Daily Check in Aug 28, 2015

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Re: Daily Check in Aug 28, 2015

Post by littlemiss63 »

Good Morning Everyone,

It's so good to see many of you already here. I had been a member of the About Forum since 2004 and I'd be lost without all of you in my life. So thanks again to Erin and Jackielou for taking care of us.

It's a beautiful day in Tennessee and the only thing I have on my to do list today is a haircut this afternoon at 3:00. This weather makes me ambitious and I'm so glad to have the outside of my house finally looking like I want it. My friend, Dianne commented on what a good job she thought I was doing when she picked me up for the meeting last night. Made me feel so proud of myself. JCKitty, thank you for your kind words yesterday.

The meeting last night was very productive and our Sunday School teachers wife is so organized and had everything we needed in individual folders for us. I am in a group of 4 ladies for our first weeks cooking and we decided to do Pot Roast, potatoes, carrots, green beans with cake for dessert. We submitted our ingredients and another group will do the shopping when we get there. We can rent umbrellas, chairs, bicycles and etc after we get there or before we go. The beautiful thing about the umbrellas and chairs is the company set them up on the beach for us as well.

I can already see that there are fun things that I'm going to like on the forum format.

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Re: Daily Check in Aug 28, 2015

Post by Jackielou »

jckitty wrote:Good morning all,
I looked for the check in thread on the other forum couldn't find it so checked here and viola there you are! I hope all the rest of our compadres find us. I am a worry wart and am worried that people won't find us.
Have had my coffee and already cleared some weeds and brush....next step is spraying weed killer. the Nettles are terrible and I want them gone. I have also applied the wood putty to the nicked up front atrium door, once it dries I get to paint it. Should have been done earlier in the summer but too much rain. I think I will be done on the weeds clearing for awhile, starting to feel it in my lower back and don't want to get too sore......pace myself.
I have started trimming up the house plants in readiness for repotting. I wish yal'll lived closer, I would be leaving starts on everyone's doorstep!
Need to use leaf blower on the patio, seems so weird to be starting that already but early leaves are falling and there are hickory nuts everywhere. They draw the squirrels and the next thin I know they are on my roof and the sound of the scrabbling around on my roof is awful.
Weather is awesome, heat due to return this weekend, bummer I love it the way it is. Hope all is well and everyone finds us.
I did a check in over there and put in another link to this forum, just in case anyone missed Erin's thread. I plan on directing people this way until the forum closes down completely over on About.

I have almost everyones email on file so if we don't hear from them I will go and get them or at least let everyone know where we are.

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Re: Daily Check in Aug 28, 2015

Post by peaches »

Good Morning Everyone. My first daily check-in. Got plenty to do but don't know how much I'll get done. The weather here in Georgia.. has been really nice.. kinda coolish for August. BUT the heat and humidity is coming back starting today. :cry: We have no A/C.. so I have to kinda pace myself. I envy all of you who have a garden. My energy level was nil last spring so no garden. I hope to have a small patch of tomatoes, bell peppers and garlic next yr I saved the heirloom tomatoe seeds , bell peppers ,cantaloupe and honey dew from 2014. I hope to use them next yr. If not good I still have a few commercial seeds of tomatoes.. okra.. corn.. and bell peppers. I will start em inside early if no go.. I'll just buy a few plants.. :D I'm dreaming... instead of planning my day :lol: Got the usual kitchen duties, dusting and vacumning to do.. If I have the energy.. I'll scrub the bathroom. Then if I still have a lil bit of energy I will work on a strip quilt I have going. Have a great day

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Re: Daily Check in Aug 28, 2015

Post by icfrugal1 »

Good morning, how funny I finally out how to use the "new" frugal living after the change years ago and it is closing. :D

Today walked the dog, going for my morning swim and then my bath.

in our neighborhood one of the shopping centers has music and movies during the summer, tonight is the last one. I will be meeting my friend there and I hope that it will be cool enough to take my dog with me, that way I won't have to walk him when I get back at 10pm.


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Re: Daily Check in Aug 28, 2015

Post by BeckyO »

Morning Y'All,
I was surprised that only Jackie had posted on the Daily Check-in at our last 'home' I knew nothing of the closing. Hope everybody finds their way over. I have been around since the late 1990s and would really miss everyone.

My DGD#2 finally did it : ) She is no longer an EMT. She is a Paramedic. A nice $8 /hr raise comes with the new title : ) She won't be in school and working for the first time in maany years. :D

She is supposed to come over after she gets her new license, poses for the pic etc. I want to trit to lunch. She is also going to help me look for my bank card. If I don't find it I willcancel it and ask for a new one. I will have to pay for the new card. I will not wait for reg delivery but pay for overnite del.

I will go to Kroger or Walmart sometime today to get fruit, bread etc I have not been in several weeks.
I am stuck on FL closing and thisnew forum.
Have a good day.

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Re: Daily Check in Aug 28, 2015

Post by littlemiss63 »

Jackie, I was thinking that if someone misses the notice that you had e-mail addresses, I'm so glad that we did the planning on just such an event as the closing of the forum happened. I know that during the Summer months we have people that get so busy until they might miss the information on About, people like Chocolite, Allie's Mama and 9 Cats.

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