Pick ONE Grocery Store

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Re: Pick ONE Grocery Store

Post by LWolfT »

Kitty, I find Sav-a-lot's prices run a bit higher than aldi. That said, they usually have good specials/sale prices.
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Re: Pick ONE Grocery Store

Post by gaylejackson2 »

We have 2 grocery stores in town plus a Super-Walmart where I try to ONLY buy a few non-food items, or my GF pasta (which since they changed the recipe, its nasty & I won't buy it again). The meat there is SOOO NASTY!! Dairy items are frequently sour or rotten, and their produce goes bad in 2-4 days, yuck!!

I mainly shop at Smiths, it is owned by Kroger. They have excellent meat, wonderful produce, dairy is almost never bad, and the central aisles have good choices at good prices. I go there so often that I know many of the staff by name, and we are on good terms. I like their bi-annual case-lot sales.

The other grocery store is Davis, we use their pharmacy (overall lowest prices), and their meat, cheese, dairy, and produce sales are FABULOUS, and of excellent quality!! The also have good quality GF food, but oh my, the prices are atrocious on the GF. Overall, the prices are higher than at Smiths, but their sales make up for it. They also have bi-annual case-lot sales, and between the 2 stores, I'm able to get much of what I cannot can or make on my own.

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Re: Pick ONE Grocery Store

Post by SandiSAHM »

I'm stuck. I can't choose between Aldi (prices! Gluten Free products that don't break the bank!) and Sprouts (sometimes prices, all the time availability of the weird combination of gluten-free/vegan meat substitutes).

Aldi. I've been vegetarian so long I can work around the lack of meat substitutes. They didn't exist in their current form when I went vegetarian in 1992 and if I could do without then, I can do without now. But gluten-free isn't a choice here.

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Re: Pick ONE Grocery Store

Post by BeckyO »

We don't have Aldi's or Publix, but we have a lot of others, Kroger, Target, Walmart, Food World, Save A Lot, Grocery Depot, Rainbow, Robertson's Produce, L&K, Mediteranian , Asian , plus at least a dozen others. Not counting all the little places that sell, bread, milk, canned goods etc.

I prefer Walmart hands down. I like their variety and prices. The associates are very helpful. They always ask if they can take my purchases to the car. Sometimes I just want them arranged on my scooter. Then I leave them on my scooter until I take the scooter out at home and drive it into my kitchen. But if I plan a stop before I get home I let them take my purchases to the car and put them in the vehicle. I find their meat and produce very satisfactory, clean well packaged etc.

Just for variety I do go to Food World. They have such a variety of everything they carry and their deli.. oh yum.. all the different places to sit and eat. They seldom have the basic things I want.

Kroger is a pretty store. I go there for the flowers and some specialty items. They have a good variety of produce, too.

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Re: Pick ONE Grocery Store

Post by mbrudnic »

If I had to do one, it would be Kroger. I have a little bit of everything within 5 miles of my place. Kroger, Fresh Thyme, Meijer, Aldi, Walmart, Target, Whole Foods & Costo, but a little further I have a Fresh market in areas I am often in.

I tend to cherry-pick. I have not been happy with my Aldi's produce. I like more variety that I can get at Aldi's. I usually start out at Meijer. Their non-perishables are cheaper than Kroger and their produce and dairy are good. About once a month I hit up Aldi for staples. The Fresh Market often has specials on chicken breasts and ground beef. I stock up when I can. Fresh Thyme is nice for organics, and specialty foods. You have to watch the produce. They sell as much as they can rather than cull produce going bad (and don't discount).

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Re: Pick ONE Grocery Store

Post by nbeaver »

Well, Aldi's is my first choice for price and quality, but...it doesn't have some things. I usually go to Aldi's and then go to Walmart for what I can't find there. If I truly could go to one and only one spot, it would have to be Walmart, which is pretty good on price, convenience, and quality but has a quite a few things I can't find at Aldi's. No other grocery store around here comes even close to the prices at either; although I cherrypick at one other store, if I had to buy all my groceries there, I would easily be paying half again as much for groceries monthly as I do now.

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