Daily check in Feb 4

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Daily check in Feb 4

Post by itspennyc »

Not much new here, I have a load of dresses in the dryer. I will wait on the white wash until after my daughter goes home. I need to pick up a few things esp. a new mouse.

I have to finish packing for daughter’s. I do need to bring my own pillow as hers are just too high for me. I put it in the zipper bag some stuffing came in, as it was close to the right size.

On Wednesday I will be bringing my meds, iPad, etc. This way the bulk of what I will need will be at her house.


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Re: Daily check in Feb 4

Post by Dgflorida »

Good sunny Sunday morning, all.

About 65F heading to high 70's before rain comes in. Rain is rare in the winter in Florida and much appreciated.

Today is a day where I must get many things done. Tomorrow, I get an eye shot and need to avoid potential splashes in the eye for several days. Today is onion chopping day. The freezer is ready for some frozen onions and I have 9 lbs. Today is also the day I will use the HD coupon at Lowe's to get decorative stones. I will not want to drive for several days and the coupon will expire. Because of ants and termites, I have to keep a stone barrier between my foundation and my gardens. I have some stones, but it could be higher/thicker. I reuse sheets of paper in good condition to print the coupon. Paper waste is bad for the environment. Dishes to wash. And lastly, I have my hair to wash. I would like to get us a shower in, but it is still chilly in the house. It will wait until Wednesday.

Yesterday was an interesting day. I did many of my daily tasks and in the afternoon when it got warm, I walked to the produce stand. We were out of lettuce. Unfortunately, they were too. I need to get some when I go out today. I stopped and talked to my neighbor, an old guy with AMD like me as well. Unfortunately, he is now considered blind. He attempts to care for his disabled wife at home with the weekly/occasional visits from their children. After saying hi, he told me how the woman bathing his wife has quit and disappeared. How he could not find anyone he could afford? All the agencies wanted too much. I suggested he do it himself like I do for my husband. He said he was blind and I said just ask her if she feels clean or needs more. I do that with my husband. That idea didn't seem to fly. He said his regular nurse suggested a neighbor could help. I pointed out that many are reluctant because of liability issues and some states require a certain nursing certificate to do it. He continued to complain. I suggested he get one of his daughters to help. He had an excuse. I countered it with another option. But I emphasized this should stay in the family. I wished him luck. Hubs said that they should be in assisted care. I said either that or live closer to their kids.

Yesterday I thought would be a no spend day, but it ended up being a big spend day. The vet called and said the flea product was ready for pick up. $100+. ouch. Today will be a spend too. sigh.

Well, off to get the day started. Have a good day everyone.

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Re: Daily check in Feb 4

Post by Jackielou »

Good morning fellow frugalites,

Slight headache this morning and a stuffed nose. I think my sinus's are becoming plugged.

Freezing cold here at -31 C with wind chills making it feel like -41 C. Another day of either running into the car or out of the car and into a warm building.

I hope to get the top mostly sewn today. I am about half way completed and should be able to get the next 4 or 5 steps done before I need a break this morning. Then it should only be the side seams and the hem left to do.

I added the bright pink yarn to the knitting project yesterday and am almost completely done that small leftover bit as well. Not sure what colour I will add next but this is going to be an interesting use it up tactic as well as a colourful one. I have a feeling that some of the colours are going to clash horribly.

As far as the cross stitch I picked to work on, it is small replica of a thatched English cottage. Right now I am working on the roof and things are going nicely. Once the sewing is as far along as I would like I will be doing a bit more stitching on this. I believe I did about 100 stitches before my eyes started bugging out. Another 100 or so done on the roof will be a very good start.

Household chore wise I have the usual Sunday items to cross off. I also need to make my list for next weeks baking, and extra cleaning. It shouldn't take very long at all really as my list of daily chores does not seem to change, and the extra cleaning I wish to accomplish today is cleaning fans, and the microwave. Not a great deal at all.

Frugality wise this will be another no spend day (Hubby is not feeling well and I think I will stay home with him today instead of going to Mass as I really am not that great either with this stupid headache and stuffy nose).

Meals will be made here at home with what is on hand. I will be using up what is left of the salad fixings, and my lunch today will be leftovers from Friday. I must remember to heat it up in the oven as Hubby hates the smell of fish in the microwave. Trying very hard to have a no waste what so ever month.

Knitting, cross stitch, and sewing will keep me busy today. I also have the last book of a trilogy by Greg Iles to read (it is going to take me awhile because I keep looking up historical facts that the books are based on). I am loving the series however, and that is what counts.

Supper tonight is going to be Roast Chicken along with salad, roasted potatoes, an roasted carrots. I have a couple of slices of custard type pie to have for dessert.

Today I am grateful that I can watch out the big picture window the dark black skies of night slowly lighten with pink and purple to the blue skies of morning.

Everybody have a great day. Take care.

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Re: Daily check in Feb 4

Post by alliesmama4 »

Good morning. It is chilly (30 F) and overcast with a strong wind at times. Good day to stay home and cook. I am going to make half batch of chili. We are expecting snow this coming week and depending on the day we might have some accumulation. Also going to make ham and beans this week.. Cannot make full batches due to limited space in my fridge freezer.

I am still recuperating from my luncheon on the casino boat yesterday. We had a nice free lunch but it involved a lot of walking and the slant of the gang plank put extra stress on my right hip and right ankle.. Had to take medication for pain but did not get much rest last night. Although if I am offered another free meal on the boat I will go.. Did not realize that the valet parking was free so next time will use them and save myself some steps. Also I really should get my handicapped parking tag renewed.. That would have helped a lot too. Anyway cold blustery day and a great day to stay home and do some cooking.
Have a good and frugal Sunday. Janet Alliesmama
Janet Alliesmama

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Re: Daily check in Feb 4

Post by MackerelCat »

Jackie, I have crocheted a number of scrap afgans to use up leftover yarn. The trick to making it all look coordinated was to include a neutral color like cream.

Good morning, frugals. I slept in and am feeling well rested. Must do some housecleaning today.

Our dog who is going blind keeps trying to go after the cats. We think she can't recognize them and gets scared when there's this silent shape approaching her. Poor little pup is much happier outside in the sunshine, but today is too cold to leave her outside long.

Should be a frugal day. DH and I have no plans to do anything except putter around the house.

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Re: Daily check in Feb 4

Post by clemencia2us »

It is nice and sunny today.

The temp is supposed to get to 80 degrees! Quite a change from yesterday's dreary weather.

It really brought me down. It was so strange that I felt so blah. But after going to mass and then drum circle I felt so much better. I even slept until almost 8!

Not sure what I will do today. I do have some things I want to discuss with a friend. Just have to get it off my chest. Nothing about me but about our community - get her opinion on what I was told.

Probably going to mop, make a quick trip to the dollar store and just veg.

The COD has been bar-b-qing. He is taking it to his daughter's. Very strange. Why not just cook there? well, it keeps him occupied. He grilled steaks last night. I prefer pan grilled cuz these were kind of dry, but I ate it anyway. Trying to be nice - :mrgreen:

Have a great day

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