Daily check in October 23, 2018

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Re: Daily check in October 23, 2018

Post by clemencia2us »

Well it is raining again here in south Texas. Very strange weather we are having.

It makes me wonder if it is being controlled by someone somewhere somehow :?

Are we living in Seattle?

Otherwise, I was so happy that I could get up in a leisurely way this morning. Yes, the boys got me up at 0700, but after they went out, I could just relax. Not like yesterday when I had to get ready to go to jury duty. Did I tell y'all it was canceled.

Today we have a meeting to discuss our little fundraiser we are having. The weather should be nicer by then.

I've been reading local facebook pages - the political drama! Even in these little towns. It is crazy. Hope we survive it.

Have a great day all

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Re: Daily check in October 23, 2018

Post by floridacatlover »

Good morning all.

I’m headed to the bank to for part 2 of the bonus bank offer. Then to mom’s house to do some in the yard. Yesterday I got the schefflera trimmed. It was already up to the roof line again. Then I trimmed the hedge and one of the ixora bushes plus spent about an hour in the back yard.

Over the weekend I got rid of some larger items by putting “free” signs on them in the driveway. None of the items were in great condition but people took them. No one took the plywood, however which was a surprise to me. Biggest thing was a heavy wrought iron-type chair from the porch. I put it for the bulk trash pickup thinking no one would want it but within an hour it was gone.

I’ve really been looking at my Canadian genealogy and researching New Brunswick. It looks like a very pretty area. I would have to change planes in Toronto and then go to Moncton from what I’ve found. There is a highly rated Acadian village in northern NB near Caraquet but I think it will be too much to drive there so will probably stay in the southern coastal NB area. I’ve found a lovely b&b across the street from the church where my great great grandparents were married. (Church is gone but there is a smaller replica of the old church. New church is modern. I’m not sure if the original church burned or was torn down.) This will be next summer.

Our weather is a bit cooler and humidity has been lower but they say humidity returns tomorrow.

Enjoy your day.

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Re: Daily check in October 23, 2018

Post by itspennyc »

A friend is scheduled to take me to vote this morning.

I am ready to go, I got out a jacket as it is cool in my hall. I know I will need it tomorrow. I have the MRI of my cervical spine in the morning. I plan on walking over to Jo Ann’s in the morning as that is where Via Trans will be picking me up.

Yesterday I rested and read a lot. Today other then voting I plan on more of the same.

I voted there was a line. But including driving there and back we were gone just about an hour.


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Re: Daily check in October 23, 2018

Post by NoisyPorkchop »

Hello and good morning,
Had a terrible night of sleep, went to bed at 9pm and woke up at 2:30am and couldn't fall back asleep. Then my cell phone started peeping for it's life in my purse because the battery was going dead so I had to get up and plug it in, then I had to use the restroom then the Hubby started up a huge snore fest. I laid in bed until 4:30 and then just grabbed my pillow and laid down on the couch and started to fall asleep when Hubs had to get up to use the restroom :( . Ok, so I think I finally dozed back off around 5:00am. It may be a two-cup-of-tea day!

I am working on filling in my mail-in ballots. I was looking over everything last night before bed but I got too tired and will finish them up this morning. There are also a couple of measures that I wanted DH's opinion on too.

Got a call from our bank yesterday afternoon and they were concerned about what appeared to be fraudulent charges that have suddenly appeared on our credit card. Sure enough, they were right. They said there were several $.50 and $.85 charges out of California which is very typical of a fraudster "trying" the card to see if it was any good, then suddenly a hotel booking somewhere. Sooooo, we had to call the 1-800 number for our bank issued credit card and go through the motions to have it marked as compromised and have it shut off. We deliberately keep the limit low on this card for this reason, and, we really never need our credit card for anything other than on-line paying our regular utilities. So now I will have to go back to writing old-fashioned checks. Maybe that is a good thing. It wasn't too terribly long ago that we ALL wrote checks for our day to day needs and paid cash for the rest. I use cash quite a bit, always for my groceries and gas and a little bit of spending money. I will go back to writing checks for my utilities for the time being and maybe just leave it that way.

Well, we need to go to our bank this morning and pay the small balance on the credit card (from the utilities) and I needed to get cash out for groceries and and gas and DH, who is a prolific debit-card user, said he would get some cash out to take me out for my birthday dinner. He had his debit card compromised several years ago and he thinks it was from a restaurant he took me to. He handed them his debit card and they were gone a long time with it before they brought it back. He suspected they got his info off the card because it was less than a week later someone tried to hit the card for nearly $800 of World of Warcraft online games. So, Hubs it pretty twitchy when it comes to handing over his debit card to people and watching them walk off with it. Oh, these days and times.

Anyway, I am going to get moving for the day as I have errands to run and to try to have some fun for my birthday. I hope you all have a wonderful frugal day!

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Re: Daily check in October 23, 2018

Post by jckitty »

Good afternoon all,

Have been up and very busy again today....tired of seeing stuff that needs done so I did it.
It is bright and sunny but cooler than yesterday, not too bad though.
I have chili simmering for supper tonight, will serve with tortilla chips, cornbread, shredded cheese and chopped onion. by the time I get done decorating my chili it is 2 times as big. But that is the way I like it.

I will be resting for a bit this afternoon as I have been really busy for days and I am sore. I was going to wash windows but the farmer across the road is disking the fields. I will wait until there is no floating dust.

Off to read and get busy.


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Re: Daily check in October 23, 2018

Post by rinty »

Hey guys, I really miss the days when you could log on and post , these pop ups are just pathetic . Miss chatting.

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