Daily Check in Aug 6, 2018

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Daily Check in Aug 6, 2018

Post by mbrudnic » Mon Aug 06, 2018 6:18 am

Good Morning Frugal Friends,

Lets get this Monday started!

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Re: Daily Check in Aug 6, 2018

Post by mbrudnic » Mon Aug 06, 2018 6:22 am

Hi all,
Last night I made a salad for dinner ans was smart enough to chop up enough veggies for 2, so I have a salad for my lunch. I will be grabbing it shortly and heading out. I did a little bit of shopping yesterday, picking u some more odds and ends for DS2 and gathering some tech and office supplies I have extras of for his pile. I actually had a hard time finding a shower tote for him. He is in an older dorm with communal showers down the hall. I finally found one at The Container store. It is not very big, but as a Guy he will not need much, soap, shampoo, tooth paste, tooth brush. He uses an electric razor (when he chooses to shave).

Have a great day,

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Re: Daily Check in Aug 6, 2018

Post by jckitty » Mon Aug 06, 2018 8:40 am

Good morning all,

It feels like that meme "satan called...he wants his hades heat back" I m officially over this summer. Expecting another day in the 90's. All curtains and drapes closed and will be again all day.

Got my hair cut off last Friday, it is now shoulder length with layers so I can wash and go, if I want to doll up I can flip some curl into it or straighten completely. It doesn't keep my head from sweating but at least I don't have it skinned back in an eternal pony tail.

Laundry going, have plenty to do today. Need to find my mo jo and get it done.

Off to get started again,
Have a good day all,

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Re: Daily Check in Aug 6, 2018

Post by Dgflorida » Mon Aug 06, 2018 8:42 am

Good Monday morning all,

Today is eye shot day. But before I go, hubs needs a shower and I need to get some limbs off the roof.

I went for my walk this morning, but seemed like neighbors everywhere wanted to talk. Oh well, some days are like that. Yesterday, I saved $10 on much needed shoes and $5 via a coupon on beef on sale. Not bad.

Today, if my eye allows it, I will make arrangements for the insulation and finish the November air arrangements from Houston back to Florida.

Last night, I used my $9 zucchini spiral machine and made spirals to go with beef in stir fry. Hubs said it was alright. He hates zucchini. So tonight, I will try zucchini spaghetti with ground beef. It will really open up menu choices if he accepts zucchini as a pasta substitute.

I hope to get laundry on the line as well today. We will see if it all happens.

Today, I am grateful for the wonderful selection of vegetables available thanks to technology. Have a good day everyone.

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Re: Daily Check in Aug 6, 2018

Post by Jackielou » Mon Aug 06, 2018 9:19 am

Good morning fellow frugalites,

Up a tiny bit later this morning, but that was because I had a very restless night. I think I just might have gotten about 3 full hours of sleep. Hope tonight is better or I am going to be one cranky lady by tomorrow.

It's really foggy today and it is supposed to stay fairly cool. We will still need air conditioning on, but we won't turn to smoke if we step outside. However as the week progresses (actually starting tomorrow) the temps are rising to the (as JCKitty would say) hot as Hades realm. It is not going to be in the least pleasant. The weather advisory is already being talked about.

Don't know how many loads of laundry I will manage to get on the line and dried. With the amount of moisture in the air right now (so foggy I can not see down the hill) it will probably be only the very light things. Guess I will have to use the drier a bit more today than I wanted to.

Other frugal happenings will be baking bread, eating down the freezers, fridge and cupboard, going for my daily walk (which I better get ready for very soon), and just trying to save where and how I can (which is actually getting pretty tough at times).

I am catching a bit of a cold. I call these air conditioning colds as a person is in and out of a cool place/hot place. I had actually hoped I would miss it this year, but of course with more usuage of the air conditioning and garden harvesting I got it. Hopefully it does not last long.

Supper this evening is going to be Chicken Legs, hopefully done on the BBQ. Serving this with tinfoil potatoes (from the garden) and the leftover cucumber salad. That should be more than enough to feed us. If I find the time I think I will make a cake to use up some sour cream that is just past the use by date.

Today I am grateful for the slightly cooler weather this morning, and it's fun taking a walk in the fog.

Everybody have a great day. Take care.

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Re: Daily Check in Aug 6, 2018

Post by alliesmama4 » Mon Aug 06, 2018 11:11 am

Good morning.. We have a cool morning in the 70's but going to get hot here as well. I am so over summer as well...It is my least favorite time of the year.

Not much planned other than puttering around the house. I am going to check on my apple tree. Yesterday it looked like they had turned red.Way too soon but nature does its own thing. Plucked a few peaches yesterday and put them under a towel on the counter top to see if they are getting close to being picked..

My DB is moving from his farm next door and he asked me if I needed any canning jars.. I have a lot of quart size but needed pint and half pint size and so he gave me a lot.. they will come in handy for canning smaller batches of peaches and a few jars for when I make jam.. He also gave me all of his fireplace tools which are very nice. His new home has gas fireplaces.

Have a good and frugal day everyone. Janet Alliesmama
Janet Alliesmama

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