Daily Check In November 27, 2018

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Daily Check In November 27, 2018

Post by Jackielou »

Starting us off. Back right after I pour myself a coffee.

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Re: Daily Check In November 27, 2018

Post by Jackielou »

Good morning fellow frugalites,

Up at almost my usual time today, but I putzed around getting coffee made and reading online news while waiting for it.

It is supposed to snow today, which in my mind means another cloudy, dismal day ahead. In fact it is supposed to snow for the next couple of days, as long as the forecasted rain doesn't fall first I will be happy. The roads are finally getting rid of the last coating of ice they received.

A couple of things did not get completed on the list yesterday and so will be done today. I have a couple of chores on my list for today that, well I can cross off almost immediately as I have nothing to iron today, nor do I have any mending to do. I am however hoping to get some more tidying in the sewing/craft room done (more organizing than cleaning) and perhaps a bit of decluttering as well.

Frugally speaking this should be another no spend day. Can't count yesterday as no spend because of the dental visit (even though we get the majority of the costs back from our insurance company). It was a necessary expense to say the least. I believe I might actually reach 22 days of no spend this month, but we shall see. I plan on using frozen items from my fridge freezer for many of the meals this week. I am hopeful that nothing will go to waste and that I can make up a few TV style dinners for our youngest before we go up to the city this weekend (keeping fingers crossed).

If the sun comes out at all I hope to start and finish another one of the spring/summer tops I have cut out and sitting by the machine waiting for me. Now, if that does not happen I do have that knit vest that I can work on and perhaps even finish today.

Entertainment today will be the usual. I have a free ebook to read, and hope to continue watching old episodes of Criminal Minds while either sewing or knitting.

My frugal exercise will continue with walking on the treadmill. I am still doing only 1.5 miles, but the speed at which I complete that has gone up every two weeks. I do not think I will ever get to jogging the distance, but am quite happy to speed walk it. Who knows maybe by next year I will be extending the length of my walk as well.

Supper tonight will be leftover chili on pasta. I think I will make a salad to serve with it as well.

Today I am grateful for warm cups of coffee, tea or hot chocolate held between cold hands and shared with friends and family.

Everybody have a great day. Take care.

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Re: Daily Check In November 27, 2018

Post by mbrudnic »

Good Morning,

I had my annual woman's exam this AM, nice and quick. Getting ready to head over and pick up Mom for more shopping. We were pretty successful yesterday. We have a gray day and snow flurries. Brrr.

Have a great day,

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Re: Daily Check In November 27, 2018

Post by NoisyPorkchop »

Good morning!
We have a big downpour rain storm rolling through the Pacific Northwest right now. It is dumping buckets of rain outside. We really need the rain as it has been quite dry so far this Fall.
I guess my no spend November is a bit of a bust. I finally got frustrated with the 22 year old stove that wouldn't bake right or the too-small elements on the cooktop that couldn't accommodate my larger pots and I broke down and went and bought a new GE refrigerator and matching stove :roll: . I had the money set aside for them but I was trying to tough it out and tell myself that the appliances I had were good enough but finally just was irritated enough I trolled the ads until I found a set that were what I was looking for and an acceptable price I was willing to pay. They will arrive next week. They are nothing too fancy as I only wanted a set that was durable and practical and will give me many years of use. I really see-sawed on spending the money for them, lol, I have gotten bad about being really frugal in my daily life and saving money but then struggle to spend the money on something important, like proper kitchen appliances. Am I the only one like this? :?
I received a notice from a company that used to have a healthcare card I used through my previous employer that I have been involved in a data breach. My previous employer had this healthcare card that employees could use to pay for medical and prescription expenses, sort of like a pre-paid card, that had a certain amount of funds loaded onto it once yearly. Well, when I left my old job almost a year and a half ago the card became inactive as I was no longer employed there. Well, apparently they still had my personal information and they were cyberattacked and got, from what I was told, my name, social security number, and employer name (the one I don't work at anymore). This really infuriates me! Now, I am told, I need to either do a fraud alert or freeze my credit and call the social security administration and tell them my social security number has been compromised. Welcome to the New World reality we all live in. So, you can guess what I will be doing today; calling SS and all the credit bureaus to lock down my information. Oh, the healthcare card company says they are "really sorry" and are offering me 5 years of free credit monitoring. I think the government should dole out stiff fines to these companies that have such poor computer security that allow their customers personal information to be ravaged by criminals. Maybe it will put a hot fire under these companies to work much harder to make sure their information is secure.
Well, it is too rainy for me to do any leaf raking and I do have a pile of phone calls to make regarding this data breach and I do have some housecleaning to get accomplished today. Also need to pay a few bills and plan my menu for the week. I am off to brew myself a cup of tea and get moving. Take care and frugal on!

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Re: Daily Check In November 27, 2018

Post by LWolfT »

Good morning ...
24 and light snow here,which is sticking a bit.

Best laid plans ... didn't make the concert. Just as well since the roads got a bit slick.
Realized that one of our Halloween pumpkins (which we planned to process) had gone bad. Lost that one and part of the other. We did get some roasted pumpkin and some puree, so not a total loss. But grrr ...

DH is off to the grocery ... we have a family potluck coming up, so needed a couple of things for that. We were considering going to see a movie today ... guess we'll see what the roads are like a bit later.

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Re: Daily Check In November 27, 2018

Post by clemencia2us »

It is in the 30s here in south texas, but the sun is out. Going to warm up nicely.

So nice, that by Thursday we will hit 80 degrees!

I slept like a log. No weird dreams to report. Have a mild allergy thing - some sneezing. Hope it stays mild.

On my second cup of coffee. The pack has been out. Now sleeping again.
Have a couple things to do today. Help out at the church, go to a fee lunch and pick up some baked items I ordered. Lady trying to make some money.

Have to go to the store also to get a few things.

Hope all have a great day

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