Five Frugal Things January 2016

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Five Frugal Things January 2016

Post by dlrcpa »

1. Found a free pumpkin to be cooked soon
2. Finished sewing project - wool skirt from gifted fabric
3. Parsley and swiss chard from garden
4. baked rolls for leftover pork made into BBQ
5. lots of meals from leftover ham. It was $.99/lb so a great buy.

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Re: Five Frugal Things January 2016

Post by Jusmom1 »

1. Froze all of the leftovers from the past day or two so that they don't turn into science experiments in the back of the fridge.
2. Pulled out our lawn service bill to see if we qualify for a senior citizen discount.
3. Started a 365 day "penny" challenge. It is much easier to come up with the smaller daily amount and we should still save over $600 this year.
4. Added a few dollars worth of coins to my dime and quarter jar.
5. Packed lunch for DH's first day of work in the new year.

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Re: Five Frugal Things January 2016

Post by MackerelCat »

Hi, JusMom! Good to see you again.

Frugal five here:

1. Fixed the living room ceiling today, using materials already on hand.
2. Have cut way back on paper towel use by setting aside some shop rags just for use in the kitchen and another bunch for cleaning.
3. Made a big pot of "use it up" soup for supper. It has sweet potato, cabbage, onions, celery, quinoa and lentils in it.
4. Am making the dogs' expensive dental chews go farther by cutting them in half.
5. Used up the last packet of powdered milk making chocolate pudding for dessert.

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Re: Five Frugal Things January 2016

Post by RecoveringDreamer »

1. I organized my baking cabinet because it had become a nightmare. It was too scary to open. Through organizing it, I found some things I'd forgotten I had, so I have some fun things to make in the next couple weeks. I also found that I have 3 open containers of baking cocoa, so I know not to open anymore now!
2. I cooked 10 pounds of chicken in the slow cooker and froze in meal-sized portions. I also cooked the bones into stock along with veggie scraps.
3. I walked to the library to return some items so they weren't late. I saved gas by walking and got some exercise in.
4. We creatively reinvented leftovers each night to chain them along. Leftover roast chicken became chicken tacos. Leftover chicken taco mix (with refried beans, peppers, and rice leftover from stir-fry night) became stuffed peppers.
5. Trucker ate free at his job each day he worked (he's a little bored of the food, but continues to eat it since it is free; on work days it makes up half of his total food intake). I packed breakfast and lunch for each day I worked.
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Re: Five Frugal Things January 2016

Post by blondeinbuffalo »

Cashed in $2 extra bucks from cvs, also got coupon for tomato soup, 50 cents a can, purchased vitamins on sale buy one get one and got $2 coupon for that too. Also picked up solid airfresheners for 79 cents each, only got 4.

returned more cans and bottles, got $3.25

eating leftovers from the freezer for lunches this week.

got $5 in credit for using walmart cc.

going to cash in another cc for money back, $20.

all small savings but they add up! happy near year!!! cj

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Re: Five Frugal Things January 2016

Post by Crimestopper »

I usually forget to post but here goes the recent week:

1. Eating out of the fridge, pantry and freezer and skipping grocery store, which is a saving of $25+ as I always without fail get stuff that is not on my list. Avoiding the store all together means avoiding temptation.
2. Have a large batch of Swiss chard growing on the deck ready to cut and cook.
3. Made a large pot of tomato soup good for several meals by using a large bottle of low sodium V8 that was reaching its prime. I add fresh basil and oregano, minced garlic, red pepper, onions, mushrooms, parsley, parmesan and a wee bit of salt and it tastes great.
4. Cleaned out the veggie drawer in the fridge and got a huge salad fixed of veggies that would have gone bad.
5. Signed up and went to free 8-week class on improving balance offered by the State Dept. of Aging at the library and it's an excellent class that also comes with some free medical screening provided by an RN who helps instruct the class.

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