Daily Check In December 11, 2018

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Re: Daily Check In December 11, 2018

Post by clemencia2us »

Nice sunny morning, but a bit chilly. Wearing a turtle neck.

Have to return the rental car this morning. I've already swept and cleaned the litter box. Threw out the trash.

Will come back and tidy up some more.

Bought the oxtail soup kit that HEB puts together. Will make that today for dinner. It is yummy.

Hope all have a great day.

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Re: Daily Check In December 11, 2018

Post by alliesmama4 »

Another frosty morning with a wind chill of 9 F..I was suppose to go for my B-12 shot today but just was not up to going for a 50 mile round trip and sit in the Drs office. Not much going on here. Puttering around and doing some laundry. I sort it and put in the washing machine and then my aide does the rest.. Have a good day.. Janet Alliesmama
Janet Alliesmama

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Re: Daily Check In December 11, 2018

Post by Dgflorida »

Good chilly morning all,

It is cold here by Florida standards. I had the plywood hurricane shutters up last week for the cold weather, but took them down when it got warm and we had rain. Weatherwise, it looks like they will be up and down all month and I am not sure I am willing to do that. Instead, I put up towels across the windows inside and that seemed to help some. These new windows are good, but not the R values of walls for sure. I may do a bit more on the inside. Outside? See how ambitious I get.

Yesterday, I stayed under the covers and read. Reading was interesting. My neighbor gave me a Trump book called why we want you to be rich. I was surprised that she had it since they are liberals. I expect she got it before he ran for President. That time when he was just a rich guy. Well, it was interesting, but not great to read. I tended to open it up and read a chapter. They weren't really connected, so it was easy to do it that way. Supposedly, it was about money investment. It was more like musings about developing a winning attitude. I learned that Trump is a history buff and thinks outside the box.

The house is still above the temperature we turn on the heat, so I have another day so far without heat $$$. We will see if that continues.

I am having conversations on fb with my sons. On Sunday, my military son wanted to talk about the situation in France, the riots against the gas tax that Macron said was needed to save the environment. Military son was very upset and concluded the world is in big trouble. We tried to calm him down, but he was too upset to listen to reason. That is unhealthy for him. Well, neither of my other sons seem upset about it. One is frugal. The other one is not. We discussed how the environmental conference in Poland and the UN seemed shocked by the riots. Macron, the environmental hero, was in deep trouble. Well, it was good to hear what my sons had to say. I am glad they have sensible attitudes.

I also called my brother's widow and talked to her a bit. Got 2 new addresses for my nephews. She is an example of the price of loving stuff. They spent everything they had and then some, so she now lives in a trailer. However, she has to pay for 2 storage units because she won't/can't give up her stuff. She offered her stuff to her kids and they didn't want it. But she hangs on to it. Sad.

Hubs saw the doctor and his vision continues to improve. The second eye will be done in January. Works for me.

The holiday letter that we insert into our Christmas cards/season greeting/end of the year cards is done. Today, hubs will add a graphic and we will get those letters/cards in the mail.

The woman who bought my Texas house 3 years ago emailed me and said I needed to contact Home Depot and get the roof warranty in her name. It is leaking. She is not a nice person. She didn't ask nicely. I never gave anyone permission to give her my email address. Well, I did do it, but I am motivated to change my email address.

Today, I am grateful for everything. Life is good and I appreciate my blessings. Have a good day everyone.

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Re: Daily Check In December 11, 2018

Post by jckitty »

Hello all,

Bright and sunny, cold but hey as long as the sun is out it makes me feel better.
Jackie, I so agree with you on the climate change, seasons get stranger and stranger. I feel for my grands and eventually their kids. Even my dad says something is definitely going on, he was just talking the other night about how even the snow isn't the same.

I have things to do today, stayed up late last night to finish the first book in the trilogy. It was really good, really looking forward to the next but....made myself a promise to get stuff done before starting it.

Making porcupine meatballs for supper tonight, serving with an orange ginger sauce over rice. I am a little concerned that dad won't care for it but he loves rice so we will give it a whirl. He loves general tso's chicken and orange peel chicken soooooooo.

Need to do floors, and the kitchen needs some help.
Have a great day all,

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Re: Daily Check In December 11, 2018

Post by gaylejackson2 »

Hello all,

I'm subbing at HS today. 1st hour I covered for another teacher whose Sub didn't show up, nor call to say why. :( It's now 2nd hour, Financial Literacy study skills class with only 4 students, who are so QUIET that I'm in danger of falling asleep, hence why I'm doing this. LOL I probably ought to find some gum to chew too... I tend to bite my tongue when I chew gum, and that would definitely keep me awake. :D

I didn't get much sleep last night, Dh wanted to talk when we were in bed, and he chattered on for an hour or more -- right through both of my sleep-waves (he ALWAYS growls at me if I disturb him during his). I did end up taking 10 mg of melatonin that kicked in about 1am (we got up at 5:30am). Boohoo me!

TOTM has arrived, after a 3 month absence. :| At least I keep supplies in my Sub bag for such emergencies.

I may go home at lunch & put a pork roast in the oven for dinner, then I'll have to quickly package up the rest of the roast meats -- I bought nearly 17 pounds for $20 last Friday or Saturday. Then I can come home from subbing to a nearly-ready meal, and get lots of sewing time in too.

Supposedly this teacher has 5th hour prep (plus her 1st hour prep), and I'm hoping that I can use the time to pin sleeves to the other 3 shirts. then after-school, I can sew sleeves and side seams, and start gathering sleeves for cuffs, then pin the hems. I'm doing the front openings & closures last, as they are most time-consuming. However I should probably do them before I sew the side seams on shirts. I need to not forget about the collars.

Today I'm thankful for sunshine, but wishful of snow.

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Re: Daily Check In December 11, 2018

Post by floridacatlover »

Good afternoon all.

Gayle, I admire you for mixing and matching patterns for your children’s clothes. My mom, like your mom, did the same thing. I’m sure that your girls’ Christmas dresses will be adorable.

Well I’ve had a lazy morning except for doing bathroom cleaning and stripping my bedsheets. Will wash them later. Now that I’ve had lunch I’ll go to mom’s house for more decluttering. A year after her passing I’m still getting inquiries about selling her house but I’m not interested. Just got a call this morning. (Not sure where they get my phone number.) I guess our housing market is still hot.

I enjoyed the genealogy workshop on photos last night. Didn’t really learn a lot but still interesting. The regular club meeting in January will also focus on photos. The workshop last night started at 6 but I left home at 4 to stop at Michaels and Salvation Army. What a traffic madhouse!

I read about an electrical gadget that can be used to control a wall outlet with the Amazon Echo (Alexa). The gadget is about $25. The place I plug in my Christmas tree is in an awkward location so would be a good place to try it. If it works well, after Christmas I’d use it on my living room lamp. Right now since my stairway light is out I have to run upstairs and turn on lights and then go back downstairs to turn off the living room light. (Stair light is in a dangerous location to replace. I guess I’ll call an electrician but only when I have “something else” electrical to fix.) So I’ll think about getting the gadget soon.

Stay warm.

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