Daily Check in Jan 22, 2018

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Daily Check in Jan 22, 2018

Post by mbrudnic »

Good Morning friends,

I have breakfast in the fridge, salad for lunch. Band parents meeting this evening instead of support group.

Have a great day,

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Re: Daily Check in Jan 22, 2018

Post by Jackielou »

Good morning fellow frugalites,

Up early this morning so I hope to get a great deal accomplished. I know the furnace people are not supposed to come until later in the week, but the more I get finished before they come the better (especially when it comes to my laundry and all the items that get hung up to dry.

The to do list is its usual Monday length but as some things seem to take a great deal less time, and still others enable one to do different chores while doing one item (laundry) I have decided to keep right on having Monday be a heavy chore day. Also, my pen seems to write down the same chores on the same days no matter what I think to do. Almost like magic.

Frugal happenings here will be another no spend day I have no intention of leaving the house for anything other than perhaps a cup of coffee at a friends. I am working on using up as much as I can. I washed out the dish detergent bottle last night and got another wash from it. Meals as usual will be made at home using what is on hand in cupboard, fridge and freezer. I am really looking forward to tomorrows supper out. I bought tickets from the Girl Guides for a steak night (one can sub chicken for the steak) which will be a lovely relatively inexpensive (for here) date night.

I am decluttering when I come across something that doesn't fit from my closet. The pile of donations is slowly but surely growing. There will probably be more added to it today and tomorrow. It really amazes me how much shrinkage there has been (joking, this getting old and gaining weight is not fun).

Supper this evening will be Chicken breasts. Not sure how they will be prepared as of yet but think something along the lines of Lemon Chicken could be a nice change.

Today I am grateful that the days are lengthening.

Everybody have a great day. Take care.

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Re: Daily Check in Jan 22, 2018

Post by Dgflorida »

Good warm Florida morning all,

Thanks for starting us out Maggie. I have high hopes for getting a few things done today. Yesterday, my plan was to get the second trellis in and painted. Well, I got the second set of free 4x4 in, but no paint. Rain is due tomorrow and cooler temperatures for the next week. I hate to wait, but paint can be unforgiving. So I will work on replanting some plants. I have a $5 off 50 for home depot garden shop, but I don't think I will be able to use it by Wednesday. I do need to visit HD to get a timber cut to finish up the edging on my wild flower garden. They will do 2 cuts free on a purchased timber.

We have been doing keto diet for the last few days in order to jump start hubs weight loss. He wants to get to goal weight badly and only has 10 lbs to go. I don't think I like this extreme level of low carb dieting. I am feeling a bit hyper and that is an unpleasant feeling.

Hubs messed up on the dental insurance and we have a penalty. I decided I didn't need to know how much. Wouldn't change anything and it would upset me. He is upset with himself. That is good enough.

This government shutdown and blame game has dominated my FB feed to the point where it is just boring. I am lucky to have garden and weight loss groups to follow. We did tell our military son that we would send him money if he needed it because the military are not going to get paid. He said he had savings and was fine. It is not clear how this will impact his work.

Since we might have rain tomorrow, I will work on the butterfly/flower garden today. Yesterday, I spread seeds from my frozen marigolds and planted a pot bound lantana and transplanted some wild flowers growing around the yard. Some of the free pots I got from a fellow gardener last week will get used today.

I hope to do a load of wash today since the weather will be warm. I did a load a couple of days ago and the machine was noisy. I hope it was just a fluke due to the cold. That room is unheated. Find out today.

Well, off to get started on my day. Have a good one everyone.

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Re: Daily Check in Jan 22, 2018

Post by Dgflorida »

I tried to catch up with everyone from yesterday. LWolf, congrats on husband's new job. Mack, hope the insurance thing gets fixed and the puppy gets better. Maggie, congrats on son's acceptance and I also hate when a recipe is bad. :x . Clem, I understand about another same age school person dying. I notice it more too. It is uncomfortable. Christmastree, thanks for noticing the innovative solution to the heavy door., Jackielou, that furnace. Wow. Think I caught everyone. Stay healthy. The flu is mean this year.

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Re: Daily Check in Jan 22, 2018

Post by 2dogs+someCats »

Good Morning and Happy Monday Friends!

Dogs out, breakfast had, lunch packed and I am ready for work. I am driving today because I want to get right home and get the dogs out and have time to walk to the library for book club. I am excited to be doing something!

It is nice-ish out - a little foggy and rainy and some of the snow is disappearing - although there is so much of it - makes it hard to tell!

Have a wonderful day everyone.

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Re: Daily Check in Jan 22, 2018

Post by itspennyc »

This morning I have a dentist appointment. It is cleaning and exam. I noticed there was some swelling on my gum. It doesn’t hurt. I would have called if I didn’t already have an appointment. So hopefully I will find out the cause and treatment.

The new dishwasher is scheduled to be installed today. I don’t like washing dishes by hand.

I also need to pack for freezing the left over pot roast. I think I will be dividing the meat into 2 containers to make soup. I like to use leftover pot roast to make vegetable beef soup. I even have alphabets to put in it.


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