the contract workforce, I am so glad tha tI am retired

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Re: the contract workforce, I am so glad tha tI am retired

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Quilter51 wrote:
Sat Jan 27, 2018 7:43 pm
I have yet to read ahead.

The problem, put simply, is that almost no employer who is not a state, federal agency or large corpuraton will hire anyone for FULL time positions. And Im not just talking about medical. My daughter is just an professional whose corporation works her 37 hours, because at 37 hours they will never have to offer her vacation pay, retirement options, health care or any other benefit or incentive. Which would be nice if instead othey offered a better wage, so they don't . So instead, every sick day, every hospital visit, will be at her full expense.

If you are being sarcastic (and you may not be)I would only say that self employment is a choice, I was self employed for a long time. But before I did that, I looked into it, I realized I would have to fund my own vacation, my own health care possibly, pay self eployment tax and all the other good stuff. But I was not young, and I woudl not have done so if I had not had a good bit of savings.

Forcing a kid just out of college, who is making an entry level salary to basically work on contract, or limit himself to thirty some hours, or force him to work two part time jobs is in my opinion forcing someone to become self employed-which is not for everyone, nor should it be. People should be able to have a regular job, know exactly what their hours are, and know the expectations for them, UNLESS they choose to make that jump to self employment.

My son works long and hard, and begs, begs I tell you, his employers to give him 40 hours, even without the health care. They refuse. Instead of having ten employees working in the kitchen putting out food, they choose to have 20 people in the kitchen working various hours. This does not benefit the kitchen, mind you, it makes it more chaotic, it creates turnover because folks leave looking for forty hours, and there is a hiring and training merry go round that works no end. When you have a young man who WANTS to work for someone else full time and is not given the opportunity even though the work is there, there is something wrong.

one of the many reasons I have not gone back to work in retrement even though I could have used the money is this sharing economy everyone's a contractor bullshit. If I wanted to work for myself I would have done so.

The solution of course, is to take healthcare and retirement benefits out of the work place. Unfortunately ninety percent of the people in this country scream the S word the minute you talk about unviersal health care (which by the way, can be done with multiple health insurance companies still in place), in spite of the fact that we have two instances of well working single payer systems in the country and one that is awfully close (the military system, medicare, and Federal employee healht care system) all of which could be used as blueprints if anyone had the guts. And unfortunately, the best performing retirement options remain company 401Ks, because we TALK about incentivizing people to retire on their own, but we dont.

Just looking at health care alone in this country, it's a class system in and ofitself. There are those of us who worked for large corporations, or governents who had basically good health care because our employers and unions negotiated in numbers.

You have had people who have whatever health tcare their employer saw fit, depending on what he or she felt like paying for or offering-I know one guy who offered all male stff but no female care. but the guys sure could get viagra man.

Then there are those who received no health employment from their employeer, were self employed and everything in between.

And don't even get me started about those of us where were given golden parachutes at fifty (pre-obamacare), had to use cobra and ended up using all of our retirement savings paying 120 grand a year for health insurance pre medicare.

Bottom line? If we're going to put everyone in contract, part time or self employment positions, then we need to give them an AFFORDABLE way to save for retirement, pay for health care and take sick days.

And there endeth my rant.
Thank you for your well thought of and written thoughts, I think that you have said it all.

And you are right DH and I did chose to be self employed, of course we thought at the time that we were doing the right thing for us.

But when I did go back into the work force, I could not get health ins, so we still had to pay for our own health ins.

In 2013 we were paying $1644 a month, and it was going to go to $1743 a month, but then we were able to get Obama care and that held us until we each turned 65 in 2015, with Obama care we paid just $1000 a month, that was good in our eyes.

I do agree that health care and retirement should not be dependent on our jobs, you are right some people think ahead and get union jobs, government jobs and a re fairly set, DH and I did not look in that direction.

I've talked about my friend with cancer, she has worked for almost 50 years, and worked very hard, but now she has cancer and even though she is working and has health ins, lots of her tests and meds are not covered, she can't pay her bills. She is 66 and hopes to work until at least 70, if her company will keep her and if she can work.


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Re: the contract workforce, I am so glad tha tI am retired

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Quilter51 wrote:
Mon Jan 29, 2018 9:37 am
Just to be clear,federal employess do NOT purchase health through an exchange, they purchase health care through the FEHB systemwhich is not part of obama care-and did not have to change their policies because all the obama care policies were already part of the exchange.the same. it is true the the federal government subsidizes ther employee health care by around fifty percent in my case. However, we are not apart of the exchange.

Most people who have employer offered health care do not purchase through the exchange.
CONGRESS, and their staff, DOES get their insurance through the exchange. Other federal employees use FEHB.

From April 12, 2017

"Under the Affordable Care Act, members of the U.S. House of Representatives, the Senate and their office staffs who want employer coverage generally have to buy it on the health insurance exchange. Before the ACA passed in 2010, they were eligible to be covered under the Federal Employees Health Benefits Program. (People working for congressional committees who are not on a member's office staff may still be covered under FEHBP.)"

From CNN Politcs July 18, 2017

"Almost all other government workers receive their benefits through the Federal Employees Health Benefits Program. But when Congress passed Obamacare, it required that members of Congress and designated staffers obtain their insurance through an exchange created by the law.
For most members of Congress, that means purchasing insurance through the DC exchange. In 2017, the exchange offered 57 plans in its gold tier, the tier from which the government requires members and staffers to purchase insurance."

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Re: the contract workforce, I am so glad tha tI am retired

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Every tine I go to the Veterans' Hospital for treatment I think, "The best thing I ever did for myself was to join the military." Then I think about my DD#2 and her fight with cancer. $6,000 deductible for herself and another for her DH, after huge monthly premiums.
She has not been able to work for a year. Her DH, who is almost 60 worked for a co. that was bought out and the employees tossed out. He has one of those 37 hr a week jobs.
Everytime she saw a doctor she needed about $150 . She will owe about $35,000 after insurance pays for her chemo, radiation and surgery. She has a card that gives her 5% off on her prescriptions. She pays the rest

She is on social security disability, now. When she has been on it for 2 years she will be eligible foe Medicare. She was turned down for Medicaid when she was being treated.

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Re: the contract workforce, I am so glad tha tI am retired

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You're rght Jodi,they do. I believe that this was a mistake however, as I sated earlier. There is a huge misunderstandng as to the benefts for congress people, their emploees and others.

Social media to the contrary, congressmen and women do not get health care for life, nor did they ever, nor do they get half of the things you see on those social media rants about congress gets this and that and the other. They are for the most part basic federal employees and I do not believe they should have been forced to join the exchange.

The purpose of the exchange was to provide people who did not have health care with coverage. Putting these people in that pool served no purpose. And in fact may well have affected the cost effectiveness and general cost of those others in the pool they were in (like staffers and others).

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