What are your cheapest and fastest dinners?

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Re: What are your cheapest and fastest dinners?

Post by Shelsmiles »

Fried fish with beans and salad. Fish is wild caught, so free. A medium pot of beans $1.50, lettuce and tomato from the garden and seasonings and cornmeal 50 cents max. I can feed 5 of us at 40 cents each.

Kitchen sink soup - use chic carcass to make broth and use the bits of meat from that as well. Left over chicken, veggies and bits of pasta and rice. I call it a scavenged meal. Close to 25 cents per serving unless I serve with bread then it's 35-45 cents.

Homemade red sauce and pasta. Our homemade Italian sausage costs me about $1 per pound. Tomatoes fresh or frozen from garden. Onion, mushrooms, squash, garlic, basil and herbs from garden or freezer. Pasta 50 cents. I can feed 5 for around 30 cents a serving. Add salad or bread... A little more.

Homemade smoked sausage 75 cents per pound max sliced. Onions, bell pepper and garlic from garden, freezer, if store bought about $2.50. Pasta or rice side $1. I feed 4 of us usually w that at 37 cents to $1.10 each depending.

Chili also easy and cheap.

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Re: What are your cheapest and fastest dinners?

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Breakfast for dinner!! Only about twice a month, though. Otherwise we're looking at breakfast thinking... "meh."

Anything that makes use of leftovers. DD made pizza Friday night, tonight's ziti will feature the leftover pesto, pasta sauce, mushrooms, feta, red onion, black olives... basically toppings, while spinach (I love spinach on pesto on a pizza) and some mixed greens will make up the side salad. The spin on planned leftovers works great, especially with Italian inspired ingredients.

Lately I rotate cheap dinners with pricey ones. Pizza, for instance, with all those toppings and the GF crust, is pretty pricey for us. The next night? Red lentil dahl over basmati. Cheap in the extreme, all ingredients except spices were sourced at Aldi many weeks ago.

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