Did you chose yor time of retirment?

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Did you chose yor time of retirment?

Post by icfrugal1 »

My older sister is being retired next week, her company is closing, she has been with them over 10 years.

She loved her job, it was part time, social, and close to home, she could take time off when she wanted, she and her DH take many trips per year.

She is not happy, her DH retired about 7 years ago, it will be a change.

My DH retired in early 2010, I was laid off in 2013 and I did the happy dance, I love retirement.

So what is your story????


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Re: Did you chose yor time of retirment?

Post by LogicsHere »

I was let go last April due to lack of work. Really wasn't happy about it; would have stayed for 20 hours a week.

Turns out it happened for the best as I had to deal with placing my Mom and her ups and downs took a lot of energy.

Talked with a former co-worker last week and she asked me about the possibility of coming back part time. If they had asked me to work initially P/T I would have; if they had asked me 3 months ago, I probably would have gone back. But now, no. I enjoy not having to work and having the ability to get up when I want to do. I also don't miss the stress of the boss standing over my shoulder when he's just changed a major client proposal that needed to be out the door 2 hours before to get it to the client in time.

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Re: Did you chose yor time of retirment?

Post by Jackielou »

In actual fact Hubby retired about a year before he wanted to. He was offered a package that he just couldn't turn down and we lived on said package for 2 years and then he applied for his Canada Pension.

At the time he was a bit upset about being "forced" into retiring, but within a few months was happy that he left the company when he did.

Now I don't think he would ever even consider working again.

Me, well I am kind of, sort of retired in the fact that I can pick and choose if I want to sub one day. Sometimes it is very nice to bring in a bit of extra cash, other times I would much rather stay home and practice being frugal and thrifty.

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Re: Did you chose yor time of retirment?

Post by colonialgirl »

Well I just answered most of this in your other retirement post.

I love retirement. I did leave on my own. They pulled some crap at work and I just had had enough. Resigned the next day. I had 10 months until I could draw SS but I just could not put up with office politics any longer. My old boss called and asked me back for a year - but I was not interested. Once I got my teeny, tiny SS check - I would never have gone back - it made me feel contributory again. Hubs never cared if I worked - so he was fine with it.

Life is short and uncertain. I would advise your Sis to enjoy the time she has been given and not mourn for what is over.

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Re: Did you chose yor time of retirment?

Post by tammy65 »

Unfortunately, I did not get to chose my time of retirement.
I started working at 16 and worked retail at 2 different companies for over 17 years. I had worked myself up to department manager over 3 departments and was making a good wage for retail work.
I began to get sick over a short period of time and had many different symptoms that the doctors couldn't pinpoint. I ended up having 4 surgeries before I went to a new specialist who sent me in the right direction.
I was diagnosed with systemic lupus with other arthritis complications and ended up having to quit work. I was willing to work and still miss my co-workers and the customers that I used to wait on but I became unable to do the work physically.
I was only 33 when I quit work and I have always been a frugal person but I really had to learn a lot more frugal skills to exist on my husband's salary. We had both started working at $3.45 (min wage at that time) and my ss check was small when it was finally granted to me.
Fast forward to today, I don't try to keep up with the Jones or anyone else for that matter. I live very frugally and don't listen to anyone who tries to get me to "live a little". My mom and dad were always frugal but my siblings married well and have good jobs and try to outdo each other. That's where most of the pressure to "live a little" comes from.
I wish I had better health but wouldn't change anything else about my life for anything. One hidden gem in my having to quit early-I was able to stay at home with my son and now I'll be able to stay at home with my grandchild who is due in July. :D


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Re: Did you chose yor time of retirment?

Post by itspennyc »

I had applied for Social Security Disability at 60, because of my on going hand problems, but since I was eligible for for my late husband's Social Security as a widow as I was already 60. I decided that some money coming in was better then no money coming in.

Except for lack of money I have enjoyed my retirement. In spite of my hand problems I have been able to enjoy my knitting and designing.


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