Daily Check in July 19, 2018

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Daily Check in July 19, 2018

Post by mbrudnic »

Good Morning,
Let's start off this day!

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Re: Daily Check in July 19, 2018

Post by mbrudnic »

Hi everyone,
I guess I failed to check in yesterday. I am getting ready to head off for the houseboat weekend. I will be picked up in about 2 hours. I feel like such a pack rat. But hey...

Last night DS2 texted asking if I wanted to walk the mall with him. He went shopping with his friend/former girlfriend at the Outlet Mall for a college wardrobe. Since working at the formal wear shop he has gotten a bit interested in what he is wearing. So he is striking a balance between comfort and looking neat & pulled together. He already has a birthday(Sept) list started of boots, a sweater, etc. He has been communicating with his roommate and they are going to bunk their beds. So he seems to be on a great path.

Have a great day, Talk to you Sunday,

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Re: Daily Check in July 19, 2018

Post by gaylejackson2 »

Good Thursday Morning!

I am reluctantly awake, since neighbor’s cat picked a fight with one of mine right outside my window and woke me at 5:24am (I posted at 6:09 am Mountain Time).☹️☹️ My feet and legs ache too, I’m wondering if they cramped during the night.

I think I accomplished yesterday’s list except cleaning bathrooms, and putting away rest of Dh’s clothes.

Today, I take my car to the tire shop to get tires rotated early. Then I’ll come home and wash rest of my clothes, then work in girls’ room, clean bathrooms, and fold/put-away dh’s remaining laundry. I also need to cook the [packages of] ground beef & turkey, but I may wait to do that until Saturday- to lessen any freezer-taste on the cooked meat, plus I still need bell peppers for my recipe.

I hope to go walking again, but will go a different direction.

Dh comes home tonight, so I must think of a special dinner for him, though I’d be happy with eggs on toast (he’s allergic to them, so no).

I’m going to read awhile, then get out of bed and get moving with my day.

Today I’m thankful for hot days yet—they help speed laundry into drying. Dh & I decided to hold off on fixing our clothes dryer & will buy a new one in a few months, after we’ve saved enough.

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Re: Daily Check in July 19, 2018

Post by clemencia2us »

Good morning all
Slept okay
The boys had to go out so I got up and made my coffee.

It is strange to hear people say they dont' drink coffee. Kind of wish I didn't either sometimes, but hey it helps wake me up.

Nothing big planned today. Have to take care of a lot of little chores around here. Get ready for tomorrow. Having a fundraiser.

Hope that goes well.

Have a great day

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Re: Daily Check in July 19, 2018

Post by floridacatlover »

Hi all.

I’m doing laundry right now. Later this morning I have a hair appointment and I’m so glad. My hairdresser has been on vacation.

Yesterday it rained pretty hard when I was at the fitness center but at my house only a short distance away, not a drop. So I’ll run to mom’s house after the hairdresser and see if the plants there need watering. I miss having the rain gauge and need to get one.

Have a good day.

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Re: Daily Check in July 19, 2018

Post by Dgflorida »

Good wet Florida morning,

Just back from my walk and grateful we missed the rain. The rain earlier cooled everything down. Still it was getting muggy by the time we finished.

I saw my doctor yesterday and she agreed that the test results looked odd. She is ordering a new set of tests. I got the fecal test envelop and the order for a mammogram, so everything is up to date. Now to get the new blood tests. I have reduced my thyroid medication and I feel better, more focused. But I do prefer to have it monitored by a doctor. If the GP decides I am a simple case, she will take it on and that will save me money in co-pay and trips etc. I stopped at Walmart market on the way home and got things we were low on and some fresh vegetables. It is always nice to combine trips when possible.

Interesting about the girl wipes. I agree that I also think about the environment. Making paper products wastes a lot of water and I don't like to waste water. It is precious. And it was great to be able to find a reuse for the old tee shirts. I will be washing them in the laundry bag I bought for them, so I won't have to search through the laundry for them. I still use paper for the solid. I am thinking about the bidet though.

Today, hubs goes to the eye doctor. This one is less expensive, but has a good rating and is convenient. So I will drop him off and head over to save-a-lot to buy chicken on sale. Come back and pick him up. I hope to drop off the chicken and then take him to Walmart to pick out his glasses. I like Walmart's selection and long hours. But he is off his pain medications for a week and may not feel like it. Also he may be dilated and not feel like it. We will just see. Then it will be next month before any more doctor appointments. hooray.

I hope to touch up and finish the plywood hurricane shutters. They are drying so slowly in this high humidity. Maybe I will be able to cut the wood for the window side decorations today. Or it may be too hot outside to do that.

Normal frugal things here. Used coffee filters to wipe the grease off plates to reduce washing. Also use foam soap which greatly reduces the amount of soap. Dump dishwater in the flower tub. The flowers like it. Keep the house at 83F and use fans. Turn off lights and coffee pot after the first cups. I finished a cut toothpaste tube. Hubs has another for me.

Today, I am grateful that I can afford good medical care. Have a good day everyone. Stay safe and cool.

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