are you still wearing you mask???

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Re: are you still wearing you mask???

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I have lots of "those" type of people around me.
It's stupid and scary, this next weekend when the brother has the reunion in his part of the woods the place will be filled with of the reasons I will be going to the camper this weekend. IF I stay here there is a good possibility some of them would want to come to visit me and I will not have that.

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Re: are you still wearing you mask???

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Jackielou wrote:
Thu Jul 29, 2021 9:45 am
I need to ask as it is bothering me a bit and many of you have mentioned this on the thread.

I have never masked outside, we have never had to according to our mask mandates up here. Many do especially in the big cities, if they knew they could not keep a physical distance of 6 feet. Even some of our larger cities did not have anything by a mandate that said masks must be worn in indoor spaces.

So that being said, why is it now that many of you in the United States say that you no longer mask outside? Was that mandated in your area? Or is it something you ever did?

Here in Oh, most did not mask outside, except when in crowds. I think in populous cities, they were advised to mask up. Maintaining distance can be hard.

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Re: are you still wearing you mask???

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DH says his company has gone back to requiring that everyone wear a mask in the workplace. (Not a big surprise, since the COVID numbers are rising, and his company has always taken this very seriously.)

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Re: are you still wearing you mask???

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Really, I think we are suffering a rise in numbers due to people in both of our countries not getting vaccinated. Now I do know that even vaccinated people are contracting the virus, but and it is a big but, those people get way milder cases.

Agencies around the world are saying this fourth wave will be of the unvaccinated and are very worried about children.

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