Daily Check in Dec 21, 2017

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Re: Daily Check in Dec 21, 2017

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I am SO glad to see you posting! We have all been worried about you. So sorry about your falls and what your daughter is going through. I will pray for her. Don't stay away.

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Re: Daily Check in Dec 21, 2017

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Hey BeckyO we have missed you!! Glad that you are back.

No more falling and that's an order.

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Re: Daily Check in Dec 21, 2017

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BeckyO wrote:
Thu Dec 21, 2017 9:39 pm
Thank you, jckitty
My DD#2 needs all the prayers she can get. She has been violently ill with the chemo and the radiation, but she is still up and going crying with pain and fatigue at times but determined to beat it and to enjoy life while she does.
I call and we talk and laugh. She takes pics of her only grandchild and posts them on FB for me to see. She hurt, she cried, but she went to see the Christmas parade her little musician granddaughter was playing and marching in.

This year has had some really good times in it. I'll just order fewer, not so good times next year : )
Praying hard for your DD's complete recovery. Tell her to beat the heck out of this miserable disease! She can do it!

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Re: Daily Check in Dec 21, 2017

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Great to see you BeckyO

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Re: Daily Check in Dec 21, 2017

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Evening update:

I went and dogsat for my friend for a couple of hours. When she returned she took me to see a spectacular light show a few miles from here. It is so popular that you have to sit in your car and wait in line to get in. But it was worth the wait. This is the last year they will have it. Apparently the neighbors are tired of the traffic jam the display generates. On my way home I stopped by another friend's house to see her son's handiwork in their front yard.

It is COLD! Supposed to get below 30 tonight and mid 50's tomorrow. I asked DS if he wants to go for tasting at Sams Club tomorrow. Had I known about this I would have waited instead of going yesterday. Oh well it isn't that far to go and I may find a few more items for my adult kid's gift bags.

This holiday break is going way too fast. Another week and a half and then it's back to work. Unlike my previous career I don't get paid for the time off so it will be nice having paychecks again even if I have less time. I still need to finish the math workbooks for my students. My scanner has been on the fritz. I may work with it again tomorrow and see what is happening with it. I really dont want to spend money on new equipment right now. My laser printer is still good and I just bought new cartridges for it.


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Re: Daily Check in Dec 21, 2017

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BeckyO wrote:
Thu Dec 21, 2017 8:29 pm
Hello Evrerybody,
I'm on the building's computer/cable, the wifi is still not working, so can't get on with my Kindle.
We won't have snow for Christmas. It will fall to 28 F, tho. We had 6 inches of snow last month. it didn't melt for two days.. quite the event for us.
I'm looking forward to taking 20 yo DGD out to a late lunch Christmas Day. All local family will be in the woods watching for deer.
DD#2 and her family will be in Florida. She has finished the chemo therapy and the radiation therapy. It did Not shrink the tumor (stage 3 rectal cancer). She is supposed to try and gain some weight and get to feeling better before Jan 15 when they will schedule the surgery. They will go in front and back. She will be in a wheel chair and have a bag. We hope she can get rid of them after a few months and more surgery.

I feel good, but have fallen 6 times in the last 2/3 months. Met some good looking firemen, LOL when they came to get me up. Hurt my back and my ankle but they're OK now. But I don't think I should go to DD#2's. I might need help instead of helping her.
I saw DS#2, and his family, at Thanksgiving. DS#1 may be over here with the hunters.
I am happy to see DGD#4, age 20. She will be leaving for Australia Dec 31st. She plans on a month there and then some time in New Zealand. That is all her parents know, but I don't expect her back home for a year or so, after she goes round the world : )
Her poor step father was in shock after he heard she was going so far away, LOL. He would have been OK with a month in California, but.. LOL poor man , when he hears her whole plan...``She went to the Travel Clinic and got her shots.. $1000.00 : ( She has her passport and Visa and travel insurance. I offered a new rolling suitcase. She is only taking her backpack.

I still love my 'new' apartment and community.
Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all of you
Thank you, Floridacatlover : )
Becky so good to hear from you. We were getting worried since we had not heard from you. Glad to hear you are feeling good but bummer on the falls.. Be careful.

Sorry to hear about your DD#2 Will keep her in my thoughts and prayers.

Good to hear you still love your new home..

Merry Christmas and a Happy New year to you and yours. Janet Alliesmama
Janet Alliesmama

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