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Re: Daily Check In December 13, 2018

Posted: Thu Dec 13, 2018 10:26 am
by NoisyPorkchop
Good morning,

Getting started for my day, I work the later shift today so I am going to get dinner cooked and tucked away so DH has some food to come home to later tonight. DH surprised me with an early Christmas gift of a new knife set I can use in the kitchen. The old set was something DH bought on the cheap years ago before we were together and was missing some of the pieces. This new one was a brand I was looking at for a long time but wouldn't part with my money to purchase. I am really tickled to have it.

We offered up our old set to DSD21 who lives in the apartment so she came by and got it. Had a pleasant chat, talked about the upcoming Christmas gathering we are planning and everything seemed good. About 45 minutes later after DSD21 leaves, DH gets a text on his phone; DSD21 is trying to hit him up for $100 because she states she doesn't have enough money to get though to her next paycheck (12/18). DH and I talk about it, her Dad is tired of being the Bank of Dad and is suspicious of the motives for the cash. He sent her back a response asking what she needed the money for. She texts back that she needs gas for her car and to pay a bill. Very wisely, DH sent her back a response that he would go with her down to the gas station and fill her tank and would write a check for the "bill" that needs to be paid. All we got back was "Ok" and DH then sent her a message to come over and he will take care of it. No response, she never came by either. Crickets. DH and I talked about it this morning as he was getting ready for work and we both think deadbeat boyfriend is putting her up to this and the money is probably going towards junk food, cigarettes and who-knows-what and when DH put his foot down and just didn't hand over a handful of $20's then it sure didn't seem like such an emergency on her part. DH and I are both disgusted/disappointed and we both want Deadbeat Boy gone; this is going to get awkward if he comes over with her for Christmas. Hoping he doesn't. DH and I take it day by day and hope for the best.

I have caught up on my banking and ledger/and have a good plan for meals for the week. I need to tidy up the bathroom this morning and maybe start a load of laundry before I head out for the day. I stopped by Target yesterday and bought some stocking stuffers to give out for couples stockings, something everyone could enjoy. I don't plan on giving formal gifts. We will tuck a $100 bill in DSD25's stocking with her goodies and all we are going to do is let DSD21 know she doesn't have to give us the $250 out of her next check towards the rest of the December rent. However, we won't mention this to her until the money is due. Both DH and I want to keep it simple and have the focus of our Christmas be about good food and family time. Basically I have one gift I want to purchase for DH and I will be done for the holidays. I am going to do some baking next week and try to lay low for the rest of the holiday season and just enjoy it as it comes. Well, I am off and running for the day, everyone take care and frugal on!

Re: Daily Check In December 13, 2018

Posted: Thu Dec 13, 2018 10:36 am
by jckitty
Good morning all,

Up and at it but forcing myself as I don't feel like I have a whole lot of drive KWIM?

Supposed to be a bit warmer today, but looks cold and overcast so far. I will bring in wood and have figured out a way to repair the chicken waterer. I have some spray water proofer stuff, and some marine epoxy so will give it a whirl. Can't hurt to try.

All week I have felt like it should be closer to the weekend, just weird. I finished the last book in the trilogy last night. No reading today, must rest my eyes. It was a very satisfying ending and I will be going back to the library to find some more by the same author.
Supper tonight will be spaghetti with sauce and salad. Sauce is from the freezer.....thank the Good Lord for a freezer.
Off to get started again, have a good day all,

Re: Daily Check In December 13, 2018

Posted: Thu Dec 13, 2018 11:25 am
by Dgflorida
Good morning all,

It looks like I will make it through the month without turning on the heat. Hooray. The coldest night dropped the house down to 67F for a few hours. But then it came up to 68F and now 69F. What an excellent test of my frugal efforts to reduce the heating bill. The weather forecast says it will stay warm for the rest of the month. I have 4 sweaters and several pairs of long warm pants. It is nice to use them. I got my old hiking boots out to wear and sadly, they are showing their age. I wore these when I was backpacking in the desert years ago. They are still useable, but they haven't much time left. :(

Today, I will take down the wooden shutters from the north windows. It is due to rain tomorrow and temperatures up near 80F. Today, I want to do a load of laundry and get the Christmas cards in the mail. I have the list of addresses and the newsletter printed out. So now just fold, sign, address and stamp. A little later than usual for us, but still ok. I also want to re-arrange the furniture in the office, but if it doesn't get done today, tomorrow will be fine.

