Daily Check in Aug 30, 2015

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Re: Daily Check in Aug 30, 2015

Post by MackerelCat »

Jackie26us, I will keep fingers crossed for you for the next couple of weeks. Once you get through that, things will seem like a breeze.

It's an overcast, cooler day here in Tennessee. Our neighbor's old walnut tree seems to think it's autumn, as we have drifts of leaves all over our patio this morning.

Today I am finally going to bake bread. There's a small Boston butt pork roast in the slow cooker for BBQ pork, so we will have some delicious sandwiches for supper tonight. Got some housecleaning to do in between cooking chores, but nothing dramatic. :)

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Re: Daily Check in Aug 30, 2015

Post by ChristmasTrees »

Afternoon here. Just took a pan of lasagna out of the oven, bringing it to a friend.
Jackie26, congrats on your CMAA!
Have a good day everyone.

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Re: Daily Check in Aug 30, 2015

Post by Mrscreative »

Good early afternoon everyone,

It's another beautiful sunny, summery day and I plan to savour the heat for as long as I can! Dh and I went for our jog fairly early in the morning and I did my weights afterwards while my muscles were all warmed up. After this showered and put on a pretty summer skirt. May not be able to comfortably wear a skirt soon, even with leotards underneath as it gets that cold here.

We enjoyed the pasta salad for lunch that I had prepared yesterday. I had made a challenge to myself to use up the oldest item I could find in the pantry. I added chopped red pepper, green onions and some celery to it. It was enjoyed by all!

Dd has some errands she wants to run so I'll have her pick up some juicing greens for me. Otherwise we are well set for food for quite a while.

The afternoon will be enjoyed with some reading in the garden. I may also watch Freedom Writers, a movie presentation on the Oprah channel. Guess she's wanting to inspire all of us teachers!

Have a wonderful day,

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Re: Daily Check in Aug 30, 2015

Post by Jens_Cats »

Hi, frugals.

I want to thank Debbie for emailing me about the change in the forums and about our new home. :) I appreciate it!

BTW, this is SpiritedOne from the old forum. Jens_Cats is more fitting for who I am now. :)

Taking it easy today, because I just don't feel great, and I don't feel like doing much of anything. Laundry is done and hung. Picked up cat food and some hardware for the dog pen D is building. Talked on the phone with an old friend and got caught up. I need to do some writing today. I owe my client two hours. We also need to unload the truck. We've started bringing furniture over from MD.

Last night, I went to a friend's bachelorette party, and D took the groom out for a bachelor party, which was really just the two of them going out to dinner at a theme restaurant with waitresses in skimpy outfits. We girls did a pottery painting thing, and I made a beautiful plate for the bride and groom. All parties had a really good time, and it cost me nothing except the tank of gas I had to get on the way home.

Happy Sunday!
Jen M, WV/MD (formerly SpiritedOne)
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Re: Daily Check in Aug 30, 2015

Post by peaches »

Good afternoon Everyone! We got rain last nite and today. YAY! At noon it was 69 (unheard of for August in Georgia) and the hi will only get to 79 today! Crazy weather.. but I will take it. Sporadic showers the rest of the day. I've got a lil housework to get done.. easier when it is not SO dang HOT! Have a GREAT day!! :D

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Re: Daily Check in Aug 30, 2015

Post by rinty »

Hey All,

Jackie26us, congrats on your award , really pleased you have found such a good job and that you are enjoying it.

Jackie, thanks for busting a gut working on this new forum.

Big Sunday roast for the DDs and their families today. We hadn't done a proper roast in ages, but its freezing cold and has been for days so it felt like an appropriate meal. Eldest DD rang up to ask if there was any chance............who could turn down a pregnant daughter ; )

So we had 2 roast chickens, cauliflower cheese, roast potatoes, carrot and swede mash, peas and sweetcorn and lots of gravy. I made 2 desserts, brownie, cos there were going to be 3 grandchildren there and an apple crumble with apples from the garden served with thick hot custard.

Tomorrow is a holiday too. We'll spend it at home sorting out the kitchen ready to be ripped out this week.

Yesterday we got a Daily Telegraph and I was reading their "money" section. Its a posh paper so I was pleased to see an example of someone who has a pension pot our size and is planning to pay off their mortgage ( as we did) and downsize and then live of a pension exactly the same size as ours. So THAT was good to read, if The Daily Telegraph thought that was a good , workable income we must be doing something right :) :) We also run 2 cars on that income.

Yesterday we used cinema vouchers and saw The Man From Uncle. I REALLY recommend it, very , very good film well acted. Loved the way they did Napolean Solo and Iyla Kuriakin.............and the female leads were very well done too. Its was very atmospheric too, they NAILED the 1960s decor, make up and clothing.

I have a tank of petrol and we need NOTHING food-wise so no need to go into any shops . I have £30 in my purse, the goal is for there to be £30 in it next Sunday ! I'll be working so money IN rather than OUT.

I have found with the downsize that I do NOT shop as much. CUTE knick knacks, however ON TREND take up space we do not have . I am not a clutter bug,

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