Daily Check in March 8, 2018

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Re: Daily Check in March 8, 2018

Post by LWolfT »

Good morning ...
We got a frosting of snow last night, and it's cold. At least the sun is out. (And baseball is on the telly, so all's right with the world, LOL!)

DG ... happy birthday ... whenever it is (understand about not broadcasting the exact day).
Mackie, hope you get some answers quickly!
Jackie, sure the weather changes aren't helping your discomfort.

Switch to new phone carrier went very smoothly. Had thought about getting a new number, since mine seems to be on the spammer lists, but decided that it was more of a pain to notify everyone/change registrations, etc.

Not sure what's on the agenda for today ...

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Re: Daily Check in March 8, 2018

Post by clemencia2us »

Good morning all

It is still cool here and the sun is not out. But it looks like it is trying to make an appearance. It isn't super gloomy though.

I started sneezing last night so took some Benadryl before I went to bed. Helped me sleep but also hope it keeps any allergy problems away. I've been using Flonase but noticed that I have been using an empty bottle - lol! It was the new Sensimist and guess it ran out and I couldn't tell. You can tell with the regular Flonase. I used that this morning.

We have the heat on since it was in the 40s but i saw the forecast and will be in the 90s on Saturday - crazy or what. I hope not.

Hope all have a great day.

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Re: Daily Check in March 8, 2018

Post by rinty »

Hey All,

Worked, dieted and fretted.

Look after yourself everyone.

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Re: Daily Check in March 8, 2018

Post by BeckyO »

Afternon Y'All,

I had a busy week last week and was constantly sleepy. Today was free so I slept in. I do feel better.

At least I did until DD#1 called on her way back from Florida. DD#2 is not doing well a all. The doctor removed some fluid from around her lungs. WE are hoping she can begin to eat and stop hurting so bad.Her DH loves her and does so much for her but he is medically so unsophisticated.

Looks like a pretty day here. The temps keep rising and falling. It is hard to know if a jacket is needed. DD#1 got rid of all the frozen plants on my balcony. She cut and uprooted them. The mint is already coming back and Maybe the short Sansavera will survive. The rest is all gone. I'm waiting till I get new plants tho. The weather is too unpredictable.

Did some laundry last night. Need to fold and put away and do more tonight. My late late lunch is going to be a frozen microwaved meal Tsk tsk LOL But that is my future. I may go to the dining room for dinner. Might not.. When I check my mail I will check the menu.

I'm off to shower and dress then prob call DD#2. The microwave can work unsupervised : ) Then I will turn the TV on and fod clothes.
Have a good evening.

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Re: Daily Check in March 8, 2018

Post by chocolite »

Afternoon y'all. Mackie, I hope the appointment went well.

It is a chilly day here. I think the high is not supposed to get out of the 40s. It's deceptive though, because the sun is shining brightly and, looking out the window, you would never think it's as cold as it is. Of course, it's all relative, depending on where you live and what temps you are used to.

I went to my ortho doc yesterday about my painful shoulder. He did x-rays and said the rotator cuff looks great (yay!) and that the pain is coming from bursitis and tendonitis, which is radiating into my deltoid muscle. He gave me a shot right into my shoulder (cortisone and lidocaine). It has helped a lot. I actually slept in the bed last night! It woke me up some, but I was able to find a better position and fall back to sleep. Today I have felt some twinges, but it's sooooo much better than it was.

DH and I are starting to talk about doing a few renovations on our house. We want to (make that need to) redo our bathroom. We also need to remove a huge oak tree that is right up against the side of our house. He's worried it will impact the foundation if we don't get rid of it. So I think we will start with those two things and see how the budget looks once we're finished. We have several other things we want to do, but it will be over the process of at least a few years.

I have Subway coupons, so I am going to stop on the way home and pick up a couple foot long sandwiches. That way, we'll have dinner tonight and lunch tomorrow as well. I like their roasted chicken.

Hope everyone has a good rest of their day.

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Re: Daily Check in March 8, 2018

Post by icfrugal1 »

:lol: :lol: so should I be insulted??? :lol: :lol:

DH is out walking, so I have the house to myself YEAH !!!

So I started singing. (now I am more likely to be offered a contract to NOT sing then to sing) BB took off to the backyard :lol:

Was I insulted????? :lol: :roll:


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