Daily Check in OCt 17, 2018

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Daily Check in OCt 17, 2018

Post by mbrudnic »

Good Morning folks,

So My Aunt has been placed in hospice care. Her cancer has spread. She is in pain. She is still undergoing dialysis three times a week and living in her assisted living apartment. I stopped by to see her last night. When I got there, she was sitting in the lobby like she was bored and looking for some excitement or at least someone to talk to. She did had some trouble remembering she had to take the elevator to the second floor to get to her room. But we had good conversations. I told her stories of DSs and DGSs, we reminisced about a trip to Chicago 28 years ago, and while watching the nation news and commenting on the flooding and hurricanes she commented about her brother and sister in law who moved to S. Carolina to escape the Winter weather but now have dealt with the hurricanes. So her spotty memory was on. I was about ready to throw another loneliness pity party for myself when I remembered that she was not that far away and I could easily stop by. I am glad I did and I will make it a point to do so more often. I called Mom on my way home and she was glad to hear. She brought Auntie home from the hospital earlier today, after a meeting where the in-town brother's and sisters attended to make the hospice decision. Mom was exhausted and beating herself up thinking she should go back over and check up on things.

So my Parents will probably stop by sometime this afternoon and help me with my shelving unit so I can get more things stored and put away.

Have a great day,

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Re: Daily Check in OCt 17, 2018

Post by alliesmama4 »

Good morning. It is 44 F here. Really dark outside with just a hint of morning light coming through the trees on the far ridge. I have not slept all night and not sure why.. Had to spend 4 hours of torture on my c-pap machine. You have to spend 4 hours on it for medicare to pay for the supplies. I watched TV. Thank goodness I had some programs taped.. It would have been even more torture to have to sit there and watch one commercial after another while waiting for a few minutes of actual program. I tape everything so that I can fast forward through the commercials.

Once the ground is no longer damp I need to go out and pick up limbs and sticks off of my lawn. I have been doing it off and on for days but the wind keeps blowing things down. I was out late afternoon yesterday but could only get the front picked up somewhat.. It is about half an acre and I finally ran out of energy. Will do the side yards and the back yard this morning. Then make another round through the front again. My neighbor called and she will be over sometime today to cut my grass..I really appreciate her being able to cut the grass. It is hard to find someone willing to come out this far to cut it. My brother pays her to cut mine and his. Next year I hope she will be able to do mine again and I will have to pay her since my brother is selling his farm and will not need anyone to cut his grass.. I did not want him to pay her but he insisted since he has her doing his and he had planned on cutting my grass himself but ran out of time due to getting his farm ready for sale.. He hopes to put it on the market next week. The end of an era.. He has lived there for 30 years.

Have a good and frugal day everyone.. Janet Alliesmama
Janet Alliesmama

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Re: Daily Check in OCt 17, 2018

Post by itspennyc »

I woke up with a sore neck this morning. When I went back into the bedroom, I noticed that my pillow was not only crooked but up on the other pillow. No wonder my neck hurt. After my shower it feels much better.

I put a dish towel wash into the wash, I have since transferred them to the dryer. I need to do dishes and do the bath and kitchen floor.

I have had to redo my Christmas gift list. Thanks to the brontosaurs.

I filed most of my knitting patterns, I keep them in labeled binders. I have still have several bins to sort and put away. I do have an empty give a way bin. This will make it easier. I have a lot of yarn to put in the bin where I store them.

I solved my problem with picking up what is called the wrap when I do short rows. The heavier the yarn the more difficult to do. I used my Susan Bates Handi-Tool to pick up the stitches. Then I knit from this. The Handi-Tool needle end is a US 3 size needle, I was knitting with a US 5 or US 8 needle. The smaller needle fit better.


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Re: Daily Check in OCt 17, 2018

Post by Dgflorida »

Good Wednesday morning all,

My neighbor and I got to walk this morning. The subject was her son's girlfriend who needs the tooth pulled, but can't get her blood pressure down and the dentist won't do it with her pressure so high. After listening to Janet here, I asked why she was not on medicaid. Well, she makes too much money. She won't get on Obamacare because she can't afford the payments. so she is stuck. She even took double the high blood pressure pills in hopes of getting it down, but it didn't work on the low part. Hubs says she needs a different medication. My neighbor agrees and said she needed to be an illegal to get medicaid. I was shocked that she said that. Then we talked about Elizabeth Warren and the American Indian issue. We agreed that using it to take advantage of the system was wrong. My neighbor's daughter saw a very old woman cuss out a clerk for requesting an ID to buy cigarettes. I was sad for the clerk, but didn't know you needed an ID to buy cigarettes when you were clearly old. Interesting walk and talk. She is driving the girl back again to the dentist on Friday in hopes things have changed. I don't know why they would think that.

Well, hubs has recovered from drinking too much beer and I guess he has realized it was not the chicken dinner. He said we could have chicken again. I explained again how Keto works and alcohol is the first thing processed. I said one beer is your limit now.

I am glad that today I can stay home. Yesterday, I had to go out for hub's medication refills. So I got concrete blocks at Home Depot and needed stuff from Walmart. No price drop on vegetables. Well, the local produce stand will get a visit soon again. It is a good walk, but not today.

