Daily Check-in, January 13, 2019

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Re: Daily Check-in, January 13, 2019

Post by gaylejackson2 » Sun Jan 13, 2019 10:52 pm

Late check-in for me, and it may have to suffice for not only tomorrow but this whole coming week too.

My birthday yesterday was interesting to say the least. We spent about 6 hours on metal bleachers, or walking around (hehe I saw several of my students, they just didn't know what to think of Mrs Jackson showing up occasionally). Ds16 did his first match of the day just before (literally moments) we got seated. After another 2 hours, we got to see him wrestle again... at the end of it, I had a migraine present very rapidly. Thankfully I'd brought my Sub Pack along and had my meds... the auras disappeared quickly, but pain lingered. :( However, this was what I'd wanted to do for my birthday, a bubble bath, and maybe a nap. I never got the nap; I did get groceries after we finished at the tournament. Ds16 got 2nd in his weight class out of all 32 teams at that tournament (held in our town). I did get my bath, low on bubbles, heavy on Epsom salts for my migraine... then the nausea set in. :(

Today we went to church, then while I compiled my birthday lasagna (regular with tomatoes not roasted vegetables), Dh took ds14, & dd5 out to let dog run. He got stuck in a snowbank while trying to avoid some other people who were letting their dogs chase our Hurley. 4 hour later, we are all back home, after ds16, myself, ds10, & dd8 all went out with tools & 4-wheeler-ATV to rescue them. Lasagna had jsut finished cooking when dh called asking for help, so I left it to settle in oven... still hot even.

I need to enter in some more grades, though maybe I should just complete fixing my problems, then add the grades in tomorrow morning. I hope to get to my school very early, by 6:20am at latest.

Speaking of "my school," the grapevine says that while they are getting plenty of applications, they haven't seen any of the "quality" that they want -- and I HAVE been getting plenty of hints from my fellow Language Arts teachers, among others, about applying for the job.. I don't feel it's right for me now.. I really need dd5 to be much older. So... if they ask me to finish out either the trimester, OR the school year, well I might say yes... but I've got a BUNCH of rearranging to do to make it ALL work for me (and maybe work on Saturdays too). Maybe you praying souls could pray for me too, about what I should do?? I'm certain they will ask me around Tuesday-Wednesday to sign on for 2 more weeks.

This coming week is evening Parent-Teacher Conferences, both at my school and at ds14's school.. I so wish they weren't on the same nights. :( I've agreed to work those evenings, as my teacher friend next door should NOT be expected to handle 300+ students.

Tonight I'm thankful there is still snow on the ground... I've been praying for colder weather to keep snow from melting, also been praying for more snow.

ETA: Also, many thanks to all of your for the birthday greetings. Despite everything, it was a good birthday! I got to see my boy wrestle, he got 2nd place, and Dh made dinner last night (I didn't eat it, but I heard it was good). I got my desired dinner tonight, it was delicious and & I have some stashed away for tomorrow's lunch.

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Re: Daily Check-in, January 13, 2019

Post by Dgflorida » Mon Jan 14, 2019 6:46 am

Congratulations on your son's success, Gayle . Sorry to hear your birthday was disrupted by a migraine. Happy belated birthday.

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Re: Daily Check-in, January 13, 2019

Post by Jackielou » Mon Jan 14, 2019 9:10 am

rinty wrote:
Sun Jan 13, 2019 12:14 pm
Hey All,

Well, it took me til the 13th to stop being Pollyanna ;)

Its re DS ( of course ) And would take way way way way too long to describe.Spent an hour on the phone to other parents

And politics, yours , mine , everybodies.

Also DH went to the allotment, gone minutes then phones me.....He had been trying to lift up a wooden edging ( and slipped and fell ) The entire wooden structure that must weigh over 20lbs smacked him in forehead. He was bleeding like a stuck pig. Cleaned him up, decided I would take him to hospital myself and drove down there. Foolishly I took him to Urgent Care ( which is apparently for those who don't have doctors........so a ROOMFUL of people with BUGGER ALL wrong with them and a 70 yr old who is BLEEDING.

Lets say the woman doing triage was NOT a genius nor that she has ever used the word " priority ". I went to her again to stress DH actual problem and we were seen. The nurse immediately cleaned him and sent us to REAL HOSPITAL past the whining losers who need to sort themselves out.............

He home now, stitches, can't imagine how big the bruises will be. I will make a doctors appt for midweek, to check healing.

I got the beef leftovers from Christmas out last night, thank goodness as I don't feel up to phaffing around making a meal. Foul mood all round.

No end of Work Stuff to sort out...........initially I was quite enthused. Now , couldn't care less. Whatever. I need to be giving 100% to DS not being the worker who GIVES 100% to Other Peoples Kids. Yay , me . I swear I would not be the person who ventured to suggest I wasn't doing enough this week :shock: .

Two courses ergo two late days. Also a volunteer gig I now do not give two hoots about. Anyway,very busy week.

Whatever, I would very much rather be curled up in a ball keeping an eye on DH ( head swathed in bandages )

Off to make mashed swede, cabbage, leftover cauliflower cheese and beef in gravy to feed my wounded warrior..........
I do hope your DH is better today. Have him take it easy if that is a word he will follow.

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