Daily Check in Oct 3, 2018

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Re: Daily Check in Oct 3, 2018

Post by NoisyPorkchop »

Good morning,
Up early this morning to go to Winco for my weekly grocery shopping. Wanted to get it done early this morning as I need to go to the DMV and renew my license and wanted to get there when they open at 9 a.m. I don't want to have to be stuck in some hour-long wait, just want in and out and on my way.

Hubby is talking about going with a fellow Jeep enthusiast up to the local mountains and drive some of the logging trails that are up there. I guess this other fella is a little nervous as he hasn't really done anything much off-road but he was the one who hit DH up to go out somewhere while the weather is still relatively good. DH had to re-assure this fella that he wouldn't take him out into any crazy puckerbrush as that isn't his style. That, and this other guy happens to be bringing his 2 year old girl. I am guessing Mom has left the little sprout with her Dad for the day and it is his job to watch the baby for the day ;) .

Got my menu plan added to, did some house tidying yesterday and all that is left is a little bathroom wipe-down. Laundry is done too. Need to go over the budget and update my latest expenditures and make sure everything is on track. Just another day in the life of little old me, pretty mundane, but I enjoy my peaceful life. Well, I am out the door, take care everyone and frugal on!

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Re: Daily Check in Oct 3, 2018

Post by Jackielou »

Good morning fellow frugalites,

I have been up for awhile now watching the predicted snow fall from the sky. Seems the forecast has been pretty much spot on the past little while. I do hope this forecast isn't though as they are predicting snowy weather for almost all of the rest of the week. Not good at all for travellers trying to get places on Thanksgiving.

It is actually snowing and blowing enough that I can only see part way into the valley. Kind of scary that this is happening so early in the season.

I will be putting off my walk for a bit, and if this weather continues, well it is doubtful that Hubby will really allow me to walk outside any longer. Treadmill here I come.

I managed to get all the chores completed yesterday, and even work on the quilt a bit. Today I hope to do the same. This falling behind is for the birds, and since I might not get out as much, well these chores will be my exercise.

Frugally speaking the same things going on here. I think I may pull out a few of my frugal/thrifty hint books and see if there is something I can add and do before it becomes a habit.

Still eating down the pantry and only purchasing dairy, and produce for the most part. I have started to look online for more coupons. I seem to have more luck finding cleaning product coupons than food coupons. I am making my shopping list so will hopefully find a few.

Supper tonight is going to be chicken wings done on the Instant Pot slow cooker function. Serving them with the leftover rice from last night and some salad.

Today I am grateful that I have no where I need to be.

Everybody have a great day. Take care.

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Re: Daily Check in Oct 3, 2018

Post by itspennyc »

I had the nerved conduction tests and EMG yesterday morning.

I don’t know result of final report. I do know the problem is in my neck. My regular Dr should have the report tomorrow. The neurologist expects her to order an MRI of my neck.

I will know more when I see my regular Dr on Oct 12.

Not much new today. I have towels in the dryer. I only have this wash load to do today. I went to the complex National Night Out. Texas celebrates in October because it is just too hot here in August.

I only stayed a few minutes. It really wasn’t a party so much as a chance for venders to “sell” to us.

I picked up a few freebees I am not sure what I will do with some of them. Some were strange this year. Usually it is pens, chip clips, jar openers, pads of paper with their logo. This year it was one pen, plus 2 fabric covered little boxes.


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Re: Daily Check in Oct 3, 2018

Post by littlemiss63 »

clemencia2us wrote:
Wed Oct 03, 2018 9:16 am
littlemiss63 wrote:
Wed Oct 03, 2018 9:04 am
clemencia2us wrote:
Wed Oct 03, 2018 8:39 am
Good morning beautiful people

Got up early to let the pups out. It was still dark out. But they had to go.

The sun is out now, a little cloudy out there, but not raining. We did have a shower yesterday. We have this little pockets of intense rain hit every now and then. Has been the wettest September on record here in our parts. The grassy yards were concerning.

Going to the usual Wednesday breakfast.

Accomplished what I planned on doing yesterday. Wow - new one for me. :mrgreen:
Catfish update: well the one guy that comes over every now and then is not going to be available on Saturday night for our little gathering. Guess the wife said no. Some other guy is supposed to be coming in on Friday and spend the weekend. Even she said she hopes he doesn't cancel. Maybe she is getting the message. Do these people just like toying with other's feelings. Do they laugh about it?

well hope all have a good day.
Clem, are you telling us that the friend is seeing a man that she knows is married for certain or is this a "tongue-in-cheek" statement from your investigation???
This is my "tongue-in-cheek" statement from listening to her descriptions of their interactions. The guy has to be married or in a "serious" relationship.
Alrighty then, when the wife or serious girlfriend shows up on her doorstep with a gun it might get her attention. Who would want to be involved with a married man or even a man that was living with someone else knowingly? Not me, I don't share graciously. Your girlfriend must love drama, and like Wolfe said, how does she keep them all straight?

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Re: Daily Check in Oct 3, 2018

Post by icfrugal1 »

So, I get up between 4-5AM to take Goldie out for "potty" in the morning, it had rained during the night and it was the first time that she has seen the aftermath of rain. :-) She was looking at and smelling and "tasting" everything !


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Re: Daily Check in Oct 3, 2018

Post by littlemiss63 »


Just got home from the eye surgeons office and he was very pleased with how my eye looked and said the other one has healed perfectly. I don't have to go back to him unless I should have some unforeseen problem. I am pleased as can be right now and will see my optometrist on the 13th to get fitted for my new glasses and sunshades. Driving to his office this morning, I couldn't believe how much more vivid everything looked. What a wonderful surgery to restore our sight, I didn't realize how bad my eyes had become, but guess it just happens gradually and until you are almost blind you don't notice it.

I see things that need to be done, but I am going to take it easy for the rest of the day and will work on finishing my fall wreath, which I have procrastinated on. I am loving my fall decorations and may have to bypass the Mums this year because I can't pick up over 5 pounds and I couldn't get them unloaded from my car. I still have my silk baskets from QVC and those may have to satisfy my desire for color on the patio this fall. They are all three lighted and they look good as I haven't left them outside to survive the elements.

Jackie, you didn't have any fall at all to speak of, did you? I know it's beautiful, but that would make winter awfully long. Please be careful walking, my DD's father-in-law fell day before yesterday and broke his back. They tell him his bones are so brittle until there is nothing they can do for him. His wife is in the early stages of alzheimer's and I bet they are both going to end up in a nursing home for he will no longer be able to take care of her and she isn't capable of taking care of him even with Home Health Care. Life can change on a dime.

Everyone be careful and stay in an upright position.

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