Daily Check in Jan 21, 2016

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Daily Check in Jan 21, 2016

Post by mbrudnic »

Good Morning,
Just rattled DS's cage and he is in the shower. He has shifted to leaving at a later time for school. He has 2 friends who are now driving themselves. The school parking lot is small, so they park in a public lot and walk 4 or 5 blocks. So they are meeting up and walking together.

I am hoping to have lunch with 2 girlfriends. We need to plan a trip for out big birthday year. I have heard a visit to Charleston thrown around. Ok, I threw that suggestion out.

Getting ready to head to the office. I is looking like the big east coast storm may just give my house an inch or so. But there is still time for it to shift.

Have a great day,

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Re: Daily Check in Jan 21, 2016

Post by Jackielou »

Good morning fellow frugalites

So far the temperature has stayed just lovely. Still below freezing, but not so cold that a person just wants to bury themselves in blankets.

Should be a quiet time today, my to do list is not long so I am hoping to get some extra cleaning done today (like the fridge). I also hope to finish another sewing project. I had a bit of a problem with my knit fabric getting caught up in the feed dogs, but I think I have managed to fix that. I did finish the skirt though. Today will be another dress. I have never made this pattern before so it may take a bit to get everything figured out.

If I manage to get the dress done, I will transfer the markings (buttonholes and such) to the jumper. Really hoping to get that done tomorrow and at least a start on the red coat I keep putting off on Saturday and Sunday.

Frugality wise there should be no shopping or spending today. We have been looking at sale fliers and Hubby went to the Brick to look at what a new stove would cost. Man those things have gone up in price and they are all the flat top as well. Just wondering if a person can use those for canning, jam making, or making stock. Guess I will have to question the sales person when we go and buy one.

I plan on taking a walk this morning as soon as it lightens a bit. Free exercise is wonderful.

In other words just a normal day here on the old Homestead.

Supper tonight will be leftover turkey (I will remember to put this out to thaw immediately).

Today I am grateful that the ice fog stayed just that and did not turn to rain.

Everybody have a great day. Take care.

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Re: Daily Check in Jan 21, 2016

Post by clemencia2us »

Another overcast damp day here in south Texas.

Going to jump in the shower and get my day started. Hope nothing goes wrong today and everyone stays heLthy!

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Re: Daily Check in Jan 21, 2016

Post by itspennyc »

I went to bed very early last night. I read for a while. I slept pretty good last night. I didn’t have the pain during the night I had the night before.

We have another front coming through mid morning. But right now all we have now is drizzle and fog. There are a lot of accidents all over the city.

I need to do some laundry, no I don’t have full loads but I want to keep the baskets light.

I have planned a quiet day.


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Re: Daily Check in Jan 21, 2016

Post by ChristmasTrees »

Another cold day here.
Jackie, I cleaned out my refrigerator yesterday...I hate that job.
Making butternut squash soup today. DH gave me a Vitamix for Christmas...I am thrilled.
It is such a fantastic kitchen appliance.

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Re: Daily Check in Jan 21, 2016

Post by rinty »


I need some frugal galvanising here...........this mainly No Spend month has seemed ETERNAL and its like a severe diet. you know its good for you but it is TEDIOUS.

I put another bill onto direct debit monthly payments.........the TV licence. at £9 or whatever a month DH will not even notice it coming out of his account. And I don't wanna pay it. I paid it in one hit last year. Its a bill I resent, you are basically paying the BBC to watch ANYTHING on any channel.......the BBC doesn't do adverts.

Job application to do. Last payday from the school job tomorrow ! So I could do with landing a job pronto really. Will we starve if I don't work ? No, but I won't have my own personal cash coming in and I don't wanna be a Kept Woman.

It is one of my bugbears with a lot of British frugal blogs, the bloggers all seem to stay home and whitter and fuss and make badly cooked meals and tell how hard their husbands work to pay all their rising bills. And I am thinking .. "AND, and heres a thought, woman, get a JOB :roll: "

But no, they just carry on making dreadful looking, very un photogenic meals that look like brown slush .And these women are middle aged, no young kids at home. OH WELL, more jobs around for me , I suppose.

I need to do a quick swish around but otherwise the house is Okay. The dog towels need a wash and I am going to boil wash some whites but other than that, fine. My DH and I do everything between us, it is not like we look at any task and say my goodness when is he /she going to do that ??? He likes cooking too, we've always cooked together so work is shared.....and when I was working full time he was basically doing everything but the laundry , bless him.

Anyway, off to get things done.

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