Daily Check in Jan 19, 2018

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Re: Daily Check in Jan 19, 2018

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Good morning ... It's 30 and sunny. A heat wave :lol:

Patty, I'm sorry to hear of your loss. Good thoughts going out to your family.
DG, you do have to be careful about ordering online, but I've had good luck with it. Some of the chain veterinary practices are affiliated with online companies, so that might be an option, too.
Jackie I hope these folks finish quickly so you can be rid of this ordeal ... mercy!

At the moment, DH is off seeing about a warehouse job. There may be benefits involved (depends on whether it's a direct hire, or if he would be working for the staffing agency). If nothing else, it would bring some income.

Otherwise, managed to sell something on eBay ... didn't make a lot, but it's stuff out of the house ;) Have some paperwork to deal with, today. Fortunately, there are enough leftovers that dinner is set for a few days.

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Re: Daily Check in Jan 19, 2018

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Patty, sorry for your loss-may your memories of him give you and your husband some comfort at this time. (((hugs to both of you))).

DGFlorida-great that your cat is doing better!

Today it seems colder although it looks brighter outside today (hmmm...very wet outside so maybe it rained last night!?). But even though I feel colder,my bones and muscles are not having pain today (just a little crick in my neck which can turn into nasty pain and affect my whole body but right now it is just there) as usually I notice it when the weather changes or it is really cold. Did not sleep past couple of nights-waking up like at 1-2 am and then stay awake til like 4 or so-missed my alarm this morning completely at 6 am! So my dh nudged me and said you better get up it is like 6:38 (we leave the house at 7:10 for carpool-and stupid me,told you my memory,went to the right instead of the left and forgot to pick up the boy and had to make a u-turn and backtrack! My son said you forgot him!

Yesterday my oldest son, was in urgent care. I told him to go bc I know he was getting dehydrated despite he was drinking but everything was going out still. He has Norovirus or stomach flu they said-very contagious Norovirus! And since he works at a school(usually he goes in sick even) I told him get a dr note and stay home so you do not cause an outbreak and tell them to lysol everything bc he probably got it from there in the first place! It spreads quickly and you feel like at death's door when you get it-ask me how I know!? He got two liters of IV fluid which I was right he would get two liters and told him probably either Norovirus or stomach flu! So I am glad he listened bc he can be stubborn and he hates to go to the doctors. I cannot take care of him rn because dh will have surgery on Monday and he cannot get sick. So his gf(fiance) is taking care of him and she has a pretty strong constitution as she never gets sick.

Yesterday Preston's team won their game,think 44-17. The 8th grade team that played next was exciting I thought better than the NBA-and NFL-lol-at one point like 4-5 kids piled up on top of each other trying to get the ball. And our 8th grade team was behind at first and caught up and neck to neck all the way so intense game. Then free throws galore bc both sides had technical fouls due to attitudes! Sheesh-kids and their attitudes! Preston never gets that-he has a good attitude and is respectful-if he did have one I would tell the coach myself to take him out of the game,don't tolerate that. I got one of the kids to tryout for our AAU team,but then found out he is the one bullying my carpool kid(he does not bully my son bc he tried and Preston gave it back to him right away and he backed off) AND the father I met yesterday apparently got out of jail recently-he was in there for murder! Oh that is scary! My ds says why did I tell him about the team-sheesh! Oops...don't know what I should say or let him go there-maybe coach won't like it bc sometimes parents get angry at the coaches! Oh btw it is funny bc we get the senior discount for dh when he goes to my son's games (hey only 2.00!),I tell him I don't look old enough to qualify (hee,hee,hee...)-then this grandpa was telling him he is watching his grandson and I whispered should I tell him you are the grandpa or the daddy!? Lol-just teasing him and trying to get him out of the house-that was Tuesday's game and I swear when he comes with us Preston's team loses,if he does not come Preston's team wins-like coincidence or bad luck-lol!? Every time-weird!