I am looking at permanent curtains for the windows. I didn't do anything this year because I didn't know how the new windows would look. I have cheap Walmart curtains up in the bedrooms, but I want something better eventually. I am considering interior shutters in my room rather than curtains. The solid ones would help keep the headlights out of my window at night. Several people work nights and come home at 3 am or so and as they turn the corner, the headlights come in the window. Annoying. So thinking about it for 2019 projects. Researching.

My neighbor and I walked this morning. First time in a few days. We did a long walk, pretty slow though. She complained about her vision again. And said that she almost hit a couple of other cars. She is told she has dry macular degeneration, but I think she has the wet. My dry eye sees fine. Well, I hope she manages to drive safely. It is a worry. Old dance partner is trying acupuncture for his knee. He hates spending the money. He took my advice on the shrubs in the front of his house that made his house look messy. He cut a couple down and admitted it looked better and was easier to tidy up.

Today, I am grateful for warm weather. Have a good day everyone.

Re: Daily Check In December 13, 2018

Posted: Thu Dec 13, 2018 11:29 am
by alliesmama4
I was up early to take the trash to my brothers house. He leaves for Mexico tomorrow and will be there until late March or early April.. I am thankful that he is going to continue his trash pick up while he is gone. This will give me time to get the junk out of my basement and set up my own trash system here.. I did a dry run from my house to his since I need to pick him up tomorrow to take him to the airport.. I have to be at his house at 2:45 AM which means I have to leave here around 2:00 AM.. I am going to take a shower and sleep in my clothes..I have a breakfast sandwich I will nuke and then hit the road.. We are expecting rain this afternoon in to tomorrow so it might get dicey depending on the intensity.

Not much else going on here.. Have a good and frugal day. Janet Alliesmama

Re: Daily Check In December 13, 2018

Posted: Thu Dec 13, 2018 12:39 pm
by itspennyc
I slept almost 7 hours straight I am still tired, but nothing like yesterday. We have a front coming through this morning so that is a big part of it.

I put the plastic box of Christmas decorations under my bed so that it is out of the way. I folded and put away 2 baskets of towels.

I have a lot to put away. I also need to clear my kitchen counters. I took some magazines up to the third floor to share, mostly to get out of my apartment.

My left hand is really bothering me today. Very frustrated as I am left handed. We have a front coming through sometime this morning.

I have been doing a bit of genealogy, mostly on my dad’s mom side of the family. I know less about that side of the family. My cousin knows a lot about her paternal great grandmother almost nothing about the paternal great grandfather.

I know very little he died in 1941. Owned a ladies clothing store. My cousin is his great granddaughter. But she wasn’t born until 1953. My brother was named for him and is more frustrated than I am.


Re: Daily Check In December 13, 2018

Posted: Thu Dec 13, 2018 2:01 pm
by alliesmama4
We do live in amazing times. I tried to reorder my medicine from the UK. This is the first time since Canada Drug went out of business. Apparently Canada Drug did not forward my new RX to them however we went ahead and set up an account. They do recognize who I am but need a new RX and a payment method directly to them. the only thing is they do not accept credit or debit cards only bank withdrawals or American express. They will Fax my Drs office for a new RX which is great. Before I could call Canada and give them the RX but had to follow with a hard copy in the mail.. I had to go in to town to Fax a voided check to the UK for payment.. Their representative that I was talking to was in the Philippines! I had barely hung up my phone when I received an e-mail confirming my RX order. I then went in to town and Faxed the information to the UK. I am going to call my bank and give them a heads up that this is a one time only transmission and will call to confirm any further orders.