Daily Check In March 5, 2019

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Daily Check In March 5, 2019

Post by Jackielou »

Hmmm, late today. Starting us off back soon.

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Re: Daily Check In March 5, 2019

Post by Jackielou »

Good morning fellow frugalites,

Coffee does not seem to be working this morning still making loads of typos and my head is foggy. I think it might be the winter blahs finally hitting me right between the eyes. That, and a couple of other feelings that I just wish would disappear as they aren't doing my state of mind very good.

My friend and her Hubby headed into the city for surgery yesterday and the roads were so bad (blustery, blowing snow and white out conditions) that it took them almost 4 hours instead of the usual 2 hours. So glad they made it. Her Hubby is having one knee replacement done today and the second knee done in about 6 months.

Busy day ahead of me today. I need to make some phone calls to set up a couple of appointments, do some of the chores I did not get completed yesterday, work on the downstairs chest freezer (figured I would clean out what I could before using up the remainder), and of course work on my various projects. Time will tell if I manage to complete everything on the list or not.

Tomorrow morning we take the truck into the dealership for a servicing. Hopefully there is not a great deal wrong with it that a oil/various filter change won't fix. It starts now and that is just great.

Frugally speaking this will be a day of using up bits and bobs from the fridge and fridge freezer (got to keep that clean), having another no spend day (cause tomorrow will not be), and opening the drapes for that solar heating thing that has been happening for the last few weeks. I did not get bread made yesterday so we will definitely need some made today (probably after supper, or start it just before). I would also like to get the cinnamon buns made and some muffins, but we shall see how the day progresses.

I will also be walking on the treadmill and I have booted up my speed by 0.1 miles an hour. It was weigh in day for the month (only stand on the scale once a month no matter how tempted I am though I am thinking every two weeks could be better) and I am down 17.4 pounds. Not a really big loss, but the scale is moving down slowly but surely. Makes me smile.

Supper tonight is going to be hot beef sandwiches along with homemade fries and a salad.

Today I am grateful for the slow and steady weight loss. Hubby says he is proud of the way I have stuck to my regime.

Everybody have a great day. Take care.

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Re: Daily Check In March 5, 2019

Post by Dgflorida »

Good morning all,

Thanks for starting us off, Jackielou. I had come on earlier, but I just posted to my personal frugal challenge.

Today is my birthday and this year I feel good about it. Last year, the effects of the keto diet set in and after 20 years, I stopped taking medication for hypothyroidism. I lost my fat belly and began to enjoy eating as much as I wanted of the acceptable foods. Oh it is wonderful to eat without guilt. Of course, I am carrying a bit of winter weight right now because I don't do anything physical in the winter. My body hates cold weather. However, I feel certain it will melt away as the weather warms and I get active. It is a great feeling to be pill free.

Today, I cut up my last whole turkey. I think this was the free one, using a Publix gift card I got by listening to health car lecture. I am soaking black beans that I got on sale and they will go in the bottom of the crockpot with turkey fat from the turkey back and giblets. On top of that, I will cook a turkey thigh and leg. I feel so rich when I can eat great tasting food and feel frugal as well. A frugal plus is that we have our last Canadian cold front here in Florida and the crockpot will warm up the house a bit and maybe no need for the furnace as a result.

Yesterday, I went to a lecture on stem cells. They promised lunch. Well, it was educational. The lecture was given by a "salesman" not the doctor. The salesman was a believer having been saved by stem cell treatment. Well, the doctors are not even medical doctors. They are chiropractors. And they apparently use nurse practitioners to give the shots or iv. There was a lot of fuzzy on that detail. Yes, I and the lady behind me asked a lot of questions and got "answers" so to speak. She asked what was the downsides. The salesman insisted there were no downsides. When pressured by her, he indicated occasionally the cells are rejected by the body. He moved on before she could press the issue. You even leave a seminar feeling that "this is too good to be true?" That is how I left. And the lunch was not that good either.

The traffic was horrible. This county is being overbuilt and the roads are way over capacity. It was a white knuckle trip. I was too tired from the driving to do much when I finally got home. I had considered a couple of stops on the way home, but with the crazy drivers, I decided to come straight home, get off the road as soon as possible and consider myself lucky.

Today, I am grateful that I have pretty good health. Have a good day everyone.

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Re: Daily Check In March 5, 2019

Post by ChristmasTrees »

Happy Birthday DGFlorida!

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Re: Daily Check In March 5, 2019

Post by LWolfT »

Good morning ...
Still in the deep freeze here ... temps are still in the single digits.

The cold weather made for a quick shopping trip yesterday. Decided to hold off on using the $10 coupon until they had a better sale on meat. Did pick up a small piece of steak to use in stir fry ... figured we could use a break from chicken, :lol: .

Today, not a lot going on. Have to find a birthday card for a friend and take care of a couple other things ...

DG, happy birthday.
Jackie, 17 pounds is a lot better than what I'm doing ... congrats!

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Re: Daily Check In March 5, 2019

Post by clemencia2us »

It is too cold here for us. Down to 29 degrees.

We don't like it

At least the sun is out.

Still in pjs. I felt bad for the people on the road this morning going to school. Next week is spring break.

Hope all have a great day

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