quilter51 wrote:
Thu Jun 24, 2021 3:14 pm
I agree with Maggie. I prefer to reserve my carbs for breakfast and goodies which means I need meat to fill me. Occasionally I have pb sandwich or soup and a sandwich but mu lunches and dinners almost always include meat protein.
Thank you!

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Re: Are Your Meals More Simple or More Complex?

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mbrudnic wrote:
Sun Jun 20, 2021 8:05 pm
I started trying to move to more plant-based meals, but then I my blood sugars were found to be high and the dietician said to keep my Carb below 30 per meal. So I need to measure my beans, rice and pastas and add more meat.
Rice and mashed potatoes are the absolute WORST for my blood sugar levels. They are worse than cookies. My blood sugar goes really high, and then stays very high for nearly 24 hours after eating rice or mashed potatoes. Baked, boiled, and fried potatoes do not give me much trouble at all. I also read an article last year that pasta that is cooked, chilled, and then slightly rewarmed has far less blood sugar impact than just-cooked hot pasta. I tried this myself, and while my blood sugar did not spike as high or last as long as with hot pasta, it still wasn't great.

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Re: Are Your Meals More Simple or More Complex?

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I cook extremely basic meals these days...and some days "cook" is an exaggeration. 10+ years ago, I enjoyed cooking more complex meals. I would make beef bourguignon, and lots of other things that required hours in the kitchen. I enjoyed it. Cooking and baking has always made me happy. I had cookbooks by Julia Child, Mark Bittman, Ina Garten, and others and enjoyed choosing something brand new and giving it a shot. I did reach my limit though. I distinctly remember fixing something that took FOREVER. It was just DH and I that night and as we began eating, I said, " is it?" and before he could even answer I was like, you know what, it doesn't even matter. There's no amount of enthusiasm that would make this dish worth the trouble. LOL. I can't even remember what it was now.

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Re: Are Your Meals More Simple or More Complex?

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I must be somewhere in the middles. I cook--actually cook--nearly all of our meals, and at least twice a week cook for the whole family (8 adults, 3 babies to toddlers). I do a mixture of meat/potatoes/veggies or casserole, Mexican, or Italian entres, but I do tend to cook the same meals over and over again. I have about, say, 20-25 meals that I just rotate around and only vary those with new or unusual entres a few times a year. I cook breakfast, too, but it is nearly always the same thing for DH and me with very occasional variation, usually when someone spends the night. We have more veggie variation in the summer because of the garden, but generally we just rotate through the green veggies, too.

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