Daily Check in Jan 2, 2019

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Re: Daily Check in Jan 2, 2019

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LWolfT wrote:
Wed Jan 02, 2019 9:24 am
Good morning ... mid 30s, and while there's nothing on the weather radar, it certainly looks wet out there.

Tallied up the year-end finances yesterday. Florida, I completely understand ... :shock:

Today, I plan some purposeful puttering. Am starting to put away some of the Christmas decor, though the trees will be up for a few more days.

Rinty, thanks for the tip on the Shardlake series ... have put them on my list. If anyone is interested in ancient Rome, I suggest the Marcus Didius Falco mystery series by Lindsey Davis.
Wolf thanks for the book reference.. I am always interested in mystery stories and since I do not get out much to the library this makes it easier to look in to things and request them. Janet Alliesmama
Janet Alliesmama

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Re: Daily Check in Jan 2, 2019

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mbrudnic wrote:
Wed Jan 02, 2019 7:16 am
Hello again,

I got a notice at my door that because some of the residents at my apartment complex (as someone put it at Christmas, a high-rent district) cannot make sure trash actually makes it into the dumpster, they are starting a "trash Valet" server at about $20 a month where we will have to keep a 33 gallon trash can in the apartment and put outside the door M-W-F for pickup. This is on top of the undisclosed "utility fee" of about $100 a month I pay for common electricity. Sigh.
Sorry to hear about the ever increasing fees. My sister's complex has been getting adjustments up and down for both their trash and water. It's so confusing. Never heard about "common electricity" fees in a commercial building . . . strange.

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Re: Daily Check in Jan 2, 2019

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Good morning all.

Today's weather is a bit nicer, sunny but no wind . . . a little cooler mid to high 30s but will probably seem warmer than yesterday.

Already completed my household chores for the day. Just finished looking through the food circulars for the upcoming week. I'm going to try to do a general meal plan for a month since I basically eat the same things. For me the biggest difference is just how I prepare it and I must admit I cook nothing fancy. I have more than enough meat to get me through 2 months in every category so it should not be a difficult thing for me to do..

Will be going to my Mind Games group today. Gives me a chance to be out and converse with others. I haven't been to the Senior center in several weeks so maybe I'll go tomorrow and play bingo for an hour or two.

In the home improvement area for 2019 I am planning to have a vinyl window repaired. I had also planned on changing some of the light fixtures and ceiling fan plus have my kitchen cabinets redone. But with the market in a state of flux, I'll have to wait for another bull market.

I've also set my mind for 2019 to cut down the time I spend on the computer unless it is working on my websites. The past year I've wasted more time reading and commenting on stories that did nothing but upset me more than I already was.

Well going for now. Have a great day.

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Re: Daily Check in Jan 2, 2019

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Good late morning all,
This is my 3rd attempt at posting, the others were gone as soon as the ad banner at the bottom started flipping around....the banner is only up and running on the posting page, when you are just reading it is not there....

I did not sleep well last night, probably because I knew I had to be up for the woodstove guy, he has been and gone. Hope this adjustment works although he said if it didn't fix the issue to let him know.

I have the floors to finish (taking a break) and some picayune stuff to finish but not a bad chore day.

Jackie, I bet your company will be thrilled with any thing you serve, I always appreciate when someone else cooks for me.

Maggie, can you opt out of the trash valet service? I wouldn't want that huge container in my house and I sure wouldn't want to "pay for the privilege".

I will be fixing biscuits and gravy for supper, for me a salad with strips of barbequed pork rib across the top. Small amount of ribs leftover from last night and it kinda becomes a buddha bowl. Salad greens on the bottom, corn kernels, black beans , pork strips, jalapeno peppers and salad vinaigrette.

Doing a lot of thinking and planning for my yard in the spring, keeps me busy LOL.
Off to finish the floors,
great day to all,

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Re: Daily Check in Jan 2, 2019

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Happy New Year to you all!!

A day off (another one) for me - this is good! Yesterday I did my budget for the new year. I think I have every possible expense - dog grooming, electricity, medical, entertainment, mortgage, ... you name it, I didn't forget a thing - and if I did it can be easily added.

I have "goal amounts" for each category and then a place to record the actual expense for each month. I expect to be over in some categories and hope to be under in others and have it come out close to a wash. ON PAPER I make about $10,000 more a year than I need to spend and I want to get that closer to reality. I want to increase my retirement contribution at work so a budget is one of the keys to being able to do that.

The holidays were good for me this year. I had a lot of time to relax and reflect and enjoy - which is always my goal but doesn't always happen. Had a nice new years day lunch with my parents yesterday. Back to work tomorrow.

Speaking of which, I have things to do at home to be ready for work so I'm off. Take care everyone and be blessed!

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Re: Daily Check in Jan 2, 2019

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Still drizzling here in south texas

After breakfast I didn't join the others in a task they thought up of on the fly.

Is that mean of me or am I just getting better at saying NO. I just like things on a schedule. I had other plans already - getting dog food and other small supplies. Going to the local grocery store.

Sadly there was another death in the old neighborhood last night. Well make that two, since a former young neighbor passed away on Saturday!! Its crazy.

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