Aug 8, 2018 Daily Check-in

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Re: Aug 8, 2018 Daily Check-in

Post by Jackielou » Wed Aug 08, 2018 7:49 pm


Well supper is cooking and will be ready shortly. I was a bit concerned over whether the electric roaster would actually cook the meat loaf. I guess I should not have worried at all, it is cooking very nicely. Now to try some baking in a couple of days. Well actually tomorrow as I might bake the pasties in it. I am really trying to do appliance cooking a bit more often. I just don't use what I have to my advantage most of the time.

Picked the garden, cleaned the washer and drier, cleaned the microwave and did all the regular household chores. I do hope to get more of the once a month cleaning list done tomorrow, as well as some of the things I only clean really well twice a year.

Almost finished the first season of Poldark. Three more to go. I did notice an older version and I may just have to watch that one as well and compare them.

Off to finish getting supper on the table.

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Re: Aug 8, 2018 Daily Check-in

Post by colonialgirl » Wed Aug 08, 2018 10:26 pm

Hi all -
Quick check in. A lot less pain today but still not running a marathon. Did a few more loads of laundry, emptied DW, scrubbed a basket up to repurpose and made supper. That is about all I have been able to accomplish today and now arms and shoulders are achy - so no more today.

Dinner was one of my mama's old comfort food meals. Beans and franks, lettuce and tomato salad and fried potatoes. We used to have fried potatoes at least twice weekly as they were my daddy's favorite. I miss my folks every day, but the last week has been much more intense for some reason.

Well - another scintillating report. Off to find aspirin and aspercreme and call it a night. Have a great day tomorrow frugal friends.

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Re: Aug 8, 2018 Daily Check-in

Post by gaylejackson2 » Thu Aug 09, 2018 1:32 am

Good evening friends,

I’m exhausted!! We went to our church swim party tonight, ate bbq’d meat and potluck salads, and got home about 2 hours ago. All 4 who were in water are cleaned, and my fave part- no arguments when told to go to bed after Family Prayers. 😁

Dh called as I was heading for a bath tonight, I told him all about my day. Facetime is wonderful, thank you Apple iPhone!!

I talked to my student loan servicer again today & I think we may have found a deferment for me — otherwise I either need to go back to college, or re-consolidate my student loans, which I’d prefer to avoid. I’ll scan & email the paper in that hopefully gives me that deferment. Cross your fingers & pray it works, I am too.

I’ve been having strange symptoms lately, Google says it's either an UTI, or a yeast infection. Oh goody, lucky me! ☹️ I’m going to Urgent Care tomorrow morning to get checked out... after I do Elementary registration for my 3 littles.

Rv shop *Finally* called me back, and they’ll order us a new tire that is covered under Dh’s RV tire & road hazard policy.

Am extremely tired, so will check in again tomorrow I hope. I walked in the current pool tonight for about 40-ish minutes.

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