Daily Check-in Sunday 01/20/ 2019

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Daily Check-in Sunday 01/20/ 2019

Post by alliesmama4 » Sun Jan 20, 2019 7:06 am

Good morning it is a frosty 14 F with a wind chill of 1F. We did not get the snow we were expecting yesterday. There was a short burst of snow mid morning but nothing accumulated. The front went a little bit further south. However the wind was really howling. We had winds between 30 to 40 mph yesterday. Poor Teddi was frightened by the odd noises being made with the wind hitting various thing outside.. Not much going on here except puttering in the kitchen.
Penny today is Penguin Awareness Day. Just thought I would let you know since you have been making so many of the little critters.

Have a good and frugal day everyone. Janet Alliesmama
Janet Alliesmama

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Re: Daily Check-in Sunday 01/20/ 2019

Post by Mrscreative » Sun Jan 20, 2019 7:28 am

Good morning Janet and everyone,
Up before the birds once again! Got up around 5:30 am. Still bitterly cold (below minus 30 C) so no outdoor activities. But I will venture out to pick up some groceries. I went out to plug in my car to the block heater this morning. My car will start after being plugged in for a couple of hours. I sure hope it warms up a bit for Snowshoe Club tomorrow. It will be canceled if below- 30C. A great day for my sheepskin hat and mittens! I won’t be out for that long anyway and will probably be able to park fairly close to the store.

Really trying not to spend too much and have been reading about other people’s experiences with no spend challenges. My MasterCard will be smoking this month with all the airline and hotel reservations, along with the down payment of our cruise. When you go through Expedia you pay upfront for the hotels. I have a few expenses from Christmas charges on the card as well but WILL pay it off in full!

It will be a relaxing afternoon and I hope to find a good movie to snuggle down with in the Rec room downstairs. There will no longer be the flickering light show going on with the fluorescent light bulbs as Dh replaced them. I also will finish my meal planning for next week.


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Re: Daily Check-in Sunday 01/20/ 2019

Post by Jackielou » Sun Jan 20, 2019 7:56 am

Good morning fellow frugalites,

Like Creative's morning, the temperatures here are not conducive to outside travels. I do hope it warms up (right now at -34C) a bit this afternoon and early evening. I need to drive to the Anglican church for the Prayers for Christian Unity service.....

The vehicle was not plugged in last night and so either Hubby or I will need to venture out and plug the block heater in. I am not looking forward to that as I can even hear the wind howling in the rafters (twirly bird air vent is going great guns). The snow we got yesterday seems to have blown into some lovely drifts and with more snow forecast over the next few days, we could have a nice white blanket very soon. We have not had much snow here at all this winter.

This should be a no money spend day, it isn't the day to use envelopes at the church (providing the car starts) and I can't see us traveling around to various shops today. I really need to string a great many no spend days together to have made this month less spendy than last month.

I also plan on cleaning more in the sewing/craft room. OH MY GOODNESS. I have/had no idea where all this came from. I really must learn to control myself in fabric and yarn stores!!! Perhaps not saving every single scrap of fabric or yarn no matter how small would help as well. Once I can see the floor again I plan on going through the drawers and ridding myself of a few things (scraps of fabric that I though I would use to make that postage stamp quilt for one...never going to happen).

Meals will be made with what is on hand in fridge, freezer and cupboard. Pretty sure we could live for months on what I have to make main courses....Fresh fruits, dairy and produce would be what sinks me.

What with taking part in the service late this afternoon and cleaning the disaster up, I won't be doing any hand quilting today. I will however be able to work on the second mitt of the pair I am doing right now. I should be able to finish that tonight and perhaps even start on the matching headband. Hubby is amazed at how much yarn there was in each skein as he though that youngest DS hadn't bought enough to do anything with.

Labels are made for Hubby's wine so he can put them on today and place the bottles into storage. It will give him a break from the puzzle he has been working on and getting frustrated with. I must admit that when I went down to help I could only find two pieces to add before I started going cross-eyed. Then I would like him at some point to set up the budget for next year. I may change some of the lines, but if he gets the main page done I am fine to tweak it.

