Daily Check In December 24, 2018

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Re: Daily Check In December 24, 2018

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floridacatlover wrote:
Mon Dec 24, 2018 2:06 pm
So far, Pippi is more interested in the gift bag filled with tissue paper than her gift.

Merry Christmas to you and Teddi, too! Enjoy the Christmas movies. I love them, too.
Kind of reminds me of the year I used some big yarn to tie up some tissue paper for a gift for my nephew.. He was more excited about the size of the big yarn than the present...lol. Whatever makes people and cats happy that is what is important.. Jan
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Re: Daily Check In December 24, 2018

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Hello friends,

I have done my morning shopping, 2seperate stores w/ a list each. I DID stay under my allotted budget, yay me!!

I really detest shopping on Christmas Eve for anthing other than a bit of food, however ds10 still needed those pants from his list, AND I had forgotten to buy his small “Santa” gift -he's getting socks lol.

Dh has taken dog & kids out to “run” the dog so I’m relaxing a few minutes as much as I can.

My bad left foot has been hurting a LOT lately, no doubt due to broken toe on my right foot, as I’ve been using right foot less. ☹️

*sighs* My toilet is running!! ARGH!! Well it IS Christmas Eve, and we almost always have some [minor] calamity on this day each year.

I have about 65% of gifts wrapped. Just need to do stuff I bought today plus girls’ clothes & books for everyone.

I have butter out to soften; i want to make pumpkin pie bars using GF shortbread cookie dough. I also want to make gingerbread cookie dough in squares, to make houses with later when other kids are using graham cracker houses.

Am off to sew for a few hours. Then chili from a can for dinner (Stagg chili is GF), and will wrap more gifts after that.

Today I’m extremely grateful for my Subbing job!! Without it, we would have had no gifts for children!! (They are getting lots of clothes, a book, and 1 major gift from Mom & Dad; we gave each child $40 to buy a sibling gifts... so there are plenty of gifts, just not Lots of toys as in other years. I did buy 3 games for the family, to be used when boredom rolls around.)

Happy Christmas Eve, and warm wishes for a joyful Christmas day tomorrow!

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Re: Daily Check In December 24, 2018

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Happy Christmas Eve to you all,

I finally have the mess in the pantry cleaned up so I am slowly putting things away as the shelves dry. Freezer is half empty which I am happy to see. We are trying to eat down our food and we will have organic turkey for Christmas dinner. Frozen, left over from Thanksgiving. I have pies to make stuffing to make and some veggies from scratch. As things get eaten down I want to put the effort into making things from scratch. i just hope I don't peter out from the process and order take-out when I don't want to cook. I will figure something out. I now get a box of fresh organic produce every other week and a box of imperfect organic produce on alternate weeks.

Christmas shopping did not get done due to being loaded with work all month so DD and DS will each get $$$ for Christmas. I know they won't mind a bit. I'm still on the fence about how much i will work after the holidays. If I can do more scratch cooking, eat more plant based foods, etc. I hope I will have the energy to keep on keeping on.

Well I'm off to get started. I hope to check in later with some things accomplished.


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Re: Daily Check In December 24, 2018

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Well, 'tis sunny and actually not too cold.
Ran to Aldi hoping to get lettuce. They had none (must be a weather thing since the price is high everywhere else.) But they did have spinach on sale, so we'll have a bit of spinach salad with dinner.
And I bought myself a Chrismas cactus! In bloom! Haven't had one in years. I'll probably kill the poor thing.

Anyway, DH's stocking is stuffed, have my other stuff done. (Job I was going to apply for has disappeared from company's site ... I will take it that something else is in store for me ...)
So, may play on the computer a bit then go get cleaned up.
And a good evening to all ...

And Clem ... your catfish friend is beyond help. Hope she stays safe ...

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Re: Daily Check In December 24, 2018

Post by littlemiss63 »

Just wanted to drop in and wish everyone a Merry Christmas. Not much going on here as I will spend the day with my DD and her family tomorrow. I plan on having a nice quiet evening with a fire and a lite supper. Think it will be a hot roast sandwich, since that is what I have on hand.

It's been a beautiful day here and we did wake up to snow yesterday morning, however it was melted away by noon.

Hope Santa is good to each and everyone of you.

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Re: Daily Check In December 24, 2018

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Merry Christmas to All,
I was typing, my phone pinged, I looked up and my post disappeared : (
I started 'celebrating' a week or so ago. Some friends and I went to dinner then to see "The Nutcracker" A treat from another friend.

I spent a ew days with DS#2 and fam. I didn't get to Texas. I had to come home for a post op exam of my eye (cataract removal).I called DS#1, in Texas. I'll prob see him after the First.

Yesterday I met about 35 members of my extended family about 60 miles from here, for a potluck and visiting. LOTS of fun. I came home with left overs for today. I also came home so stiff, tired and sore that every other breath was a moan, LOL.

Today, I sit here in flannel PJs (57F degrees outside). I slept late, made a decision not to leave the apt. It is scantily decorated, there are left overs -yum- to eat. I have the TV on with Christmas music and a heavily decorated living room complete with a fire burning in the fireplace. I have called or been called by friends and family. i am good.

Tomorrow, the building will have a celebratory meal in the dining room. I am sure there is something going on downstairs, today. The building is lavishly decorated, trees on every floor, etc.

May you all have peace and happiness thruout the coming year,

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