Old dance partner told me he had a blacken thumb fingernail and it hadn't improved in a couple of months. I told him to see a doctor. As a cancer survivor, cancer can pop up anywhere including under fingernails. I warned that he could lose his thumb if he didn't get on it. Guess, I scared him and he made a doctor's appointment and they wanted to see him the same day. So today, I will learn if it was a false alarm. This is an example of times I want to be wrong.

The Conner's(no Roseanne) premiered last night. It was interesting reading the viewers review. Of 200, one said it was great and ABC did the right thing. Most thought it was trite, ho-hum. Several said the John Goodman really looks bad, sick. We saw some previews of it and hubs said John looked frail. We didn't watch it. We never watched it, so we didn't. I watched a few episodes of last man standing and thought it was just a political version of tool time which we rarely watched. So no evening TV for us. Creativity has left Hollywood and remakes are generally not successful. Hubs listened to sports, baseball(I think) and read. I just went to bed early.

Today, I am grateful that I have good health. Everyone have a great day.

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Re: Daily Check in OCt 17, 2018

Post by Jackielou »

Good morning fellow frugalites,

Talked to youngest DS last night on the phone (before my meeting) to wish him a happy 37th birthday and to remind him to thank everyone who wished him happy birthday on Facebook (he forgets most of the time). I was quite surprised that he had already thanked people before I phoned.

Tonight we get to phone oldest DS and wish him a happy 42nd birthday. Planned that well didn't I.

My meeting lasted almost 3 hours last night. Way too long for me, I am hopeful that the rest do not last as long or I will go crazy. I need to get something clarified today as it was said the Anglican Church was coming to our church on the 25th and I have written down that we go there??? Need clarification, or did they change the dates without letting me know? If that happened so much for the team work idea that is being stressed.

Frugally speaking the usual Wednesday chores, and saving will take place. As the Postal Strike is looming (supposedly starting on Monday) I will do some computer work and get some bills so that I can see them online. May have to get Hubby to set those up for us (I get confused).

My shopping list will be made for tomorrow, I will need to search online for coupons and the sale fliers for deals. A penny here and a penny there when shopping can add up to big savings.

Today will be my 13th of 17 no spend days. Doing not too badly and there is still lots of month ahead.

Slowly using up leftovers and emptying that freezer. I really am surprised at how much we had in there.

Supper tonight is going to be the leftover stew. This time instead of being served over thick slices of homemade bread, I am making dumplings.

Today I am grateful for another beautiful day. I actually think winter took a step back and we are having fall.

Everybody have a great day. Take care.

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Re: Daily Check in OCt 17, 2018

Post by NoisyPorkchop »

Good morning,
The weather has been unseasonably warm and sunny here in the Pacific Northwest. It was nearly 78 degrees yesterday, bright blue skies and all the trees showing off their fall colors. Very beautiful, however, we really need the rain! It seems like half of the U.S. is getting doused and flooding and over here it is dry and sunny all this upcoming week. I am trying not to be complainypants but if we don't get a decent share of rain and snow this season we will be in for an early drought and long hot dry summer with everything on fire.

We had our 25 year old daughter (my husband's oldest) and her other half over for dinner earlier this week. We are expecting our very first grandbaby, due in March. A very exciting time! She is going though a lot lately with dealing with her completely dysfunctional alcoholic mentally-ill mother and a long time friend who suddenly wants to put on some big drama show in her life. DSD said she is cutting both of those two out of her life because she is determined to focus on the positive in her life and have a good pregnancy and make a good life with her family filled with positive vibes. I say 'good for her'! That poor kid has been though a lot and has finally gotten it in her head to not put up with nonsense people think they can put her through. DH and I like her boyfriend (DSD says she doesn't want to get married just to have some piece of paper, but I personally think she will anyway ;) ) he seems to be a very quiet and polite young man who recently just got a job promotion and DSD even likes his family too. DH and I send her encouraging and uplifting texts and messages and and help her remember that there are more positive people in her life than negative ones. She really appreciates that. She is going in for an ultrasound near the end of the month and she will find out the gender of the baby so we wait anxiously for the news. The wheel of life moves along.... :D

On the frugal side, I have an upcoming birthday and decided to treat myself to a thrift store shopping trip and found two pairs of jeans, each one was $5.95. One a pair of Levi's and the other pair were Eddie Bauer. They need some alterations in the length as I am so short but they will do. It is hard to treat yourself to something when you are used to saving, :lol: . I have a good menu plan set up for the week; we have our first scheduled home oil delivery later in the week. DH swears by the oil heat in this house, said his Dad loved it, said it was inexpensive...I am still on the fence. Oil heat seems so old fashioned and I noticed a sooty residue on the walls when I took down the pictures from the walls when the in-laws had passed. You could actually see the outlines of where all the photos were on the walls and the walls were so dingy. I think it was from the oil heat. DH disagrees. We go back and forth on changing the heat to something else later down the road. Oh, and we also got our property tax bill and it went up a couple hundred dollars! We will now have to adjust our monthly budget to accommodate the increase, oh well. I read how many of you wonderful fellow frugalistas out there are making it in life on Social Security and Medicare alone and I marvel at all your ingenuity and stretching a buck with such little.

Well my plans for today is to get to Winco and get the groceries out of the way, do a donation of items to the local charity, and start raking the leaves under my tree in the back yard. They are starting to drop and I want to get a head start and rake a little at a time instead of an entire mountain of them. My day is filled with business and I should get a start on my day. Everyone take care and frugal on!

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