MOVING frugally? Ideas?

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MOVING frugally? Ideas?

Post by SandiSAHM » Sun Dec 10, 2017 9:41 pm

Wow, it is not particularly cost effective to move! IF we are blessed with a sale of this house in the first half of next year and can move into the new one... (it's a purchase contingent on the sale of this one, if this one doesn't sell, well, we'll be a little upset but it will pass...).

Boxes? We try to find freebies. Primarily paper boxes from DH's work as those are usually very clean and in good shape and they go through a boatload of paper. Of course not everything a household needs can fit in a paper box, so... craigslist? And booze stores - boxes with dividers. Need a free source of bubblewrap, though. Can't use newspaper, it triggers my asthma. Can use clean kraft paper.

Truck? Last time we moved twice (this time it'll probably happen again) - once we rented a truck and had half a dozen friends help. Took half a dozen friends out for dinner. Those are big 'ol boys. Wow, can they eat :lol: - especially after a day of hard work! That was from house to apartment. From apartment to new house we got a local mover. MUCH cheaper than truck rental/dinner out. Shocking just how much. I love the guys, but that was a big eye-opener!

PODS are insanely expensive. Awesome IDEA, the lift system that moves those containers, but storage of the POD between houses is HUGE $$$ per month and of course there's no climate-controlled POD.

This time, like last, part of what's here will go into storage before the house even goes on the market. That, we do on our own. Last time, we had a pickup - it was sold last year. Moving boxes isn't too hard with cars, but moving the grandfather clock? We'll probably have to borrow a truck (it's not my thing, the clock, but DH's maternal grandparents actually built it, so DS will inherit it). Even THAT won't get the piano (another heirloom).

Storage savings? Sell as much as we know we'll never use again. We really trimmed down last time so that's going to be minimal. A close storage facility is currently running a special - hope they're still doing that in 3 months!

So savings potential is really in just shopping around? For best storage and truck rental or hired help w/truck rates? Is there a retail-me-not of moving?

Any ideas?

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