Daily Check in March 7, 2017

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Daily Check in March 7, 2017

Post by mbrudnic »

Good Morning frugal friends,

I have to dial in to a conference call for the High school tech committee in 10 minutes.

Yesterday I fired off an email to the account manager at my last consulting company to see if there was any chance of going back to the old client since my 3 month hiatus is up at the end of this week.

Today will be errand day. Fresh market has their chicken breasts and ground beef both for $2.99 a lb.

Have a great day,

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Re: Daily Check in March 7, 2017

Post by Jackielou »

Good morning fellow frugalites,

Day two of the blizzard and while it is not as snowy as yesterday, all that white stuff on the ground is now causing havoc, blowing around and forming very large drifts. I am hoping to get out and do a bit of a clean up before the drifts get too hard, or at least the stairs cleaned off and a bit of a pathway to the road done.

I did not take the garbage bin to the front to be collected, mainly because of the wind yesterday and really there is room for another week or two even in there. Also there is a question of whether or not the garbage disposal trucks can get out and around. Next week is just fine.

Hubby is feeling a bit better (or at least he was last night) and seems to have slept for most of the night in our bed. Good thing as then I can sleep much better. Gradually catching up on all the lost sleep from a couple of nights ago.

I have a fairly lengthy to do list, but most are small, easily completed tasks. I am hoping to have a wonderful afternoon or late morning of doing just what makes me happy. But I do need to get started on things ASAP, another 1/2 cup of coffee and I will be good to go.

Supper tonight will be some leftover chicken (unless Hubby decided he was going to have that for lunch today) or the remainder of the smoked sausage (if Hubby can stomach that) along with pasta and salad or raw sliced veggies and dip.

Today I am grateful that the storm isn't worse and so far all my family is safe and warm.

Everybody have a great day. Take care.

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Re: Daily Check in March 7, 2017

Post by alliesmama4 »

We had severe storms through here last night and my lovely pear tree was destroyed. It was about 25 feet tall and always gave a bummer crop.. It was snapped off at the trunk about a foot above the ground and thrown a few feet onto my neighbors fence. A few shingles off but counting my blessings that the 60 mile per hour wind did not do more damage. I will replace the pear tree with an almond tree..

Jackie good luck with your blizzard. Be careful..

Janet Alliesmama
Janet Alliesmama

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Re: Daily Check in March 7, 2017

Post by NoisyPorkchop »

Good morning everyone :)

Thank you for the warm welcome! I had been reading this forum for quite some time, everyone has been so pleasant to one another and living the frugal life which is what I have been doing for a number of years. I have lurked around on another forum such as Frugal Village, but found it was pretty inactive and hardly any posters over there, so I quit looking over there and stayed peeking over here all most every day so I thought I should join in the frugal fun :D

Colonialgirl and a few others mentioned my screen name and how I came up with it. My husband is a meat cutter in a grocery store and I can be a bit of a chatterbox so I thought NoisyPorkchop seems appropriate, lol.

I have a fairly busy day ahead of me. I will be getting showered and cleaned up soon and I am off to Winco for the bulk of my groceries, then also hitting up Fred Meyers and Safeway for their loss leaders (love them cheapie loss leaders). I really do stick to my weekly menu plan day after day so I can keep my grocery costs under control and try to avoid eating out just because I am too tired at the end of the work day and "can't think of anything to make" for dinner. I also have a 10 am appointment for my Kia to get her oil changed at the dealership. Afterwards I need to pop by the library as I have a book on hold that I need to pick up. I never got the chance to pay my utilities yesterday as my DSD24 came by the house right as I was done with my last post here and she and DSD19 needed to use our computer to go on TurboTax so they could get DSD24's taxes done. That was an ordeal, lol. I am glad Hubby and I just pay for H&R Block each year. We would rather pay for less stress because we use the same lady each year who knows us and is able to do our taxes efficiently as she knows our background, finances, etc. Once I get back from groceries/oil change/library I will settle in and get those utilities taken care of. I just go online to each of their websites and pay with our credit card that we have through our credit union and then wait about a week so they all show up on the card and then we just place a payment online from our checking. We like to pay for things online with the CC as we feel it is a safety net instead of using our debit cards. Our credit union recommends us doing this too as my husbands debit card was hacked a few years back and he has been very nervous about using his debit card for certain things.

Once I get settled in back at home I may take a look at the laundry hamper and see if there is enough for a load; I do need to change the bed sheets and do some odds and ends around the house as I have to start my new work week again tomorrow.

