Daily Check in Dec 6, 2018

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Re: Daily Check in Dec 6, 2018

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((((HUGS))))) to Maggie. Sometimes you need to wallow, glad you had a friend on hand.

Well, still at " Meh" in the Christmas O Meter..............I am knackered mind you . Pleased beyond belief that DH had the birthday o' his dreamz but the DS "stuff" has hit fever pitch and I am Just So Done.

Now getting emails telling me how much of a strain it is to all these (PEOPLE THAT GET PAID AND GO HOME AT 5PM ) with all this DS paperwork.

Good job I work to take my mind of these things. Got a pay increase which only made me think " wait, THIS is what I get paid ????" cos its a pittance ;)

Craft Club tonight. Gayle made me think of it as I used the cross stitch Christmas dec hangers in tree and bell shapes that I've had since I was the Acheivement Day leader ( 8 to 11 yr old girls ) Someone gave them to me in around 1998 :shock: and I've not used them til now ! Booyah , yay me.............another Use It Up

Crock pot chicken with another Use It Up, an envelope of Morrocan Chicken seasoning, very blah, but it called for courgette ( zucchini ) and you know I still have those things hangin' around. So a double Use It Up.

Tomorrow is chicken parmentier made from the leftover chicken.

No spend as I haven't the energy ;) I'd like to nip to Poundstretcher or some other cheap crap shop for little chocolate santas to stick on christmas cards for my classes, I regularly work in 3 of them, either that or a choc coin.

Got my bank statement and found an overcharge when I used contactless card to shop, what a pain, I'll rock up there and sort it out. This coming weekend we have said we'll go for a long walk at a National Trust property. Maybe see DS and finalise the adult childrens Christmas gifts.

We may even put up the tree !

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Re: Daily Check in Dec 6, 2018

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Hi all,

This day has nearly kicked my butt!! I had to call for an administrator to come to my classes, not once, not twice, But THREE TIMES!!! I’ve only ever called down Once in a single day! I surely hope that tomorrow & Monday, these disruptive disrespectful students BEHAVE!! Am very thankful today’s subbing is over.

I brought my notes home to write up, but it's not happening probably. However, I do have Most of Dd8’s birthday dinner cooked or in oven... my back hurts, and I desperately wish I’d made the GF french bread, and pre-made the mest sauce yesterday somehow. However, I procrastinate Way Too Much in my life... plus was very tired.

I need to gather, and bag up (in special BIRTHDAY bag) Dd8’s gifts, but am sitting on my bed for a few minutes first.

Tonight’s dinner is Homemade GF lasagna & GF french bread, green salad & semi-homemade GF yellow cake.

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