Daily Check in Nov 29, 2018

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Re: Daily Check in Nov 29, 2018

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Good morning...
Right at 32 degrees .. looks like we got a bit of snow overnight. Weather changes aren't making my back all that happy.

Did get to a concert at one of the area universities last night ... as for today, the big thing on the agenda is HVAC service. And I probably should make the slaw for the family gathering this weekend ... it always tastes better if it marinates for a day or so.

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Re: Daily Check in Nov 29, 2018

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gaylejackson2 wrote:
Thu Nov 29, 2018 8:22 am
Dgflorida wrote:
Thu Nov 29, 2018 8:02 am
Today, I am grateful that we are on the Keto diet. I am sure it helped hubs get through the operation with little risk. Losing those 90 pounds this year and needing less medication has improved his quality of life and his life expectancy. Have a good day everyone.
I have been hearing so many people saying good thinhs about the Keto diet, plus how they can lose weight, AND it stsys off. I think I need to look into it more for dh & I. I think part of his “happiness” problem is that he’s overweight, and doesn’t think there’s an end in sight... granted he does like his carbs, and won't exercise outside of work. Well, something needs to change for us, but not until after holidays are over.
Gayle not sure if your husband is affected by gluten and does not realize it? I went gluten free because other family members found out that if they followed the low carb diet the disease does not progress as fast as well as their tremors are decreased.I have familial ALS. I was being seen by a psychologist and she said my depression was getting worse and she thought I should see a psychiatrists to get a medication adjustment. I was on Prozac. Fast forward to going through gluten withdrawal.. After 4 days I realized my depression was lifting and I canceled the psychiatrist and gradually reduced my Prozac.My Dr ok'd it. Also noticed my fibromyalgia was greatly decreasing.I only have a flair up of fibro when I cheat on my gluten free. I know you cannot cheat but with mine it is a matter of severe itching and sometimes pain. So I take a couple of generic benadryl and a couple of aspirin if I know I am going to cheat. My brother has small nerve degeneration disease. There is no known cause or treatment. He went through about 5 Drs at a hospital in St. Louis when the last one told him that there was not one Dr in their system that could help him. However she did tell him to look in to holistic treatment. He did. There is something called leaky gut. There are 5 different kinds. My brother determined his and has been over a year on the keto diet and following the correct gut healing program for his type. His pain from the nerve degeneration is gone. My brother was a big milk drinker all of his life sometime consuming a gallon a day.. During this period he found out he is gluten intolerant as well as dairy intolerant. There are all kinds of sites on line where you can check things out. However look to Dr Joshua Axe for help as well as Maria Emmerich. She has amazing recipes.. I hope this helps you to help your husband.. It really is something to think about and to look in to. Janet Alliesmama
Janet Alliesmama

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Re: Daily Check in Nov 29, 2018

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Good morning everyone it is 25 F with a windchill of 19 F. Going to warm up to about 40 F something but going to be overcast. I am glad I have my shopping done except for hitting Save-a-lot over the coming week-end. They have fresh thighs and legs on sale for .49 cent a lb. I want to stock up on thighs and then I will settle down with my shopping.

I am hoping to put my Christmas decorations up in the house this week-end. If I can find my tree stand will put up the tree. I split things up last year when I was taking things down and I cannot find the stand.

Have a lovely day stay frugal and warm. Janet Alliesmama
Janet Alliesmama

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Re: Daily Check in Nov 29, 2018

Post by Jackielou »

Good morning fellow frugalites,

I think I am coming down with a cold. Sniffles, stuffed head, and just plain malaise this morning. I even slept in!! Now I feel all rushed.

Really foggy here I can barely make out the gas station nestled at the bottom of the valley we overlook. Hopefully this will melt away very soon. The fog I mean, as well as the icy conditions.

I got a bit stressed yesterday evening when I read of all the accidents the police were called to in the city our youngest lives in. I phoned him and he said the roads were sheets of ice in the morning, but he stayed off the road that goes around the city so at least the corners were sanded for the most part. I was so happy that he made it to and from his job okay.

Hubby said yesterday that he will take me shopping today as the roads are still in terrible shape as well as the parking lots. No way will he allow me to slip and fall once again. Kind of nice. The only problem is we won't be heading out until quite late, and I probably will not be doing much in the way of price comparing. No drapes or dishes today.

