Daily Check in Sept 25, 2018

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Re: Daily Check in Sept 25, 2018

Post by floridacatlover »

Good morning all.

I’m very happy and content on my own, too.

I’m able to sit here relaxing this a.m. because I got mom’s back yard cut last night. I got over there about 4:30 and even though part of the yard was still sunny, I decided to give it a go. Unlike last time, I was smart and put a big glass of cold water on a table where I could easily reach it. It worked out well and I was also able to completely pull the weeds from the side garden after I finished cutting. When I got home around 6 p.m., a strong storm started all of a sudden with lots of rain.

I think that today I’ll read. A friend gave me a novel called Atomic City Girls. I’m not usually a fiction reader but it will tie in with a one-day class on the Manhattan Project that I’m taking in October. I signed up for four separate classes through a senior continuing education program at a local college - The Manhattan Project (1 session), French for Tourists (4 sessions), the 1930s Depression (4 sessions) and Baroque Christmas Music (1 session). Something different to do.

Instead of recycling the cardboard boxes that contained the cable boxes, I decided that one of them would be a nice bed for Pippi - at least temporarily. It is a good size and has an attached lid. She was looking but when I put a towel in it she jumped right in and laid down. Last evening she kept going back and forth between the new “bed” and the quilt on the sofa aside of me. Very cute.

So a quiet day here.

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Re: Daily Check in Sept 25, 2018

Post by jckitty »

Good morning all,
We had a small amount of rain earlier this AM, it is overcast and we will probably get some more. Last evening before it go dark I slung grass seed out in the bare patchy areas and now hope for the best. I don't want to make my yard look like a golf course but it needs a little help. We shall see.

Chickens out and fed, I have made an appointment for oil change and tire rotation for tomorrow morning. They will let me know IF they need balanced also. I don't know why I let these things bother me, but I just do not like sitting there waiting and hoping they aren't going to come in and give me a laundry list of "this needs done". When it comes to vehicles, I just want to be able to drive and arrive without issues....LOL.

The migrating hummingbirds are hitting the feeders hard this week. I will be sad to see them go.

Looks like veggie soup for supper tonight as dad is having a tooth out and will have a suture. Need to make him some pudding also.
Off to get started, have a great day all,

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Re: Daily Check in Sept 25, 2018

Post by NoisyPorkchop »

Good morning,
Not a lot going on around here other than we are supposed to have a three day stretch of crazy hot weather in the mid and upper 80's which is very unusual for this time of year. Oh, and last weekend we pulled the air conditioner out of the livingroom window and put it away in the garage :roll: . Hubs said he could load it back up and put it in the window again if it got to be too hot and miserable in the house. I dunno, to go through all that work for a three day heat spell seems like a lot to do for only a short period of time. We figure it will only be hot for a short period of the day then it cools off a lot in the evening and it will be fine. We'll see.

I have the garbage company coming by this morning to pick up the spare mattress we had sitting against the wall in the spare room/home office. I decided to not put up a bed in the room when it would rarely, if ever, get used. Instead I will save the money and set it aside for a hide-a-bed so it will just look like a small couch against the wall and be pulled out as a bed if we have a guest. That way we don't have a bed taking up so much real estate in the middle of the room that will be a home office 99% of the time. It was our old mattress from when we lived in the apartment and it wasn't that great anyway so I am not sad to see it go. Other than that, my home office is pretty much put together other than some filing I need to tend to.

I just have a bunch of small errands to do and a few things around the house to tend to and a doctor's appointment tomorrow. Completed another week of menu meals, got my budgeting done and just going to take care of things as they come along the next few days. Nothing too exciting, which is alright by me :) . Better get moving, have a great day everyone!

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Re: Daily Check in Sept 25, 2018

Post by ChristmasTrees »

Lots. Of. Rain.

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Re: Daily Check in Sept 25, 2018

Post by LWolfT »

Good morning
It's absolutely pouring outside. I'm sitting in the waiting room at the hospital while DH undergoes some tests.
As for the rest of the day, have some work and chores. Dinner's going to be leftover chicken, so I can get on with making some soup 😉
Thinking about popping down to the cafeteria to get coffee ...

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Re: Daily Check in Sept 25, 2018

Post by littlemiss63 »

Good Morning Everyone,

It's an overcast day in my little world, but weatherman predicted rainy weather and cooler temps for the week. I am hoping that it want rain and the grass will be dry enough for me to run the lawnmower over it later this afternoon. I haven't had to turn on my air conditioner since I returned home from my trip.

My mail from the past week and a half will be delivered today and I will probably spend more than a few minutes shredding before I come back inside. I moved my shredder to the garage and it's so much handier there.

My bone scan is scheduled for 8:30 in the morning and I am hoping that I will sleep well tonight and be able to get up that early. I don't normally schedule anything in the morning, but for some reason they were booked this time of year when the appointment was made.

Speaking of being single, I am finally getting use to being single again after many years of married bliss. In my case when you had a good relationship with someone you want it again. So far with the two relationships I have been in that just hasn't worked out for me. However, considering how homesick I got this time and how glad I was to get home I know I have made the right decision to stay single.

Mr. B is wonderful, but I am not willing to move to another town and he's the same way. We are just to old to turn our lives upside down. We have decided to just be good friends, travel together and stay single. It's a pity he doesn't live in the same town so we could see each other more, but that is just the way it is. He is wonderful, but his daughter is nothing but "drama" and even though I like him a lot, each time that I see her I dislike her a little bit more. She has to be one of the most spoiled human beings that I have ever met and the more I see of her I think one of the rudest. He brought her a beautiful Pelican wind-chime back from Gulf Shores for her patio and when he gave it to her she said, "oh goody, just what I needed, something else to make noise". It was a good thing I wasn't with him for I think I would have had to have bitten my tongue off to have kept from saying something back to her. It just hurt his feelings. I asked him why didn't he just take it back, bring it home and put it on his back porch, it would have been perfect there. As y'all can tell she's gone to the bottom of my list in people I want to share my life with.

Well, need to get my day started and see what I can accomplish. I am thinking about making some of Janet's dumplings in some chicken soup.

Everyone have a great day and stay safe.

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