Daily Check in Jan 19, 2018

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Re: Daily Check in Jan 19, 2018

Post by BeckyO »

Hello Everyone,

Patty.so sorry about your DFIL
ho[e you feel better mentally and physically, soon. My cane and I are best friends LOL. You're right about the coats. I put on a camisole, a regular blouse or top, a light jacket with a hood, a shawl and then my cape when it is freezing. That seems to do the job.
We have a bin labeled 'coats and blankets' in our lobby. It is donations that will go to the poor.. we don't want anyone to freeze in our city. poor woman

Gayle have fun on your trip. Make lots of memories : ) They last a long time.

DG, glad Kitty is better and has a good appetite.

I had an appointment at the VA, today. I was scatter brained and forgot to take my grabber in to be replaced. It lost a fight with my recliner. I used it then adjusted my recliner. It got caught and broke off the tip.

I didn't linger at the VA. I didn't want to chance catching the flu. DS#1, in Texas has been deathly ill with the flu for almost 2 weeks, but is getting better, Thank Goodness. The people who have died never took a turn for the better, just got worse and worse.

When I came home I reserved the guest apartment for DS#1 and his DW for a weekend next month. They will be here for the Gem and Mineral show at the fairground. I will help in their booth. What I earn will pay my Archeology Society dues and pay for a piece of jewelry from someone else's booth and leave some in my pocket. I need to paint a few more pics of minerals to sell.

They are in Panama City this weekend at a show. DD#2 usually helps them, this time her 13 yo DGD will be a 'gopher' for them. She is excited. They will check on DD#2.

Despite what D#2 said, "Don't come "til I tell you to." DD#1 and I couldn't stand it. She went. When she called her DH to tell him she was going his response was, "I'm surprised you are not half way there.' LOL

We are still having meals delivered to our apartments.. no eating in the dining room. I think someone had that Norvirus 'stomach" flu. No community activities. The whole downstairs was cleaned and disinfected, dining room, library, TV room, etc.
It was mid 50s, today, the snow is melted. I am aching. I am going to bed. Have a good evening,

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Re: Daily Check in Jan 19, 2018

Post by jckitty »

Becky ,
Thank you for the update on your DD, will continue praying for you and yours.
Fried fish (flounder), cottage fries made from leftover baked potatoes, salad and cold boiled shrimp with cocktail sauce. It was very good and dad is eating better every day. He said he still has bouts of nausea but feeling some better.
List for groceries and errands made for tomorrow, several stops to make but I have all day :?
Dad gave me my moms old recipe box and I have already found one I want to make, I had forgotten about it. It's called rhubarb upside down cake and I have everything it calls for so might make it for the weekend. Looking thru the box I found lots of recipes that I had made and then written down for my mom.
I mixed up the herb/spice mix for Ranch dressing/dip today. The kids and grands all use a lot of ranch dressing and this is better, cheaper and will keep plastic bottles out of the landfill/recycling if I don't have to buy it.
I made a second batch of soup this afternoon, a recipe from a blog I read, it's a ham, bean and kale soup and I used the leftover beans and ham from this weeks menu. I tasted it and wow it is good. Freezes well supposedly...if it last that long. ;)
I need to set and make a menu for the upcoming week, I get so tired of trying to think what to make but it does save me time and money so I will.
Sleeping in tomorrow and then busy doing errands.

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Re: Daily Check in Jan 19, 2018

Post by 2dogs+someCats »

Good Evening Friends,

Patty, very sorry for your loss. Becky, thinking of your daughter and hoping for the best possible outcome.

Oh, it would be lovely to be able to sleep in a bit tomorrow but I doubt the dogs will allow it. Long day at work - my whole team was getting bombarded with every "weird thing" and we were very busy all day - highly unusual for a Friday.

Ex picked up the kiddo at 6:30. It was a long and tiring week with him - not that he was bad by any means - but having him across town to his bus stop at 7:00 a.m. is exhausting.

This evening I got dishes washed, floors swept, vacuumed rugs and baked a batch of biscuits. Did a quick inventory of the freezer meals and other things I have on hand and I am all set for the weekend - should not have to go anyplace or spend a dime......BUT......I will need fruit and vegetables come next week so I might just get that out of the way and pick up more cat food while I'm at it - to avoid running too low.

I have more cleaning to do tomorrow and want to get my bedding changed. Also bills to pay but other than that should be a relaxing weekend.

Feeling sleeping - over and out friends.

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Re: Daily Check in Jan 19, 2018

Post by Jackielou »

Becky, I will continue to hold you and your DD in my prayers.

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Re: Daily Check in Jan 19, 2018

Post by Mrscreative »

Patti I am sorry to hear about your loss. Becky I also wish the best for your dd. So many of us here have been encountering lots of hurdles. But so wonderful we can always count on support from each other.

Really feel burnt out and exhausted today. Will be calling it an early night.

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Re: Daily Check in Jan 19, 2018

Post by alliesmama4 »

BeckyO wrote:
Fri Jan 19, 2018 7:20 pm
II will read the posts after I post this.

DD#2 is finally out of surgery, after 9 hours. She has a permanent colostomy bag. The tumor had grown from 7 cc s to 29 cc s despite all the chemo and radiation. To me that sounds like I came very close to losing a DD. He said he took all the lymph nodes he could and that she is a small women, about 5 ft, 120 pounds, so she should heal quickly- big sigh of relief-- going to the beach was one of her favorite activities .. hope this doesn't change her life too much...
Thank you for your prayers and good thoughts.
Becky thank you for the update on your DD.. I will continue to keep her and your family in my thoughts and prayers for a complete recovery.. Janet Alliesmama
Janet Alliesmama

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