Oh, Ellenmarie asked about the Moscow Chicken; it is 6 bone-in chicken thighs that you brown in a pan on medium-high heat and set aside and let cool. You then wrap each in a piece of bacon and place in a crock pot, sprinkle 1/2 tsp of ginger on the pieces, a shake of ground garlic over the pieces along with some salt and pepper to taste and then pour 3/4 bottle of Russian salad dressing over all the chicken. Turn the crock pot on low for about 5 to 6 hours (I did 5 hours) and you have dinner. The recipe recommends serving on a bed of white rice or egg noodles but I just served mine with a side of fresh asparagus and some cheesy noodles from Rice A Roni. Everyone was happy and well fed so that all that counts :)

Well, it is just past 6 am so I am off to shower and get cleaned up and tackle this day. Hope all of you have a lovely frugal day!

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Re: Daily Check in March 7, 2017

Post by Carleen »

Howdy, Everyone!!!

We, too, have had horrible storms. A few nights ago we had thunderstorms with tornadoes that made the national news. A few deaths in Illinois and Missouri. Bad stuff. Last night we had another bad storm but didn't last as long as the previous one. Whatever wasn't nailed down ended up in Indiana, I'm sure. Our house came out of all of that OK but lots of damage all around us. The Midwest is no place for wimps!!!

Not much planned for today. The Tuesday afternoon Bible study that I attend is today. This is my self-imposed day-off from seeing my father. He is in care and doing well. He'll turn 99 at the end of this month!!! jeesh... I'm such a Daddy's girl that I have to be careful not to mourn him before he's actually gone. That is going to be tough.

My birthday was Sunday and I'm officially old!!! (72) I refuse to age gracefully!!! I wear bluejeans, big Western belt buckles and drive a truck. I'm doing my best at this but I have to admit that my body is not listening to my lectures!!!

This is a no-spend day for me but tomorrow I will pick up a prescription that is waiting for me and a few items on my shopping list.

The mourning doves are back - I don't know where they've been but they are out there now mourning a lost love. So pathetic...

Gotta get going. See you all later.
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Re: Daily Check in March 7, 2017

Post by gaylejackson2 »

Good morning frugal friends,

Jackie, I think your winter blizzard is sending some of its cold down to us, as we are on day 3 of Very Cold Winds. Janet's 60 mph winds are exactly what we had Sunday evening and all yesterday.

Weather app shows that we are to be at 40F today, and up to 62F by Friday -- which sounds lovely if the darn cold wind will go away, though I really don't want anyone else to lose a tree; Janet, your pear tree sounds like it was wonderful, and I'm sad you lost it.

Today is ds#3's birthday, he is 9. He is the one who was born with soooo many health problems, but other than a huge old scar on his belly (and occasional constipation), you'd never know it to look at him. We're having a family dinner party for him tonight (dinner will be chicken, mixed veg, rice per his request; he didn't care on the kind of cake & I suggested GF brownies which I'll make with cacao & coconut sugar so I can have a small piece too), with his presents, then he's having a friends party on Saturday.

Yesterday I did very little that I'd planned to, I was stiff & sore from the icy winds and storm passing overhead... I washed clothes & fabric ( :lol: ), and I did make my lotion (I got enough to last me awhile -- 4 4-ounce jars, 2 8-ounce jars, and 1 16-ounce jar), only one kind; but I hope to make the other kind today that I posted a link to- as I bought grapeseed & sunflower oils and borax to make it - I'll use the rest of the borax in my laundry. This other lotion using borax, it reminds me of the kind that my Mom used to make,though I always thought it stunk, Mom loved it -- I didn't like the paraffin wax in it. I'll reuse the wax/oils bowl from yesterday's lotion, and I hope it turns out good!

After poking around in my craft/sewing room yesterday, I'm feeling more inspired to get sewing a lot again. I've brought my sewing machine upstairs to work as it is much warmer up here. Speaking of sewing, I want to stitch on a few more pairs of Dh's work jeans -- If I can get them all repaired, he'll have 5 more pairs added to his rotation and they will not wear out as quickly. I'm using a holey pair of my jeans (with stretch in fabric) for the repairs.

So today's chores are: start chicken cooking (I think I'll use a crockpot liner), make a large pan of GF brownies (I may just make my own using carob, as I love this recipe soooo much!!), more laundry, new lotion recipe, sewing on jeans, and perhaps cut out skirts for girls using fabric I bought Saturday (I'd feel guilty about buying it, but it matches their new shirts so perfectly & is soooo cute!); I may make me a knitting project bag too if I can figure out exactly how I want it to be.

Time to get kids to school, then home to start my day.

Happy Tuesday everyone!

=) Gayle

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