Daily Check-in, 11/3/18

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Daily Check-in, 11/3/18

Post by LWolfT »

Good morning ... just getting us started.

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Re: Daily Check-in, 11/3/18

Post by LWolfT »

Good morning again .... just above freezing right now.

Nothing huge going on at the moment. Put up the insulated curtains at the patio door, so hopefully, it will feel a bit warmer.

Otherwise, some Saturday chores, and when DH gets home from work, we'll hopefully get that window plastic put up. (Which means one of my chores will be to wash those windows first ;) )

Pulled the last ham slice out of the freezer for dinner. Trying a pumpkin casserole recipe to get the last container of puree out of the freezer. Hoping we like it. DH bought another pumpkin — 99 cents on yellow sticker — so now we have two to process.

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Re: Daily Check-in, 11/3/18

Post by Jackielou »

Good morning fellow frugalites,

Well we are in the midst of a pretty darn good first real snowfall of the winter. The bad thing about it? Of course it had to rain first so as to freeze and make walking or driving a treat. Today will be the beginning of using the treadmill for walking in the morning. Just hope I don't wake Hubby up with the noisy thing.

Staying close to home and continuing the usual pattern of my days. Doing the to do list, maybe some extra cleaning, working on the goal list (this includes my handcraft projects), getting another no spend under my belt, and just plain enjoying my life.

I am almost finished knitting the last pair of mitts. I will weave in all the ends and finish them all up at some point today (may as well weave in the ends on the prayer shawls I finished as well). I will go through the stash and see if there is a yarn suitable for the rug youngest DS wants (he even picked a colour), but I have a feeling I will need to purchase some the next time I am shopping. I just might pull out the knitting machine for this one. Could get it done in a matter of hours instead of days that way.

I ended up making the tomato soup last night. Hubby really wanted to try it. OH MY GOODNESS!!! Fresh garden tomatoes in a bowl!! This will definitely go on my list to do every harvest time. I may even get Hubby to plant more tomatoes in order to make this. If any of you have access to the Company's Coming Cookbooks the recipe is in the Preserves one. I may have to do a bit of tweaking, but really it is very good.

Frugally speaking this will be another no spend day. A no travel day as well. There is no way I want to be out on the first day of winter with all the crazy drivers out there. Once they all settle down I will drive once again.

I will pull out the last whole chicken to thaw for our supper tomorrow. Tonight however instead of what I had planned on my monthly menu we will be having leftover baked spaghetti. I will serve it this time with a tossed salad, and if all goes well I hope to use up the last pie crust in the fridge freezer and make a pie.

Today I am grateful that there is no where I need to be.

Everybody have a great day. Take care.

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Re: Daily Check-in, 11/3/18

Post by floridacatlover »

Good morning all.

We are having a one-day cool spell so today is supposed to be a lovely, dry day.

I’m going to run to mom’s house just to check on things and see if there is a lot of debris in the yard from yesterday’s storms.

I was glad to have a cell phone yesterday that provided the tornado alert. The call from our county came much later.

The gadget I ordered from Amazon to try to hook the vcr up to the new cable box did not work. My friend’s DH offered to come over next week to help. I’m not sure because I may just give up. I watch so little regular TV and have been thinking of cancelling even my basic cable when DWTS is over in late November. So that would eliminate the cable box. I subscribed to a special NBC Figure Skating app so I have that covered.

It sounds like winter has arrived for both LWoltT and Jackie. Stay cozy.

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Re: Daily Check-in, 11/3/18

Post by gaylejackson2 »

Hello all,

Am doing a quick visit here before grabbing breakfast & making a “leftovers” lunch.

I awoke feeling dizzy, and my heart was racing. Not good for today; hopefully food helps.

It's 43F outside, tho is 38F with windchill- a storm is blowing in. Today’s high is supposed to be 54F, but that doesn’t account for that cold wind blowing. Tomorrow’s high is to be 45F with chance of rain. ☹️

It’s our SUPER SATURDAY of SERVICE at my local Church congregation. We are tying quilts, making fleece blankets, and making kits: hygeine, school & food - these for homeless teenage students (yes truly, there are over 50 in my small community, and the food kits are to help on weekends).

I’m off to dig out notebooks & pencils from my stash.

May you all have a lovely day, and find happiness within even if it’s chilly without your doors.

Today I’m thankful to help & serve some of the students I see each week

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Re: Daily Check-in, 11/3/18

Post by mbrudnic »

Good Morning,
It is Sunny and Cold here so far, 39 F, up into the mid 50's. But the rain is gone for now. I have lots I can be doing, but nothing pressing. I have no made any more progress with the unpacking/organizing of the apartment. I have a nice grocery list too.

Have a great day,

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