Daily Check In May 18, 2019

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Daily Check In May 18, 2019

Post by Jackielou »

Good morning all. Off to get some coffee. Back ASAP.

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Re: Daily Check In May 18, 2019

Post by Jackielou »

Good morning fellow frugalites,

I am back, coffee in hand, and fingers a bit more nimble in typing (very few fumbles this morning so far).

It was really windy here all night and is still windy this morning, if this keeps up the men will not be fishing today (heck youngest DS won't be home until later today) and maybe not even tomorrow. The constant howl around the roof has given me a headache so after my morning treadmill, I will need to take something for it.

I want to take a trip to the Farmer's Market today. Perhaps they have sage at one of their plant stalls, if not I am close enough to check another store that carries plants and such as well as another dollar store to check something out (packaging for some items I want to make for a basket).

Then it will be home to have some fun working on my various projects, no planting today as it is just too cold out. However, I do have some perennials that could be planted at some point today. As long as it stays above freezing they would be okay.

I hope to get a couple of the scrap quilts sandwiched today, though I am intrigued by something Gayle wrote once. She said something about sewing everything together and turning it right side out (kind of like a pillow case), then there is no binding involved. I just wonder if a person could machine quilt the resultant product, or if it would need to be tied.

I also have two balls of finer yarn (probably a number 2 or 3) to finish up making those squares. Pretty sure I still don't have enough to do anything with them but as I use or find bits left over I will keep working on them. I do have lots of the heavier worsted left over from projects so will start on those squares when these are completed. Got to keep the hands busy or I get into trouble.

Supper tonight is going to be the leftover salads, stuffed chicken, mashed potatoes and a veggie of some sort (just can't chose between corn and peas, may make a mixture of the two).

Today I am grateful that the pain I was having seems to have mostly disappeared with the appearance of the wind.

Everybody have a great day. Take care.

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Re: Daily Check In May 18, 2019

Post by rinty »


This time last week Ds and I were in glorious Devon by the sea in a Premier Inn. ( aka crappy but cheap hotel chain ) the customer service is nil, but the rooms and bathrooms are great. Last weekend had really good deals for 2 nights as it was the only NON holiday weekend in May.

It was also gloriously warm and sunny.......... its hard finding places to take him these days and chillin' by a beach seemed like a good option. It was LOVELY.

I also collected my DMs ashes from my nearly 90 yr old stepfather, he is moving to a retirement flat and won't have a garden. DM ashes are in a planter with a marker.

THIS weekend we have DS as well and he is being a GIT. No idea why and neither does he. I was planning on taking him out to the shops but NO CHANCE, he is too volatile. Que sera sera.

Work was okay, I am getting used to working ridiculous hours covering sickness. The extra pay will be nice once I get it ! Had a rather lovely moment..............was running around like a headless chicken doing paperwork before kids went home. Teacher was doing Sharing Time/Show and Tell. I heard the applause meaning someone had brought something in they were proud of but didn't hear who it was or what they'd done.

Then I noticed when I got back into class on the girls desk that she'd brought in her last two Craft Club projects to show ;) Ahh, makes it worthwhile.

Anyhoo, its a busy weekend, especially as DS is here. I have been to ALDI as we didn't need a big shop and picked up 3 packs of summer bedding plants ( petunias and impatiens ) as they were a bargain £1.79 and I've always had success with ALDIs plants. Enough to fill up some planters.

I have a lot to get ready as I'm on a week long school trip , especially Britsih weather being what it is. I hate being too hot so I'll prob freeze to death in Tshirts. DH will be home alone :( . Wait no he won't the hound will be babysitting him. Anyway, packing and prepping and fussing. WE're not travelling in our own cars so its back packs only. I've already decided its no to hair dryers na shair straighterners............pointless ! Its all rather basic apparently so I'll just pretend I'm a pioneer and keep a stiff upper lip ( and eat plenty of chocolate ) I have a 3 season sleeping bag, all will be well.

Roast dinner tomorrow, maybe bake a brownie/make a trifle as its a Sunday.