Supper tonight was supposed to be roast chicken, but I have enough bags of frozen leftovers to use up that I am going to pull some leftover chicken out. Will warm it up, and serve with the leftover salad, and leftover brown rice. I may make some corn to go along.

Today I am grateful for quiet mornings and the twinkling of the lights in the valley.

Everybody have a great day. Take care.

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Re: Daily Check-in Sunday 01/20/ 2019

Post by Dgflorida » Sun Jan 20, 2019 8:07 am

Good cold and windy Florida morning all,

The office is on the NE of the house and while it is still warm from yesterday's almost 80F, it will soon cool down. I took the north shutters off and opened the windows to capture the warm air yesterday. Stored the shutters on the porch to keep them out of the rain overnight. Today, I will put them back up as well as perhaps the NE shutters. The NE shutters have never been up, so I will likely have a challenge or two with them. We are currently in this roller coaster of a cold front down in the 30's with a warm up to near 80F and then rain. wind and back down to the 30's. This is predicted to continue for the next month or more. A harsh winter for most of the US.

I apparently slept wrong last night. My shoulder is stiff and achy. I hope it goes away soon. Today, I plan to go to the bulk food place and stock up on nuts. They were out of most stuff last time I went. Since it is supposed to be a blustery day, I expect to stay inside most of the day. I have some repair sewing to do and house chores to catch up on. Slow cook a turkey breast and make a pot of soup.

I am a little frustrated that I didn't get my onions planted yesterday. I wanted to thank my neighbor, the one with the back problems, for the suggestion on a back brace. This brace feels glorious and I feel so safe when I wear it. So I walked to her house to thank her and she had a lot to tell me about everything. So I ended up not getting out of there until it was almost dark and I needed to start dinner. I won't try any yard work in this blustery, cold weather.

Hubs eye seems to be healing nicely. I am glad we have such a good eye doctor. Hubs took a walk yesterday and did well. So everything seems good with him.

I am grateful for the rain last night. We desperately needed some. Have a good Sunday everyone.

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Re: Daily Check-in Sunday 01/20/ 2019

Post by LWolfT » Sun Jan 20, 2019 8:26 am

Good morning ..
Jackie, I just converted your temps ... mercy!
At the moment, it's 7 degrees here ( or -13). We didn't get much snow, maybe 3-4 inches. But we did get the rain/freezing rain.

Rinty, good thoughts going out to your DD! Hope she's on the mend.

Am puttering, not sure I'm getting anything major accomplished. Did try a new slaw recipe to use up some cabbage. OK, but likely not a keeper. Found a couple of interesting recipes that I want to slide into the dinner planning.

Today, want to work on my sewing projects, which might help reduce the clutter in that room. (Jackie, I feel your pain!) I do need to get those split chicken breasts taken apart and the bones/extra meat baked off. Should help warm up the house.

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Re: Daily Check-in Sunday 01/20/ 2019

Post by floridacatlover » Sun Jan 20, 2019 9:32 am

Good morning all.

It rained hard last night and our cool front will come through this morning. It’s still overcast.

I’m planning a stay-at-home day. I’m all excited about genealogy after yesterday so will work on the French Canadian side today. Then I have “puttering” as LWolfT calls it, some odds and ends around the house. Might even do a bit more cooking than usual. Ever since Jackie mentioned Tuna Casserole a week or so ago I’ve had a hankering for it. I think I have everything for mom’s recipe except milk (since I now use soy milk) but I do have some dry milk on hand.

I’ve metioned that I follow Figure skating. On Friday a U.S. Champion pairs skater, John Coughlin, committed suicide at age 33. He is not someone I followed but it is very sad that he saw no other path. I have had bouts of depression so I do know the feeling of being hopeless. A new committee set up to monitor sexual abuse after the gymnastics scandal suspended him recently. He was not a current competitor but still involved with the sport. No one knows the charges or the truth. So sad for his family.

On a happier note, my Pippi is eating well and playing a lot. She is back jumping into her window bed. She is a joy.

Have a cozy day.

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