Daily Check in Oct 9, 2018

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Daily Check in Oct 9, 2018

Post by mbrudnic »

Good Morning friends,

I think I am getting used to the commute. The Career day at the high school went well. I came home rather than hanging out for four hours for the support group Monday meeting. I was a bit tired.

This evening I have an appointment with the hair dresser. I plan to get my shoulder length hair cut off and go short again. I am tired of trying to style it.

Have a great day,

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Re: Daily Check in Oct 9, 2018

Post by Dgflorida »

Good Tuesday morning all,

Glad you are getting used to the commute, Maggie.

Yesterday was my eye injection and my quarterly eye retinal exam. Very interesting. I have now been off of thyroid medication for about 2 months. It takes 6 weeks to completely clear the system and my macular degeneration has improved a lot in 4 months. Interesting. Of course, they believe their medicine is the cause although it didn't have much effect for 8 months before. Well, if it was the excessive T4 in my body, I may have my vision back in a few months.

This time the eye injection was uncomfortable, so I came home and rested. Pain is exhausting. Did the minimum around the house and went to bed early. Feeling much better today.

Today begins my quiet, inside time. I need to avoid splashing things in that injected eye. Easier to do inside than outside. I intend to work on my recycling projects. A bit of sewing and some reading. Hubs pulled his bedroom blinds down. He said that they came down when he tugged on them because they were not going down like he wanted. Putting them back up and expecting him not to tug again would be foolishness. So I will get him some curtains instead. So a trip to Walmart.

We will continue to eat out of the pantry and freezer. Yesterday was greek style chicken. Tonight will be Cajun chicken. I will get out a 5 lb roll of ground beef and we will start on it tomorrow. We will go over the expense report hubs prepared today.

Old dance partner found out that his daughter has been on Paxil for years. If she is bipolar, her behavior makes more sense. Educational.

Today, I am grateful for less pain. Have a good day everyone.

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Re: Daily Check in Oct 9, 2018

Post by LWolfT »

Good morning ...
Not sure if it's cloudy or the sun hasn't finished coming up, LOL!

Bit of errand running yesterday. Stopped at Aldi to get one of the $1.99 pumpkins ... nice, big pumpkins and certainly better than the $5 everyone else wants. Later, off to Menards so DH could get some things for a project.

Today, more errands ... some fresh veggies, plus some things for the neighborhood block party, which is this weekend. I also need to use up a gift card for gasoline ... recently read that this group of gas stations has been purchased by one of the big supermarket chains.

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Re: Daily Check in Oct 9, 2018

Post by alliesmama4 »

Good morning. We have another day or so of hot weather then Fall comes in with a roar.. Yippee!!

I have been working on what to do since I found out I no longer qualify for Medicaid and due to my medical history have been denied a medicare supplement..I went back through all of my medicare statements for the last two years and saw that my possible co-payments, after Medicare, were not that bad.. So my plan is to try to put extra money in my savings account each month as a "Medicare Premium." It is not as much as an actual premium would cost if I could get one but at the same time it will be there when the need occurs. The only one that is huge would be around $1400.00 for a hospital admission. Still having that in my savings account is about half of what I would be paying yearly if I could get a Medicare supplement at my age. At least I will be getting a small amount of interest on it as well. So things are looking better.
I have stated that things that were tight before will now squeak. I am thankful that I can shift things around enough to put some extra money in to savings to cover the cost.

Have a good and frugal day everyone. Janet Alliesmama
Janet Alliesmama

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Re: Daily Check in Oct 9, 2018

Post by clemencia2us »

It is also cooling down here in south texas. I almost needed a blanket last night!

According to the weather app I use, we might be in the 60s for the high next week. I just know the COD is going to freeze! He is weird.

It rained again yesterday. Had several bursts of intense showers. This is crazy weather.

there were floods west of us and several RV vehicles were washed away. They have campgrounds located along some rivers. I guess they didn't get the word. I am a fanatic about keeping up with the weather. If only our lives could be checked using an app!

Not sure what we will do today. The COD said he would drop off my car to get looked at. Still have the rental. Might be time for a new vehicle. Sigh.

Have a great day all.

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Re: Daily Check in Oct 9, 2018

Post by alliesmama4 »

Florida Cat are you in harms way with hurricane Michael?

Janet Alliesmama
Janet Alliesmama

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