Today had my yogurt for breakfast-that even has carbs but only 7 carbs. There is a baby yogurt I found that has only 4 lol bc it is so tiny a cup and not sweet at all. Going to be a good day-hitting the 5.00 sale at Safeway-have not really been buying groceries much. I still am adjusting to cooking for only like 3 people bc we have leftovers that last for days and our rule is no cooking til leftovers are gone! So my dh gives me this look by the time we have had it for four meals or so! A package of meat for instance lasts a a few days! It is like the neverending leftovers....

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Re: Daily Check in Jan 19, 2018

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Patty, I am so sorry about your DH's dad. May you both find moments of strength and peace to lighten your grief. (((Hugs)))

I have today off and slept in. Later this afternoon, I am getting my hair cut. In the meantime, I am dealing with Mount Washmore. It is about 8 loads high!

This whole week has been totally off-kilter, what with having to work on Sunday and then having a weird work schedule due to the holiday and snow. It has made me feel disorganized and be disorganized. Thus the huge pile of laundry and odd little expenditures like paying for parking because the cold was making my knees hurt too much to go back and forth from the free lot.

DH and I made some clothing expenditures this week and I wound up paying shipping for dog food because we needed it quickly. Not the frugal week I intended.

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Re: Daily Check in Jan 19, 2018

Post by mbrudnic »

I ended up deciding that my bank account could handle purchasing the USB monitor I have had on list for several months now. Best purchase. It is a shame I had to get it myself. But with my work, I have so many programs open at once, having multiple monitors is great. And it is made to be portable so I can take it to the office with me.

I worked with a guy who had one a little over a year ago when we worked out of the conference room once a week. It has only a USB cord going from the laptop to the monitor.


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Re: Daily Check in Jan 19, 2018

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Hello Everyone,

I have just 5 days until dh & I fly to Rome Italy, and I'm starting to lose sleep from stress. My family will be in 3 different locations. My lists are growing too.

I have another list for things I need to do today: bank, license dog, groceries, library to return books & get an audiobook, send money via paypal, pick up Rx, etc.

I should run do the bank thing first before I need to pick up ds9 fro school... I need to deposit money, plus dump my change can -- its so heavy I can hardly carry it. Dh donated his change bottle, and it filled up my silver coins can -- his has pennies too, but they will spend too. ;) I'm hoping for at least $200 from the change to boost my Italy spending.

Must get mine & dh's jeans in to wash, and need to check over ds9's clothes too.

Not sure on dinner tonight, but it will be a from-the-freezer thing. Maybe soup as its cold outside... a heavy winter storm in rolling in, we're *cross fingers* supposed to get 4 inches of snow at minimum (I'm seriously praying for it to dump LOTS on us Saturday night).

I may not check back in until we return from Italy, but maybe early on Wednesday morning. ;)

=) Gayle

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Re: Daily Check in Jan 19, 2018

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chocolite wrote:
Fri Jan 19, 2018 10:06 am
Morning, all. Yesterday was not a good day. DH's father passed away. Although it was unexpected, it's not surprising. He had gotten so frail over the past few years. Still, it's such a hard thing to lose a parent.

My legs and back are not doing well. Seems like with each fall I've had, I am hurt worse and I bounce back less. Yesterday was a struggle to go to PT, then to work. I hate using this cane. Today, I feel a bit better, though, and I'm grateful for that.

Today is supposed to be much warmer than it has been - up to the mid 40s. That should melt the remainder of the white stuff we have. I think we are supposed to have a few days respite, then dropping temps again. Trouble is, there are lots of people in the midsouth who don't even own a coat; they just get by with a cardigan or light jacket. But with this weather, that's not really an option. I heard on the news yesterday that a homeless woman froze to death in front of City Hall. If that's not a heartbreaking commentary in itself, I don't know what is.

Hope everyone stays warm and dry today.
Oh Patti,

I'm so sorry for your loss. :( It IS difficult to lose your parents, even when they are so ill!! ((HUGS))

I hope you can continue to keep on feeling a bit better each day. I know that I definitely feel the lack of "bounce-back" as I get older.

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