Daily check in September 23, 2018

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Re: Daily check in September 23, 2018

Post by Jackielou »

Good morning fellow frugalites,

I woke up at 4:30 this morning and thought no way. I pulled the blankets over my head and slept for another 2 or so hours. I will be waking Hubby up very shortly to head to Mass.

Remember how I was whining about no rain here for months? Well it can stop any time now. Another day of dreary skies and darn cold temperatures is making yard clean up nigh impossible. Guess it will be inside work once again and no early morning walk about for me. Not that there isn't a great deal that I can do inside, but it is nice to get all the plants emptied out and everything put away before winter arrives. Hubby has started bringing in the garden lighting though, and I did empty (or almost empty) the two large planters. I may sneak out at some point and do a couple more.

After Mass I plan on threading my machine and doing a bit of quilting on the Christmas gift. Really I thought that I would really enjoy machine quilting, but sometimes threading and setting up the machine is more trouble than it is worth. I enjoyed a needle and thread and working my way by hand through a quilt. I didn't always know what I was doing, but it was calming to say the least. This quilt could end up having a bit of both.

Frugally speaking the only money spent will be in the church envelope.

I will be using up food from the freezer and pantry to make our supper and our lunches. While this has shown me ways to save money and new ideas for cooking it really has not cut our bills in any sense of the word. As I have said before, buying Canadian produced food and clothing is not inexpensive but I am becoming more aware of what comes from where.

Making tomato soup this afternoon as well. I need to get those tomatoes used up and out of the hallway before they go bad.

Hubby asked if I could chop onions and vacuum seal them. I said why not, but they would have to be frozen and not just lain on the cold room shelves. I might give that a go today as well. It seems we have an abundance of onions this year and if we don't want them to eventually go bad something must be done.

No walk today unless the rain lets up, which it could do by the afternoon. I might sneak out before I start preparing supper for a quick little walk about.

Morning chores will be done before leaving for Mass. There really are not that many on a Sunday morning, clean kitty litter, make the to do list for next week, and a few other minutes consuming items (like get supper out of the freezer to thaw).

Off to make coffee and get those small chores started.

Today I am grateful that the branches that came down in oldest DS's yard due to the heavy wet snow they got did no damage to his power or phone lines.

Everybody have a great day. Take care.

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Re: Daily check in September 23, 2018

Post by itspennyc »

I washed my hair. I still need to wash my hair brushes. I have stripped my bed and partially remade it, that is the bottom sheet is on the bed.

I fixed breakfast. I had oatmeal this morning. My breakfasts at home are usually oatmeal or oatmeal muffins.

I downloaded a pattern for a Triceratops. I will be knitting at least one.

My daughter doesn't feel well so may not come over today.


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Re: Daily check in September 23, 2018

Post by AnneX »

Good Morning Everyone

pleasant fall weather here. i have had enough of that hot summer.

I've got my laundry done and put away, also baked a batch of orange flax muffins and got the baking dishes washed and mostly put away.

Once i finish cleaning the kitchen, i will go to Shoppers Drug Mart and/or Metro and see what kind of deals i can get on toilet paper, paper towels and dish detergent.

I've had a busy week. It was the first week of our seniors centre being at the new location . Have to take subway and street car to get there rather than just walking down the street, but the trip is not bad.

I also attended 2 meetings re the seniors centre and a luncheon for hospital volunteers with 2500 hours of service.

yesterday I went to the Brick Works farmers market. it is in a pleasant ravine with lovely walking trails. So i got in a bit of a walk and then bought some produce - not cheap - but the location is worth the price. There is a free shuttle bus from the subway, so it's easy to get to.

this afternoon I'm going to have coffee with a friend and otherwise just relax. I've got a bunch of reading to do for a course on Canlit starting this week.

lunch will be the other half of the can of soup I opened yesterday with a green salad.
i baked chicken, squash and mushrooms last night so leftovers of that along with some steamed kale will be supper.

hope everyone has a pleasant Sunday and a good week


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Re: Daily check in September 23, 2018

Post by clemencia2us »

Good morning all

A little overcast today. It is also nice and cool - 66 degrees. First time it broke 70.

didn't rain last night. We have had rain almost every single day in September.

I"ve been up for a couple of hours. Had weird dreams all night. Parts of situations I am dealing with here. Same old stuff - family, the COD, old house etc. Only my pets are perfect - :lol: ..

Not sure what will go on today. Maybe clean this one window with nose prints. They love to look outside.

Have a great day all

Hope everyone's health improves.

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Re: Daily check in September 23, 2018

Post by BevMoore »

I am going to make an attempt to post. Our beautiful fall weather was short-lived and now we are back to summer weather. 90+ degree days. Bleh. I envy those of you who are treated to a nice long fall season.

I am still doing my part time yard duty job along with some occasional para educator assignments thrown in. I don't want to work as much as I did last year. Too many other fun things to do.

Yesterday I went to the Delta with my friends to do some wine tasting. We did not even get a breeze there :( Today I am staying indoors. Housework awaits me.

Will try to post more later if my computer and site cooperate.


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Re: Daily check in September 23, 2018

Post by clemencia2us »

Hi AnneX

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