Pick ONE Grocery Store

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Pick ONE Grocery Store

Post by ohjodi »

If you could only shop at just ONE grocery store in your town, which one would it be, and why? This would not include household items, health items, pet food, etc. Just groceries.

I would pick the small IGA store we have, here. They have great meat and good prices on it. Regular prices on most groceries are a little high, (and sometimes crazy-high) but they have typical sale prices. It's a cozy, vintage-like store, and the owners do a lot for the community. They still carry your groceries out. They do a little delivery for some elderly customers. They carry some organics. Produce is kind of high, and selection is limited, but wow, it's SO FRESH! They often have some produce marked down, and the quality is 100%.

I love that the store is small, so it's easy to shop and not get worn out trekking all over.

One downside is that I'd have to watch the sale ads closely, because they don't have sales each week on all types of products. Like a brand of spaghetti sauce is on sale this week, but there might be NO sales on spaghetti sauce at all for the next few weeks. BUT they might have other canned tomato products on sale, instead. And sometimes there are fewer choices.....like they have just two brands of butter, so you HAVE to watch for a sale on butter and stock up.

Where would you shop?

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Re: Pick ONE Grocery Store

Post by floridacatlover »

I would shop at Publix, the one closest to my house. It is a smaller store, good parking lot that is easy in, easy out. Produce is expensive so that is the main drawback for me. But they have great B1G1 sales and are very coupon friendly. You can combine manufacturers coupons and Publix coupons.

They are very customer friendly and will jump through hoops to help you. They are good to their employees, offering an employee stock ownership plan. Often I will see a physically challenged person working at Publix. They are a privately held company and the founder’s family still has the leading role.

Often lately I go to a different Publix near mom’s house because “my Publix” does not have a pharmacy. I grew up with Publix. Florida would not be Florida without Publix.

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Re: Pick ONE Grocery Store

Post by itspennyc »

That is easy for me.

H-E-B is the only supermarket in my area of the city other then Super Walmart. I don't like to buy anything at Walmart that H-E-B carries. Prices are very close.

The meat quality at H-E-B is much better.
Produce is also nicer at H-E-B.

H-E-B is local, they support the community much better then Walmart.


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Re: Pick ONE Grocery Store

Post by jckitty »

In my area it would be hands down....Aldi's.
Prices are so much cheaper, the beef is okay, except the steaks they aren't as good as another local store. Chicken and pork are just fine tho. I have been buying individually frozen flounder fillets and they are wonderful.
We don't have a lot of stores available locally, I don't go to Walmart for anything. I have heard others say their groceries aren't that good but people go ahead and buy them there because it is a one stop shop. I don't need anything bad enough to go to Walmart, just my opinion ;)

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Re: Pick ONE Grocery Store

Post by 2dogs+someCats »

There are just two grocery stores in my town: Save A Lot and Tops. I can do great at Tops with "cherry picking" type shopping, just buying what is on sale and that I have coupons for. I do very well with that there.

BUT...If I could only ever shop at just ONE of those - I would have to pick Save A Lot. Our Save A Lot is pretty nice - it's clean - and they have almond milk and other staples that I use a lot - good prices on oatmeal, etc. Not the best produce usually but this time of year I buy most vegetables frozen anyway and in summer/fall I go to the farmers market for those things.

Glad you didn't include pet, household, health & beauty, etc. in this - because I most often hit Dollar General or Dollar Tree for those things - coupons in hand.

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Re: Pick ONE Grocery Store

Post by rinty »

WALMART, without a doubt.

Food is good,like own brands, meat very good quality, a wet fish counter, fruit and veg good quality that LASTS. Also like their kids clothing ranges and their prices on toys and electricals. and Yellow Stickers !!1

ALDI, unreliable quality on fruit veg and meat, bit of a lottery.

LIDL, same .

Morrisons......absolute garbage, poor quality meat and veg , just garbage.

Tesco.....nice but too expensive, their value brands seem cheap and nasty. I don't ever bother.

Sainsburys.....expensive but nice, I don't shop there but if I am with someone who does I can see why they like it. It would be at least a tenner a week more expensive to buy my weekly shop there.

Waitrose.........ooh, I like Waitrose ! Its like shopping high end though so I don't do it. back where we used to live I used to shop their offers though which are STRANGELY amazing value. You get stuff like laundry liquid 75 % off !!! Bizarre ! I also collect theor free recipe cards. Ther Christmas foods are soooo lovely, this year I didn't dare even look :shock:

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