I will stick to my very small shopping list as my list on Saturday is going to cost a great deal (usually around $600.00, but remember the meat and items purchased at that time do last a very long time and keep the grocery budget way down for three or four months after). I also plan on doing a few household chores as well and perhaps get Hubby to bring the tree up (just need to move some furniture around first).

Hoping to start and finish the 4th sewing project today. Which will leave me one to start tomorrow (the hardest pattern of the 5 with lots of little pieces to sew).

Frugally speaking it will be another clean out the freezer day. I plan on using some of the leftover beef from last night to make something with. Leaning towards Broccoli Beef and rice, but of course I could change my mind.

Tonight I think I will weave in the ends of all my knitting, get the shawls packed up, and perhaps even begin a new shawl with some yarn I have had hanging around for awhile now.

Will do my frugal exercise after getting all the groceries scanned and put away. I am so excited as I have now lost 10 lbs. I am 10 lbs closer to my goal weight. While I don't think I will ever reach the amount I weighed when we were first married I am going to give it the good old college try. I am hoping to start off the new year at least 15 lbs lighter. It just means watching what I eat (I do break down and have something every so often, just so I don't eat all of the treat at once), continuing with the treadmill, and eating to make sure that as little cholesterol enters my system as possible.

The regular frugal happenings will take place here as is usual.

Today I am grateful that my family is all well.

Everybody have a great day. Take care.

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Re: Daily Check in Nov 29, 2018

Post by NoisyPorkchop »

Good morning!
It has been a rainy and damp couple of days here. It really makes you just want to stay inside with a blanket and a warm drink. Hubby and I both agreed our two days off just flew by. I stayed busy doing my part to sign up for that darned credit monitoring service offered for free from the healthcare card company that bungled my personal information, also placed a fraud alert with the big three credit companies. Apparently they only place a fraud alert for only 3 months then it drops off. I tried to call the social security administration for information but was just left roaming aimlessly in their automated phone tree. Apparently they do everything in their power to not actually have to personally speak to you. From what I could gather from the information on their phone tree, they only are willing to speak to you if you have evidence your social security number was used for terror attacks. Seriously. How could anyone know that? Hubby told me to forget about the social security administration as they won't help me; they are only RE-active not PRO-active. I sat and read probably a dozen articles that covered identity theft/fraud, etc., and have come to the conclusion we are all basically screwed, lol, and all we can really do is have a decent credit monitoring service, be diligent about pulling our credit report every 3 months from one of the three major credit services, be careful of phishing e-mails and scam phone calls and to carefully shred any information we place in the trash to ward off dumpster divers. I have done all I can at this point and refuse to stress about it anymore.
On a frugal note, I have made another week and a half of menu plans, returned some brand new sheets that I didn't need and got store credit for them, gave my house a nice cleaning, straightened up my home office and tackled some shredding and updated my budget and banking so everything is in line. As far as errands go I went out and bought several packages of socks for a sock donation my employer hosts every year. The donated packages of socks the employees bring in are donated to many charities all over the valley for the needy and less fortunate. All in all it was a productive two days off and I feel like I got some good things done. Currently I have a tater-tot casserole baking in the oven for Hubby's dinner tonight as I am working my later shift. I have a load of clothes in the dryer and will try to spend some time tying up loose ends before I have to head out to work. I count my blessings daily for my wonderful husband, home and health and really try to take notice of all the small things each day that keep my humble and grounded. Take care everyone, have a wonderful day :)

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Re: Daily Check in Nov 29, 2018

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This morning I baked a pumpkin pie. I am taking that to the luncheon tomorrow, that is when we are having our community Thanksgiving dinner.

I have a lot to put away today. I finished unpacking my suitcase, I decided to keep a few things I always bring in the suitcase. Like my travel manicure set. I bought it spur of the moment before our trip 4 1/2 years ago. I have been very glad I have it with me most of the time. I also bring a small flashlight with me.

The pie is in the oven. My oven thermostat is way off. I had to set the oven at 450º to get 425º.

I am resting for a few minutes. I had to really dig into one cabinet to get my pie pan crust shield. They do work.

Then I need to wash up the dishes. Once the pie comes out to cool I will go for a walk.


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