DS paperwork to do as I am being chivvy-ed about it.

DS needs a lot of new clothes and he is being very resistant. the carers seem to find him " too challenging " re clothes shopping when he si with them. Yes, that does bloody annoy me as OBVIOUSLY his 57 yr old mum is way more able to shop with him rather than TWO carers :shock: :shock: :shock: NO matter what we will send him back with new clothes. last time he was here I don't know if I mentioned we noticed ( even though we had asked and provided cash ) that he was wearing clothes two sizes too small.....he was very uncomfortable and was pleased when I threw the old ones away.

WE bought ourselves a new tent this week that we are very happy with. Hope to test it out soon. It is larger then athe one we had and will be very comfortable for longer camping trips.

Saying nothing about politics as its all relentlessly awful. Yet another election this coming week.

SAw a nice tip on a blog recently re buying this months Gardener World magazine ( best British gardening mag ) It has a 2 for 1 ticket you can use as many times you like in some lovley gardens all over the country. Incedible value , we have marked down plenty as " must see ".

ALso DH shopped last week and got Yellwo Sticker meat ( you have to be in the right place at the right time ) he got two very large packs of braising steak @ £1.20 each saving around a tenner :shock:

I am sat next to DS as he watches DVDs calming down. We will see how the rest of the day goes.

Have a nice week All.

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Re: Daily Check In May 18, 2019

Post by itspennyc »

My water heater is now installed. I set off the dishwasher last night. I was just too tired to take my much needed shower. So I took it this morning I also washed my hair. I have stripped my bed and have the bottom sheet on the bed. The last wash load I do will be the sheets.

The washer is scheduled to be delivered between 10 and 2 today. The person who helps me with my shopping is going to go for me today. She will also be taking my milk crates.

I just got a call from Lowes that my washer will be delivered within the next 30-45 minutes.

They will make a note that they did not pick up my old one.

Now I need to figure out how to put away all the things that I had stored on the milk crates. They are going today.

I think that my shopping helping and the washer may come about the same time.


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Re: Daily Check In May 18, 2019

Post by clemencia2us »

Good morning all

Getting into the routine of taking care of my little furry patient. I have to accompany him on all his trips outdoors. So that meant i had to find my robe this morning. I didn't feel comfortable going out just in my pjs and it is way too early to get dressed!

He ate two bowls of chicken and rice. Drank lots of water. He is doing well. Going to have to figure out a permanent arrangement for his housing. I can't trust to live him loose here with the other dogs. Don't want a repeat of whatever happened. He would be perfect as a single pet or maybe just one more friend he can hang out with.

I need to shower and get started with my day.

It is overcast but not that cool. Not looking forward to summer - wish it would stay chilly all year. Oh well

Have a great day

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Re: Daily Check In May 18, 2019

Post by MackerelCat »

Clem, I have been AWOL from here a few days and just now read about your pup. Poor little guy. Sometimes little dogs think they are big enough to take on anything and get hurt like that.

In addition to my regular job, I got assigned as team leader -- of a team of myself alone -- to look after a formerly homeless man who has moved into a shelter and is now in the hospital. He picked up a hospital acquired infection after a lung biopsy and, since he is alone in the world, I have been visiting him daily and basically harassing a prissy little doctor into actually treatng the poor soul. I was about ready to yank Dr. Prissy up by his fancy tie when he tried to pass off "near comatose with a roaring fever" as being depressed. To quote Bruce Banner, you won't like me when I'm angry, so it worked.

The patient is doing better, but I do not expect him to get out of the hospital this week.This means some more long days for me, as I go by after work and spend a good hour and a half there.

Other than that, DH and I are dealing with the extreme belt tightening that followed paying a whopping tax bill. We had a phone conference with our financial advisor at USAA yesterday, which always plunges me into despair because they think we have not saved enough, but they can't factor in how we bought a low maintenance house in a low property tax area and all the zillions of frugal tricks we do. I think they expect people to spend like they are still working once they retire, but that will not be the case.

It is a beautiful sunny day here and I need to do laundry and go grocery shopping. That will be about it for the day.

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